Sliverstone Half-Marathon Training : Week 5

Week 5, properly back to work and looking to find a way to fit everything in…

Monday 07 January 2013

This is a rest day, but I need to sort out my training schedule to fit everything in, so I will most likely go for a run at lunchtime.  I ate a berry delight nakd bar during my drive in and had a pot of Quaker’s oats when I got into the office.  I drank my fizzy vitamin C with my supplements and then drank a cup of redbush tea, and continued with more water.  I ate some of the remainder of a protein flapjack during the morning, and then finished it off and also ate an apple when I got back from running 30 minutes of Fartlek training.  I managed the 3 miles in 31 minutes and 21 seconds, which meant it slowed over the second half.  I was really feeling hungry when I got home and I thought about getting a huge pasta but various bits and pieces got in the way so we ended up ordering a Domino’s Pizza – we went for the Rustica at 164kcal per large slice, a thin crust with chicken breast strips, smoked bacon rashers and baby spinach.  It certainly hit the spot today, and I washed it down with some Innocent orange juice.  And because I had not managed it this morning, before going to bed I did a minute of press ups.

  1. Run (work) – 31 minutes 21 seconds – Fartlek x 7 – (3 miles)
  2. Press ups (78)

Tuesday 08 January 2013

I woke up tired and so plank and some sit ups beckon this evening…  I ate a cocoa delight nakd bar during my drive in and drank water, and then followed my usual regime on getting into the office – fizzy vitamin C, supplements, redbush tea and a pot of Quaker’s Oat So Simple.  I think it is a good start to the day, and my 4 mile run went well, with my time of 41 minutes and 11 seconds being almost a minute quicker than last week.  Hopefully I can continue that sort of improvement to get myself down below 10 minutes per mile over 4 miles.  It has become second nature to reach for a protein bar as soon as I finish exercise, and today I also ate a pumpkin 9bar and an apple, while drinking more water.  A little later on I ate a satsuma and had another fizzy vitamin C drink.  In the evening I ate a Waitrose ‘love life’ macaroni cheese (424 calories), which was quite nice, and also some rice and oat thins, while drinking Innocent orange juice.  I had a lot on my mind so the planned sit ups and plank did not happen.  Tomorrow…

  1. Run – 4 miles (work) – 41 minutes 11 seconds

Wednesday 09 January 2013

I did not sleep well, so no press ups, sit ups or plank this morning.  I hope I feel more alive by lunchtime so I am ready for my run.  I ate a nakd bar while driving into work and gradually made my way through my usual morning routine in the office, though I have run out of Quaker oats pots, which is not good planning on my part.  I ate a pumpkin 9bar and do feel more alive, while not really wanting to go for this run, and am hoping that actually going for the run will leave me feeling much better afterwards.  I just ran for 1.5 miles and my heart was not in it all all.  I did feel faster, though.  I finished off a protein flapjack when I got back.  Later in the afternoon I ate an apple, which made me feel a lot better.  I got home too late for yoga, so will definitely be doing some press ups, sit ups and plank before bed.  I had an Innocent Mexican veg pot for dinner, which was delicious – brown rice, tomato, carrot, pinto beans, red kidney beans, onion, sweet potato, potato, red pepper, sweetcorn, spinach – all very visible in the pot, only 324 kcal, and 90% of my daily fibre needs.  I also ate some rice thins and walnuts.  I did a minute of press ups and 100 sit ups and then decided to just put this day behind me.

  1. Run – 1.5 miles (work) – 15 minutes 09 seconds
  2. Press ups
  3. Sit ups

Thursday 10 January 2013

I got a good night’s sleep and feel better refreshed this morning.  I have an appointment in London this evening, so I am working from home.  As usual, that knocks out my morning routine, but I do eventually get round to drinking my fizzy vitamin C and taking my supplements.  My two minutes of plank felt that little bit harder after a few days without it, but that is no bad thing to remind me to keep it going.  I ate some walnuts, a proto pure endurance bar and winter broth with bacon and curly kale from New Covent Garden Soup Co – it contains potatoes, carrots, green beans, onions, celery, baby lima beans, smoked bacon, broccoli, barley and eventually curly kale.  Reads a lot more like potato and carrot soup.  I ate my soup with some oat thins, and drank water, and the soup turned out to be delicious, so I will have to get some more before it stops being soup of the month.  And once it had had some time to digest I went for my run.  It was very cold out and my route seemed to go up a lot more than it came down.  I felt like I was pushing hard, and maybe a little too hard as the last half a mile was tough, for some reason.  So, 3.5 miles in 38 minutes and 25 seconds, so almost spot on 11 minutes per mile pace, and I would have liked to have been closer to 10 minutes per mile.  Something to work on.  I also need to work on y nutrition (still !) as I got in from the run and ate a proto pure flapjack in no time at all – which suggests to me that I was not properly fuelled when I went out.  Now I have to get ready to go out – meeting up with some friends from a negotiation course for dinner at Belgo Centraal, which promises to be mussels and frites.  We met up at Detroits, just up the road from the restaurant, where I drank a pure orange juice, and then at Belgo I did indeed have mussels and frites, with still mineral water.  I went for the moules provencale with my frites, a rich tomato, herb and garlic sauce.  The food was delicious and the company delightful, and I am looking forward to our next meet up already.

  1. Plank
  2. Run – 3.5 miles (home) – 38 minutes 25 seconds

Friday 11 January 2013

I felt pretty good when I woke up this morning, so launched myself into a minute of press ups and two minutes of plank.  Plank continues to feel so much harder when it follows the press ups, so I need to keep that going.  I ate a cocoa delight nakd bar on my drive in and followed my usual routine once I reached the office.  I do need to make sure I am properly fuelled and hydrated today because this evening brings me to an 8 mile run.  I very quickly got on to eating a pumpkin 9bar – they really do taste so very good and always give me a boost – and later in the morning I ate an apple and drank water and redbush tea, although clearly not all at once, or that would have caused a mess.  I decided to buy some lunch from the canteen – a pot of tuna, a pot of cheese, and a yoghurt/granola/honey mixture.  Desperate times.  I  kept on with the water and the redbush tea, and ate a Trek peanut & oat wholefood energy bar, which was very tasty.  I ran out of redbush tea so had a cup of lemon & ginger instead, which promises to revive and revitalise me.  I ate a protein bar in the car on my way home, in preparation for my run, but it is funny how things turn out – when I got home Debbie was not feeling well at all, and had a headache, and while I may be very self-centred at times, I could not go out for a run which would likely take me the best part of one and three quarter hours and leave her alone like that, so I stayed in and the run will have to happen on Sunday instead.  I ate some chicken with mange tout and rice for dinner.

  1. Press ups
  2. Plank

Saturday 12 January 2013

I have my personal training today, which is always fun.  I never know what is going to happen, and it is always varied, so I find I am looking forward to it as I drive over.  I have my children with me this weekend so I pick them up before training and they hang around as I get pushed to my limits, and sometimes have a go on some of the equipment themselves.  This morning the stepper and the rowing machine seemed to take their fancy, while I did many exercises with kettle bells.  I would say we all enjoyed the hour.  I drank my fizzy vitamin C and supplements before going and ate part of a nakd bar on the way, and then the rest of it on the way back.  Debbie was playing in a concert in Tring in the evening so we all went over there during the day.  I ate a pork pie for lunch, which may have been better than the doughnuts demanded by the children, and after we had visited the Zoological Museum while Debbie had rehearsals, we went to Prezzo for an evening meal.  I had the fusilli gorgonzola, with seasoned chicken, pancetta bacon, leeks and broccoli in a cream sauce, which was very tasty.  You can see my photos from the day here.

  1. Training

Sunday 13 January 2013

I woke up and weighed myself and I am 99.5 kgs, up from 98.9 kgs.  I do wonder if the scales work properly.  Anyway, I have never used my weight as a measure of anything, and I continue to feel thinner and fitter.  Although, having said that, I will be perfectly honest and say I did not feel like running 8 miles this morning, so I did my 35 minutes easy running instead.  One thing I do need to work on is running in the mornings, not least because all the things I have planned for this year involve running in the mornings, and I am not very good at launching myself into it.  I am much more of an evening person when it comes to exercise.  It was very cold outside, which would go along with the forecast of snow.  The run went fine, and really was all I wanted to do today.  I will run the 8 miles tomorrow evening.  For breakfast I had the bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes which, apparently, I had not made correctly, while the perfect bowl was eaten by someone else.  See, that’s why you should not get me to do anything related to cooking.  We went food shopping for the next week, and I bought soup and some of the Innocent veg pots, and then I took the children round to my parents’ before driving into London to take Debbie to her rehearsal.  I walked around that part of London and ate a nakd bar until it was time for the concert.  You can see my photos here.  The trouble with London on a Sunday is that everything is closed.  Even so, there was no excuse for the chicken thing from Burger King.  Ah, it has not been the best of weeks, so I might as well close it badly and kick on next week.

  1. Run (home) – 35 minutes
  2. Plank
  3. Press ups

Positives from this week – I got through a bad week, and put in quite a lot of running regardless.  I just need to make sure I catch up by doing the 8 mile run tomorrow.  I feel like I have lost some more from around my waist, and I feel fitter.  I am more consistent with doing my press ups, which will become a lot more important later on in the year, so it is best to get into good habits now.  I will put this down as a week of consolidation and build on it.

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