Panic Room plus David R Black

I am going to try a new approach with my gig reviews.  My intention is to publish a very short review almost immediately – about 50 words for the headliner, and 25 for the support act – and then I will submit a longer review to the Classic Rock Society for their magazine – about 200 words for a headliner, and 100 for a support act – and then eventually I may well get round to my full-blown review which could be as many words as you can think of…  So let’s see how this pans out, and my apologies to the guinea pigs, Panic Room and David R Black.

York – Friday 9 September 2011

David R Black – a very enjoyable hard, heavy, rocking guitar-based sound full of energy and enthusiasm, built around rhythms, atmospherics, strong vocals and great riffing.

Panic Room – drawing most of their set from their latest album, Satellite, and including two excellent new tracks, they continue to impress with their intelligent songwriting, high quality musicianship, and the way they pull together so many varied and complex strands behind the stunning vocals of Anne-Marie Helder.  They deserve to be far bigger than they already are.

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