Amersham (S)

As part of my preparation for my trekking holiday in Peru I bought a book by Nick Moon called Chiltern Walks – Buckinghamshire, and will be trying a few of the walks he details in his book before I head off.  And you lucky people will get to read all about them.

So I set off in the rain, wearing my new Scarpa ZG-10 GTX boots seriously for the first time – in fact everything I was wearing had been bought new for my Peru trip – and I did not encounter any problems with any of my kit and more to the point did not develop any blisters.  This was Walk 10 in the book (Amersham (South)).  It is listed as being 5.7 miles, but my route probably took it up to between 7 and 8 miles – some of the landmarks described in the book would appear to have changed or disappeared or moved since it was written !  The walk started in Old Amersham and went up through the fields along Gore Hill, brushing the edge of Coleshill as it met the Chiltern Way before coming back on itself through Rodger’s Wood to the bottom of Gore Hill.  It was mostly walking through fields, some walking in woods, a few roads to cross, and in the time I was out I only encountered a handful of people.  It was as hard as I expected from my first walk, but it was incredibly good fun and very relaxing, and a great way to spend 2 hours and 15 minutes of an afternoon.

I was listening to my iPod Shuffle as I walked and this is what it selected for me :

Tinyfish – I’m Not Crashing
AC/DC – Back In Black
Panic Room – Dark Star
Porcupine Tree – Anesthetize
Godspeed You ! Black Emperor – East Hastings
Neal Morse – The Truth Will Set You Free
Big Big Train – Fighter Command (and I was able to put my arms out and be a Spitfire…)
Manning – Lost In Play
Crippled Black Phoenix – Fantastic Justice
Tin Spirits – Broken
OSI – Be The Hero
Porcupine Tree – Even Less (the full version, natch)
Tinyfish – Nine Months On Fire (I love that bit of the walk)
Phideaux – Microdeath Softstar
Riverside – Hybrid Times
Phideaux – Thank You For The Evil
Lazuli – En Avant Doute
Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun (and what a great one to finish on)

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