Windsor and Eton

The sun was out in the morning, which came as a big surprise given the weather of the previous few days, so we decided to take advantage and go for a walk.  We chose the shorter version of the Windsor And Eton route from the Chilterns And Thames Valley edition of the Pathfinder Guides and parked at Windsor and Eton Riverside station – it is only £2 on Sundays.  I had loaded my pack so that I was carrying 10lbs in weight, for a reason which will become clear at the end of this month.

The River Thames was full and fast-flowing as we walked alongside it from the pedestrian bridge which links Windsor and Eton, going along Romney Walk until we entered Crown Estate land and continued alongside the railway line to reach a boatyard by Romney Lock.  We could have got there quicker just by coming out of the other end of the station car park.  We continued to walk alongside the river and passed a couple of anglers who both told us the route was flooded up ahead, though we carried on regardless.  It was flooded, and too deep to wade through, so we tried the left edge, which was fine for a while but then ran out of anything to clamber over.  So we went to the right edge and were able to get past the flooding by holding on to the wire fence as we edged along, and now we were in The Home Park, with views of Windsor Castle in the distance and some archery closer up.  We walked to the Victoria Bridge and crossed it to the left, to put ourselves on the other side of the river.

Now we walked along the left edge of Datchet golf course, planes from Heathrow passing overhead, until we reached Romney Wier and the Jubilee River, a flood channel completed in 2002.  We crossed over a footbridge and joined the road for a while before entering part of the playing fields of Eton College – we appeared to be circling the cricket pitch.  Then we were out on the road again and passing Eton College itself to join Eton High Street, which took us back to our starting point and the end of a very pleasant walk in lovely weather.

You can find photographs from the walk on my facebook page.

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