Silverstone Half-Marathon Training : Week 6

Week 6, and looking to step it up from a disappointing Week 5…

Monday 14 January 2013

It snowed overnight and I decided not to risk going into work in case I was stranded by the heavy snow which was promised for later in the day.  This meant I had an opportunity to go out for a longer run than usual during the day, which would be better than going out for one this evening.  I still need to catch up on 8 miles, and I am not sure if I have a physical or a mental barrier going on at the moment.  I had a bowl of Oats So Simple and my fizzy vitamin C and supplements, I dealt with a flurry of work emails, and by the time I had warmed up and was ready to go the snow had stopped falling.  Within 15 minutes of me starting my run it had started again.  I may have been running through falling snow but the pavements were mostly clear, except for a bridge I have to cross over a road, and it was not too cold.  My plan was to run 3 of my 2.2 mile laps and then 2 of my 0.7 mile laps.  I decided to take it at a steady pace, in case I was now pushing myself too hard at the beginning, which would be just like me, and the first lap felt fine and came in at a decent time (which was not important to me today, but something I was noting anyway).  I was getting a little colder on the second lap, although that was mainly my fingers, and I was still maintaining a good pace and feeling fine, which was good because I had tweaked my neck in some way on Sunday.  I got through the second lap and was feeling positive, having the thought that this was now the last time I would go over this part of the route for this run.  My legs were feeling it but not to any great extent and I had run a longer distance than this before, so I had no worries.  And then suddenly at 5.5 miles I had nothing left.  I slowed down to a walk and took it very easy for a minute, but when I started to run again I felt a little dizzy.  Fortunately I recognise the symptoms of my low blood pressure since the time I fainted on to my nose and so I think I have got to the bottom of all this – I am just not properly fuelled to run the distance.  So I need to be eating more proper food, and it would appear that my Christmas diet was just right, rather than appearing excessive.  Of course, the heavily falling snow and me wearing no hat may also have had something to do with this.  I had to walk a short distance to get home and as soon as I was there I ate a Bounce, a natural energy ball I believe I found among the gluten-free things in Waitrose.  This one is a peanut protein blast, says it is a chewy mix of peanuts and whey protein, is a little heavy to eat, and contains no added sugar.  It was like chewing on peanut butter, so not so bad.  Later on I drank a pint and a half of milk and ate a banana, and then drank some Innocent pure orange juice a little later in the afternoon.  One problem I have is that I just do not feel hungry at the moment, and I do not want to be over-eating because I associate that with feeling bloated.  Debbie had a choir rehearsal this evening and I walked with her over to it, and then I walked home, realising that I would then be walking back again before walking home with her.  I think I got stung on that one, and especially because some of the pavements were now very icy.  Anyway, inbetween my walks I ate a tomato, a bowl of leek and potato soup from the New Covent Garden Soup Co with added Stichelton cheese from the Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese company and oat thins.  I also ate an apple on my walk back to meet up with Debbie, and when we got home I had some more of my fizzy vitamin C drink.  I did a minute of press ups, 100 sit ups, two minutes of plank, and went to bed before 2330, which is early for me, though still not early enough.

  1. Run – 5.5 miles (home) – 1 hour 02 minutes
  2. Press ups (80)
  3. Sit ups
  4. Plank

Tuesday 15 January 2013

I woke up tired and still did my two minutes of plank.  I need to be getting to bed earlier, though tonight may not be the time for that as we are going to the cinema to see an opera, and will likely get home late from that.  I ate a nakd bar during my careful drive into work, and ate a pot of Quaker’s Oat So Simple while drinking my fizzy vitamin C, taking my supplements, and then drinking a cup of milk.  I feel very good after all that.  I will be going for a run at lunchtime, though having glanced at the pavements while driving in I think I may be running on the roads.  I ate a banana a little while before setting out for my run, and did mostly run on the roads because the pavements were icy.  I pushed myself and came in at 41 minutes and 07 seconds for the 4 miles, which I was pleased with.  I drank a cup of milk on getting back in and then bought a pot of tuna, a pot of cheese and a pot of granola, yoghurt and honey mix, which I ate for my lunch.  There should be more than enough protein in all that.  Through the afternoon I drank some lemon and ginger tea, drank water, and ate an apple and satsuma.  At least I am hitting my 5 a day.  I ate a tomato when I got home and then we went to see La Boheme at the Odeon cinema in Hatfield, and although it was an opera, because we were seeing it at the cinema, I had to have popcorn.  It was good fun and it did not even go on too late, so I got to bed before 2330 again.  Almost a result.

  1. Plank
  2. Run – 4 miles (work) – 41 minutes 07 seconds

Wednesday 16 January 2013

I was tired on waking up but still did my two minutes of plank.  Then it was business as usual – nakd bar during the drive in, fizzy vitamin C and supplements with my Quaker Oat So Simple on getting into the office, plus a cup of milk.  It has got colder and I want to go for another run at lunchtime, so that should be fun.  I drank water through the morning and had a banana less than half an hour before I set off, and the first 3 miles went very well.  It was cold, and the final mile was bitterly cold, and was harder as a result, so I was very pleased to come home in 40 minutes and 40 seconds, about 30 seconds faster than yesterday.  I finished the banana on getting back into the office and ate an apple and a pumpkin 9bar after my shower, while drinking another cup of milk.  Later in the afternoon I ate a cocoa delight nakd bar and wondered if I would make it to yoga this evening.  And as I thought, I got home too late for yoga.  I ate some king prawns with baby sweetcorn, peppers, mange tout and rice, and watched Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.  Tomorrow I am going to try for 8 miles.  Again.  And I finished the day off with a minute of press ups.

  1. Plank
  2. Run – 4 miles (work) – 40 minutes 40 seconds
  3. Press ups

Thursday 17 January 2013

I got a good sleep, had my fizzy vitamin C with supplements and my Oat So Simple, was drinking a lot of water and really feeling ready for a long run, when a flood of work got in the way, so I had to go for a quick lap of 2.3 miles instead.  It felt good but I am getting fed up with it being so cold while I am running, though.  I finished off the banana I had started before I set off.  I ate an Innocent thai curry veg pot (with carrot, yellow split peas, water chestnut, edamame beans, rice and lemongrass) with added king prawns for dinner and did two minutes of plank before going to bed.

  1. Run – 2.3 miles (home) – 24 minutes 01 seconds
  2. Plank

Friday 18 January 2013

Here comes Snowmaggeddon !  It did not start snowing until after I had got into work, but since then enough has fallen to make me think I won’t be getting out for a run this weekend.  I will see how it has thawed by Sunday morning.  I forgot to take my oats in with me,so I had my usual morning routine without them, and also ate an apple and an orange before I drove home through the snow.  I snacked on oat thins and multigrain thins once I was home.  I had done two minutes of plank before leaving the house this morning and will likely do some more exercises this evening.  After my butter chicken curry.  I never got around to those exercises.  I did avoid having a naan bread, though.

  1. Plank

Saturday 19 January 2013

We called off my personal training today because of the weather.  I do not think either of us much fancied the very end of the journey, though getting most of the way there would have been fine.  I went for a walk around St Albans instead for a couple of hours and you can see some photos here.  I just snacked through the day and drove over to The Stables near Milton Keynes in the evening to see a gig from Larry Miller, where I drank two diet cokes and ate a small tub of ice cream during the interval.  I did not get home too late.

  1. Walk

Sunday 20 January 2013

I woke up and weighed myself and I am 97.9 kgs, down from last week’s 99.5 kgs, which was up from the previous week’s 98.9 kgs.  The scales are broken, aren’t they.  Having said that, I know I am thinner because a pair of jeans I was wearing are now too big for me around the waist, and I can fit comfortably into another pair which were a little tight.  I had intended to go for a long run this morning but it was snowing heavily so I decided not to risk it.  Instead, I went for another walk around St Albans and you can see my photos of that one here.  Again, I snacked through the day and did not have a proper meal as such, mostly because I was generally just sitting around.  Hopefully this snowy weather will move on and I can get some proper runs in next week.

  1. Walk

Positives from this week – I got through a bad weather week with 16 miles of running out of the 20.5 miles I should have done, and I also put in a couple of walks.  I do need to make sure I catch up with a longer run, though at this stage that might mean just jumping to a 10 mile run next week and leaving the 8 and 9 mile runs behind me.  I know I have lost some more from around my waist, as well as my weight actually going down, and I feel fitter.  Another week to build on, and I do feel very good about that.

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