Silverstone Half-Marathon training : Week 8

Warning : this blog contains photographic content which may be upsetting for some viewers.

Week 8, definitely wanting to step it up from a slightly frustrating Week 7, and not getting off to a great start…

Monday 28 January 2013

I woke up with the right side of my face very swollen.  I had not enjoyed a good night’s sleep and had a feeling I was going to find something like this when I woke up.  It will be connected with my problem tooth which requires root canal treatment and I do need to create some time to have it looked at.  For now, I will work from home and hope that the swelling goes down without any pain taking its place.  If there is pain then it is likely I will need to get some antibiotics.  I ate practically nothing through the day, I am not sure what the swelling has done, and I have not really felt any great pain, so I will see what happens overnight.  Suffice to say that no exercise happened today.  I took an early night.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

001The swelling had got worse overnight, and I had not sllept well, although I was still not feeling very much pain, and so I was not back to the office today.  Instead, I went in search of antibiotics.  The problem I have is that I am registered in Amersham for both a dentist and also a GP, and I really did not feel like driving over to Amersham today.  I tried two dental practices in St Albans but both would have had to charge me a £40 consultation fee just to issue a prescription for the antibiotics I knew I needed.  One of them suggested that I could get a prescription from the Minor Injuries unit at St Albans hospital, but having walked all the way over there I found out they do not have any doctors and so cannot issue prescriptions.  I ended up driving over to Hemel Hempstead Hospital to see a GP at their Urgent Care Centre, and once the look of horror had gone from her face on looking at me, it all went very smoothly and quickly.  So now I am on anitbiotics for 7 days and will have to see when I next feel like exercising.  At least I got in some walking today, although it did leave me feeling exhausted – clearly this infection is taking it out of me because it was only 3.5 miles.  I had a bowl of cream of tomato soup for dinner, and went to bed early again.

  1. Walk – 3.5 miles

Wednesday 30 January 2013

002I am not sure, but I think the swelling has got worse again.  Even so I went into work today, because I have a few things I must get done and it will be easier to do them from the office.  I went shopping yesterday while I was getting my antibiotics, so now my supplements are the Seven Seas cod liver oil with A-Z multivitamins, Wellman Sport, Vitabiotics ultra 2-in-1 fish oil, Wellman Plus Omega 3.6.9, Seven Seas Joint Care Supplex Omega-3 fish oil plus Glucosamine, and Kwai Heartcare Garlic, and I took all of those with my fizzy vitamin C.  Might as well stuff myself with as many minerals as possible and see if they help with this infection.  Going into work and having to talk really did not help how my face felt and so I left early.  While I was there I ate a banana, a tub of tuna and tub of cheese, and drank two cups of milk as well as water.  In the evening I had a bowl of mushroom soup with some crackers.  I was very quiet in the evening and it was another early night.

Thursday 31 January 2013

003I am updating this blog at 0425.  I woke up after a restless night and could not fall back to sleep immediately.  I will be seeing the dentist today at 11 so hopefully that will help me.  Sitting around being unable to do any exercise has become very frustrating this week.  I did eventually get back to sleep for another few hours and when I woke up I took my antibiotic and other supplements with my fizzy vitamin C.  Then it was off to the dentist.  The root canal treatment has become an extraction because there is not sufficient of the undecayed tooth left, but it is at the back so I can probably live with that.  I got home and after a short walk into town ate some crackers.  In the late afternoon I ate some king prawns I had intended to eat earlier in the week, and as Debbie is having a Chinese takeaway this evening I will eat some egg fried rice with the chicken noodle soup I ordered, though as it turned out the soup was a lot more spicy than I could have hoped for.

Friday 01 February 2013

004I cannot help thinking this is the worst photo so far…  I am in London today for a business meeting, which generally means some walking is required, and today I did 3 miles.  I was at the Willis Building across from the Lloyd’s Building, and was able to go up to their 23rd floor and enjoy some stunning views of London.

011  020

You can see more photographs here.  I took my antibiotic with my supplements before leaving the house, drank peppermint tea and water through the meeting, had some salmon and some tuna sandwiches for lunch, and then returned home to a chicken and leek pie which Debbie had cooked.  That was well worth coming home for !

  1. Walk – 3 miles

Saturday 02 February 2013

005The sooner this week is over, the better.  I could not go to training this morning because my face is still swollen and I do not want to ruin any improvement for the sake of one workout.  I am just being careful about what I eat while I am stuck doing no exercise, so it will be interesting to see where the scales take me tomorrow.

Sunday 03 February 2013

006I weighed myself when I got up and I am 97 kgs, down from the 98.8 kgs of last week, which was up from the 97.9 kgs of the previous week.  I do feel thinner after a week of illness, though.  The trick now is to add in the food, the exercise, and not put the weight back on.  And the swelling to the outside of my face may have finally started going to a discernible extent, although I can still feel it by the tooth itself on the inside of my mouth.  I may try some exercise this evening to see how it feels overall, and then might try for a gentle run tomorrow lunchtime at work.  I had some macaroni cheese for lunch and my appetite does appear to be returning.  And then a change of plan for the evening because we decided to go to see a later screening of Flight, which I found to be thought-provoking enough to keep me interested, and so I got back too late to exercise.  I did avoid the popcorn, though.

Positives from this week – I lost some weight.  My body got a rest.  Look, I am just going to write off this week and continue on with next week, and continue on with what is set out for week 9 and see how it goes.

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