Silverstone Half-Marathon training : Week 9

Week 9, and needing to put the disaster of Week 8 behind me…

Monday 04 February 2013

007It was the last day of my antibiotics but I could still feel a lot of swelling inside my mouth on my gum.  I was in the office today and had my fizzy vitamin C and my supplements but kept my eating down to a banana, a pot of tuna and a pot of cheese, and drank some milk and water.  I was really not feeling hungry, or at least not feeling like eating.  When I got home I felt much the same.  I really need this tooth to sort itself out.

Tuesday 05 February 2013

I was in the office again today, but only for the morning as I had a presentation to go to in the evening in London.  Again, I took my fizzy vitamin C and supplements but as I could still feel the swelling in my mouth I did not feel like having anything else beyond a cup of milk and bottles of water.  I got the train from St Albans to City Thameslink and then walked from there to Tower 42003, the location for the presentation.  You can see my photos from the 24th floor of Tower 42 here019.  I ate some nibbles from the Rhodes 24 restaurant at the event and suddenly noticed that the swelling on my gum had collapsed – at last !  After the event I was going to meet Debbie near to Edgware Road tube station and decided to walk over to there.  It felt good to stretch my legs.

  1. Walk – 5 miles

Wednesday 06 February 2013

I was supposed to be going up to the north of the Peak District today to climb over Bleaklow, but late night work emails got in the way of that, so I am in the office again and back to my usual routine of my fizzy vitamin C with supplements, a pot of Oat So Simple, and a cup of milk, together with lots of water.  I have a meeting in Wakefield tomorrow morning and am staying in a hotel up there this evening, so I will get back to doing some exercise now that my tooth has recovered.  I had a boxed tuna salad from the canteen for lunch.  It was not brilliant.  During the afternoon I drank water and ate a banana while trying to finish my work so I could make an early start on the drive up to Wakefield.  That did not happen, so I will be driving for a couple of hours through the dark, which will almost certainly leave me tired by the time I get there.  And so it did.  It actually took me two and a half hours to drive up there and by the time I arrived I only wanted to lie down and get some rest.  I ate some couscous with vegetables I had bought on the way from Marks & Spencer, together with some cottage cheese, and drank water and some fizzy vitamin C, before trying to get some sleep.

Thursday 07 February 2013

I just do not sleep well in hotels when I am staying over for business.  I kept waking through the night and did not feel rested.  I woke up and did two minutes of plank before taking my supplements with my fizzy vitamin C.  I had a cup of tea at my meeting and then drank water in the car while driving back to the office.  I drank a cup of milk when I got there and do not feel hungry today.  I will go for a run this evening and hope that kicks me back into my routine, although I must say the two minutes of plank this morning felt very comfortable.  Then it started to snow as I was driving home and I decided that my first run after doing very little for a week and a half should not be through a snow storm.  I ate an Innocent Mexican veg pot for dinner, which was delicious.  I really do enjoy them.

  1. Plank

Friday 08 February 2013

I woke up and my two minutes of plank was easy again.  What I need to do now is repeat it each time, which will mean creating more time for exercise in the mornings.  Which means going to bed earlier so I get a decent amount of sleep.  I went through my usual routine on getting to the office and kept drinking water through the morning, together with a couple of cups of milk.  I had a pot of tuna and a pot of cheese for lunch.  I wish I had remembered to bring in my running gear today, and will get back to lunchtime running next week.

  1. Plank

Saturday 09 February 2013

I was back at training with Christianne this morning, at her new location.001  It is very different to the converted barn she was using before, and now she has a bigger fitness area with machines and free weights, a very large studio, and individual rooms for treatments.  It should be a great success, and you should visit her body rescue website to find out more.  My one hour session was great fun this morning, and has really got me back into the swing of things – as well as using the cardio machines she put me through some kicking on the punchbag, lots of free weight stuff including bench presses, and we finished off with 100 reverse curls.  I used to do those morning and evening and will get back into doing that.  The children had come with me so that we could go straight from there to their drama class, and while they were doing that I went to the newsagent and bought the March edition of Men’s Health.  It came with a couple of free booklets, including The Fat Burner’s Bible, which looks like it contains more than a few excellent ideas for me to put into practice.

  1. Training

Sunday 10 February 2013

I weighed myself when I got up and I am 97.9 kgs, the same as last week, which is good considering the lack of exercise.  I tried the Two-Minute Drill from The Fat Burner’s Bible straight away.  According to the book, the Two-Minute Drill jump-starts the metabolism, revving it up as soon as I wake up so that I will burn fat more efficiently all day.  Exercise in the morning also brings oxygen to the brain and triggers the body to release feel-good hormones, starting the day on a positive note.  It consists of 8 exercises and the idea is to complete as many reps as possible in 15 seconds, so it is like a mini-tabata really.  The exercises they suggest are crunches, press ups, high knees, side-to-side hops, jumping jacks, prisoner squats, mountain climbers and bodyweight thrusters.  I will explain each one in more detail in my blog next week, and for now will tell you that it felt very good to do and I followed it up with two minutes of plank.  I ate a Staffordshire oatcake for breakfast, though not with the filling of grilled bacon, eggs, sausage, tomatoes, cheese and onion which is suggested on the packaging.  I do remember with great fondness eating oatcakes with a full fry up when I was younger.  For lunch I ate a Marks & Spencer British basil chicken pasta, which is just 360 calories, and watched the snow beginning to fall outside.  Again.  I had crab with salad and coleslaw for dinner, which was delicious.

  1. Two-minute drill
  2. Plank

Positives from this week – My weight did not go up.  I continue to feel fitter and thinner. This is another week to build on, and I need to get back into the running next week.  I do need to work on getting a run of at least 10 miles under my belt.

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