Wives Of War

Wives Of War is the debut production of nutsandbolts theatre, written and directed by Kat Smith, and I made a daytrip to the Edinburgh Festival to catch the first performance.  My trip was worth it for this excellent 45 minute show.

It is a powerful, fast paced examination of the tragedy created by war, focusing on the women who are left behind, and holding no punches as it delivers a series of stark, dramatic, dynamic scenes.  The production is minimal in terms of scenery and props, but extensive in its use of language, moving around verse and prose, accents, dialects, transcripts and voicetracks; and just as extensive in its delivery, working between what I as a layman might term ‘traditional’ theatre, something more physical, and dance.

The subject matter is not lightweight by any means, and the outstanding performances from every one of the young cast ensure that the play keeps a good tempo and does not get bogged down in its own complexities, which means the viewer is challenged in a positive way to deal with the emotions being exposed before them.

It is some time since I was last at the theatre, and Wives Of War has motivated me to make sure it is not so long before I go again.  And if I had been able to stay in Edinburgh for longer than just the day I would have gone back for a repeat viewing – there is too much to take in the first time, and I know seeing it again would be just as rewarding as the first time while opening me up to new aspects.  So hopefully it will get a future run away from the Festival.

If you are at the Edinburgh Festival you can see Wives Of War at the Space@Venue 45 on Jeffrey Street at 15:40 until 27 August.

You can find out more about nutsandbolts theatre at www.nutsandboltstheatre.com

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