Silverstone Half-Marathon training : Week 11

Week 11, and looking forward to running the real thing after finishing last week on a high…

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Monday 18 February 2013

I felt like I was in slow-motion when I woke up this morning, with aches running through my legs and especially in my left thigh and my right knee.  The knee feels like it needs to be properly oiled.  Walking is difficult with the stiffness, but I do not feel like there is anything majorly wrong and I am confident it will all wear off after this rest day.  I did two minutes of plank and that felt fine.  I got into the office and drank my fizzy vitamin C and took my supplements with a cup of milk.  I made sure to drink lots of water and ate a banana mid-morning, and a feta cheese pasta pot with red onion and chard for lunch, followed by a granola with yoghurt and honey pot. I was not feeling overly hungry, which seems to have been a constant through my training programme.  I ate an apple mid-afternoon.  I need to be eating more fruit.  I have mostly cut the junk from my diet, but I still struggle to noticeably have my 5-a-day, so I must be more conscious of that.  I ate a cocoa orange Nakd bar later on, which is all the lovely flavour of a chocolate orange without any of the bad stuff, plus it counts as one of the 5-a-day.  So I have 3 today so far.  I wonder if the red onion from lunchtime counts.  I was going to have some soup when I got home but did not get around to making it and ended up eating cheese and crackers, and just relaxing.

  1. Plank

Tuesday 19 February 2013

I woke up and my legs felt better than they did yesterday evening, which is good.  I did two minutes of plank and it felt fine.  I followed my usual routine when I got into the office and walking around the office felt a lot easier than yesterday.  I had brought in my running kit and will go out for a run at lunchtime.  I ate a banana and drank milk and water through the morning, and I have to say I am enjoying drinking milk again, especially as it does not appear to have any adverse effects on me.  The sun was out during my run, but there was no way my legs were going to be taking me at any speed which might induce dehydration !  My calves and thighs were tight and it felt like running through treacle.  The difference between now and ten weeks ago is that I never had the thought that I would not complete the 4 miles I had to run.  It was not as fast as I would have liked it to have been, at 44 minutes and 57 seconds, but the time was hardly surprising given that I struggled to walk yesterday.  The important thing right now is getting these miles under my belt and making sure I do not injure myself.  I drank some milk as soon as I got in, and after my shower had what has become my usual pots of tuna, cheese and granola with yoghurt and honey.  I ate an apple later in the afternoon and felt tired.  I was yawning and must get to bed early tonight.  I got home to find my joining pack had arrived for the Silverstone Half Marathon, so now I am all ready.

I am not a number... Oh, apparently I am.

I am not a number…
Oh, apparently I am.

I have race number 8855, and the route looks fun.  In fact, it makes me wish I could take my camera round with me.  I had a winter broth with bacon and curly kale from the New Covent Garden Soup Co for dinner, with some crackers.

  1. Plank
  2. Run (work) – 4 miles – 44 minutes 57 seconds

Wednesday 20 February 2013

I woke up and did the Drill and noticed that my legs had fully recovered and felt perfectly fine, which is a good sign for continuing my training once I have run this half-marathon.  I had a drive up to Birmingham Airport this morning to collect my boss from France so I drank a cup of milk and my fizzy vitamin C and took my supplements before I set off.  I spent the whole journey back speaking in French, so I reckon that burned quite a few calories.  It was lunchtime when I got back to the office and I had a baked sweet potato with baked beans in the canteen for lunch.    We will be going out for dinner as a team this evening, so it will be interesting to see what catches my eye on the menu.  I drank milk and water through the afternoon and was feeling suitably hungry by the time we got to the Cromwell Cottage in Kislingbury, which you may recall was one of the locations for my many Christmas Dinners.  They had a special set menu for Ladies Night and we all ate from that, with my choices being the smoked salmon for starter, the walnut, butternut squash and feta gnocchi for my main, and the chocolate log with wild berries and cream for dessert.002

The food was excellent, as always there.  I was not too late getting home and so was not too late getting to bed.

  1. Two-Minute Drill
  2. Plank

Thursday 21 February 2013

I had to get to the office early for a series of meetings and ended up just drinking water until lunchtime.  I had a quick baked potato with baked beans before driving back to Birmingham Airport, and finally got round to my fizzy vitamin C and supplements when I got back from there.  I also ate a banana in the afternoon.  I want to get out for a run this evening, but my mood is not the best after the last two days, so we shall see.  I got home and the walk from the car to the house was cold, so I wore my hat and gloves to go for my run.  I ran two of the 2.2 mile laps and the first one felt really easy.  I am looking forward to getting past the half-marathon and working some Fartlek training into a 10k programme as I work through the Horseplay Rat Race towards the Wolf Run.  We had a curry for dinner from the Alban Tandoori, and I went for mughlai murgh, which is chicken cooked with ground almonds, coconut, almond flakes, sultanas, lychees, pineapple, tomato and fresh cream with select spices and herbs, some mushroom fried rice and a cheese naan.  That felt good.

  1. Plank
  2. Run (home) – 4.4 miles – 48 minutes 52 seconds

Friday 22 February 2013

Back to the Drill this morning, which felt good, and I am looking forward to building on that once the half-marathon is done.  For the moment I am sticking to the minimum outside of my running training plan so I do not upset things before the race.  I followed the Drill with two minutes of plank, and that is something else I need to build on.  Into the office for my usual morning routine and keeping my fingers crossed that the little flurry of snow does not grow into anything more than that.  I am drinking lots of milk and water while ploughing through work in my demotivated state, listening to my iPod Shuffle (because we dress down on Fridays and I reckon listening to music can come into that), and wondering why there is such a fuss being made about the canteen chef leaving – it is not like he has even been here for any amount of time, so in my grumpy mood I avoid the leaving card.  I had a meeting over lunchtime and we went out for a sandwich at the newly developed Sainsbury’s, in their cafe which has a lovely view overlooking the inside of their shop.  I had their bacon, lettuce and tomato on granery bread, although there was not much trace of any tomato.  The bacon did taste nice, though.  I drank another cup of milk when I got back to the office.  I put together my training programme between the Silverstone Half-Marathon and the Wolf Run, incorporating the Horseplay Rat Run into it, and now I am very excited about starting that.  We went shopping when I got home and I bought all sorts of stuff for the next week, to put me in the best possible position for the race, and you know for sure I will be bringing you all the details here.  I had another Winter Broth from the New Covent Garden Soup Co with some oaty thins from rude health.

  1. Two-Minute Drill
  2. Plank

Saturday 23 February 2013

I did the Drill before setting off to drive through the snow to get to training with Christianne.  I had to stop for petrol so I bought a McVitie’s oat and syrup flapjack for my breakfast.  296 calories made up of rolled oats, golden syrup, vegetable oil, sugar, butter and salt.  Anyway, training was excellent, with quite a lot on the punchbag with both legs and arms.  Next week will be a little more sedate with my race the day after.  I went to Runner’s World in St Albans when I got back from that to buy a pair of Ron Hill running shorts, and also picked up a leaflet for the St Albans Half-Marathon on 9th June…oh, dear.  The sales assistants in Runner’s World were excellent, by the way, and gave me good information on the variety of running shorts available before I made my choice, and I was able to try them on for size in their changing room.  The shorts are not big and are not red.  I had crab and salad for lunch, which was delicious.  I just took it easy through the afternoon and in the evening we watched Sin City and had a Domino’s Pizza.  I will run it off in the morning over 5 miles.

  1. Two-Minute Drill
  2. Training
  3. Plank

Sunday 24 February 2013

I weighed myself when I got up and I am 97.3 kgs, which is probably about right.  I do not feel much different to last week.  I went out for my run at around 0815 and it was cold, so I wore my hat and gloves.  I will take them with me next weekend just in case.  The run was pretty easy and felt good, and brings my real training to a close on a good note.  I reckon I am at 11 minute per mile pace now over the longer distances, and that will do me just fine going into my first half-marathon.  I got back in and ate a big bowl of the muesli from rude health, and then did two minutes of plank just for the hell of it.  The muesli is excellent and contains blueberries, pumpkin, poppy, sunflower and sesame seeds, puffed rice, quinoa, rye, barley flakes, brazil nuts, cranberries, dates, golden linseeds, hazlenuts, apple pieces, almonds, gojis, apricots, buckwheat flakes, oats, raisins, sultanas and a pinch of cinnamon.  We went to a Christening in the afternoon and at the reception I helped myself to all manner of carbs from the buffet, including the pasta and potato salad.  And a slice of the excellent sponge cake.047  I just snacked through the evening and took things easy because I have a lot of driving to do tomorrow.

  1. Run (home) – 5.1 miles –  55 minutes 24 seconds
  2. Plank

Positives from this week – I recovered very well from my 13.1 mile run last Sunday and I brought the last of my real training to an end on a good note.  I am looking forward to running next Sunday and am even excited about it !  May the force be with me…


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