Silverstone Half-Marathon Training : Week 7

Week 7, and eager to step it up from a frustrating Week 6…

Monday 21 January 2013

It had snowed all through Sunday and fortunately had stopped overnight, because I was off to a meeting in London today and I needed the trains to be running.  I was not very organised and went out without having any breakfast, though as it turned out I did have an element of foresight in deciding to dress in my walking gear and not my business suit – the trains ran so far…and I found myself walking from St Pancras to Temple.  It was a pleasant walk, and you can see my photos of it here.  I had a couple of small tuna and cucmber sandwiches for lunch, and a few cups of tea through the meeting, and when I got home we took a walk around St Albans.  I snacked through the evening, while walking to and from Debbie’s choir practice a few times, like last week, and before bed I did my minute of press ups, 100 sit ups and two minutes of plank.  I must stress that they are not ‘real’ press ups, and merely me going up and down in the press up position as quickly and as many times as possible.  The only measure is how they measure against previous attempts, and I managed 10 more this time than last week.  My other press ups during the week are real press ups, and I am sure are aiding this total.  Once I get to 100 I will start doing real press ups against the clock on Mondays.  I got to bed around 2330, which is good for me.

  1. Walk
  2. Press ups (90)
  3. Sit ups
  4. Plank

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Back to the office today, and back to my usual routine of a (frozen, thanks to leaving it in the car over the weekend and yesterday) nakd bar in the car, my fizzy vitamin C with supplements in the office, a pot of Oat So Simple, and a cup of lemon & ginger tea, as I have run out of redbush.  It looks like I will be running in the ice, snow and fog at lunchtime.  Madness.  So I had best make sure I am properly fuelled.  At around 1130 I had some of a proto pure citrus endurance bar, followed by a cup of milk.  The pavements were a lot worse than I had imagined and I had to use them on certain parts of the route, which did slow me down a little.  It was cold out and I wore my Mountain Equipment beanie, and felt good for doing so.  I still did the 4 miles in 42 minutes and 23 seconds, and it was very easy – I was not out of breath either during the run or at the end and could have run a longer distance.  So I am pleased with that, despite it being a slower time than last week, because I know I can go faster and further.  I finished off the proto pure endurance bar and drank another cup of milk on getting back to the office.  Later in the afternoon I ate an apple.  I will be away overnight on Thursday with business so we decided to treat ourselves to a meal out this evening, at the Thai Square at The Tudor Tavern in St Albans.  I enjoyed the meal and had Toongtong (minced prawns and chicken wrapped in pastry skins) for my starter and Chu-Chee Goong (king prawns in Chu-Chee sauce topped with cocnut cream) for my main course, with coconut rice, pak choi and two glasses of orange juice.  I did two minutes of plank before going to bed at around 2315 – very early for me !

  1. Run – 4 miles (work) – 42 minutes 23 seconds
  2. Plank

Wednesday 23 January 2013

I was still tired when I woke up so I gave plank a miss.  You know my morning routine by now and I followed it today.  I must say I am enjoying the milk a lot.  The lunchtime run will be a little longer than yesterday’s and I am looking forward to it and to putting in a good time.  I had some more milk and a part of a banana before setting out.  The pavements were much the same as yesterday, though it felt colder and did actually start snowing just before I finished.  I felt comfortable out there and my lap times (each lap is 1.5 miles) had me on course for 10 minute per mile pace after the first lap, just outside of that after the second lap, and I was able to put in a bit of a push on the final stretch to complete the 4.5 miles in 45 minutes and 27 seconds, which I am very pleased with at this stage.  I have really come on a long way since I started this training.  I was out of breath at the end but recovered pretty quickly, and finished off my banana and milk once I was back in the office.  Later in the afternoon I ate a cocoa delight nakd bar, and through the day I had been drinking water.  I got home and added some king prawns to an Innocent Mexican veg pot, a very delicious combination.  I do like those Innocent veg pots.  I pushed myself to do a minute of (proper) press ups and two minutes of plank before going to bed.

  1. Run – 4.5 miles (work) – 45 minutes 27 seconds
  2. Press ups
  3. Plank

Thursday 24 January 2013

I am travelling over to France today for a meeting tomorrow, so I had planned to get in a run at home before I set off, but there will not be sufficient time for that.  I will be getting some walking in while I am over in Paris, though.  As always, my morning routine goes out of the window when I am at home, so it is past 10 o’clock by the time I get round to drinking my fizzy vitamin C and taking my supplements, in between trying to clear some work matters and getting packed.  In the end I still found myself rushing to get to the Eurostar checkin, although because it flows so smoothly I actually ended up with time to spare.  I ate an Oats So Simple bar before boarding the train.  Once in Paris I walked from Gare du Nord to our hotel on Rue .  I was carrying everything in my Berghaus backpack, and it turns out I was carrying about 20 lbs.  I left the backpack at the hotel and walked down into the Opera district of Paris and enjoyed looking around .  You can read more about that and my evening in Paris here.  I met up with the others over a cup of distinctly un-sweetened hot chocolate in a cafe beside our hotel before we walked up to Montmatre, which is very much an uphill climb, including a few parts by steep steps.  We had dinner in La Boheme before going up to Sacre Coeur, and climbing some more steps to have a look inside.  For my dinner I had a tomato and lettuce salad, roast chicken with frites and a banana bread with custard pudding, together with a bottle of Orangina (well, I was in France).  We then walked back to the hotel, taking in a quick glimpse of the Tour Eiffel in the far distance on the way.  You can see my photos from the evening here.  I had a couple of glasses of my fizzy vitamin C drink when I was in my hotel room.  I did not get a good night’s sleep, first through not being tired, then through being too hot, then through noises from the water system which made me put on my iPod shuffle, and listening to that always makes me wake from time to time.

  1. Plank
  2. Walk

Friday 25 January 2013

So, I was in Paris today for a business meeting.  Considering I had not got a good night’s sleep I was not so tired when I woke up.  I did a minute of proper press ups and then two minutes of plank before drinking my fizzy vitamin C and taking my supplements.  Breakfast had been paid for and I had a pain au chocolate, cornflakes with milk, a hard boiled egg and a slice of cheese, together with two glasses of pure orange juice.  We took taxis to and from the office for the business meeting (our morning route seemingly taking us past all the sights) and our lunch at the office came in a box – something beetroot-based to start with, salmon and something quinoa-based for the main, and then a chocolate mousse and some cheese, and I also drink a couple of bottles of Vittel mineral water through the day.  We then returned to the centre of Paris, leaving our taxis at La Louvre before having a guided tour of the ‘passages couverts’, and through the almost 3 hours of the guided tour I carried my 20 lb backpack and am pleased that it did not feel ‘heavy’ and did not cause me to feel any ill effects – good news for my preparations for the Fan Dance.  You can read more detail of that part of my trip here and see my photos here.

  1. Press ups
  2. Plank
  3. Walk

Saturday 26 January 2013

I was expecting to be back to personal training after missing last weekend due to Snowmageddon but Christianne is away on a course so I will have to wait until next weekend.  Instead, as I am feeling tired on waking up after the business trip, I go for an easy run and cover 4.5 miles in 50 minutes and 14 seconds.  I had some banana and a pot of Oats So Simple and some of my fizzy vitamin C before heading out, and my body told me I had run enough when I got to the end.  Tomorrow I will be going for something in excess of 8 miles and I hope the pavements and tracks will have thawed some more before then because they were treacherous in places this morning.  In the afternoon we went down to London for a late lunch and walked around Sloane Square, which was very pleasant and you can see my photos here.  We had a late lunch at Caffe Concerto and I ate the king prawn, avacado, mango and crayfish salad with a side order of french fries and a cup of hot chocolate.  We were both tired when we got home and went for comfort food in the shape of a Domino’s pizza with mozarella sticks and chicken wings.  I will run it off in the morning.  We seemed to get home just in time because the rain poured down through the evening and into the night.  Hopefully it will clear the pavements of the remaining ice and snow, and hopefully it will stop before I go for my run in the morning.  I did two minutes of plank before going to bed.  I need to rest before my morning run.

  1. Run – 4.5 miles (home) – 50 minutes 14 seconds
  2. Walk
  3. Plank

Sunday 27 January 2013

I weighed myself when I got up and I am 98.8 kgs, up from the 97.9 kgs of last week, despite the fact that I feel thinner.  I woke up knowing that I had to run at least 8 miles today, so I ate half a banana and a pot of Oat So Simple and drank some milk, and even so I ran out of steam after 3.5 miles.  My legs had nothing left and I decided to bring that run to a halt, spend the day drinking water and eating properly, and try again this afternoon.  Then I will find out if this is a fuel thing or a phsychological thing.  I must say I do find it far easier running the course near work than this one at home.  Things got in the way, but mostly my body was telling me it was not up for another run today, so I knocked the idea on the head.  I did some stretches and exercises and I will try for my long run tomorrow evening.

  1. Run – 3.5 miles (home) – 40 minutes 24 seconds
  2. Plank
  3. Sit ups

Positives from this week – I got through a week which included working away from home with 16.5 miles of running out of the 22 miles I should have done, and I also put in a couple of walks, one while carrying 20 lbs. I must catch up with a longer run, and at this stage anything between 8 and 10 miles will do me. I continue to feel fitter and thinner, despite what the scales may say. This is another week to build on, and while I have some mixed feelings, overall I do feel very good about that.

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