Rat Race Notorious Night Run Training : Week 2

Week 2, and time to step it up, just as another cold front arrives in the UK…

Monday 11 March 2013

I had a meeting in London during the day, which meant that my routine went out of the window, as it always does when I am not in the office.  I did the Drill and two minutes of plank, but did not take my supplements and did not eat anything before travelling down.  I walked through the snow from City Thameslink to Lloyds Avenue, and after the meeting we went to Sterling at the base of the Gherkin and I had the fish and chips with mushy peas for lunch.

Fish and chips at Sterling

Fish and chips at Sterling

The snow had stopped but the weather was even colder on my walk back to the station.  You can see more of my photos from London here.  In the evening I ate pumpkin and pine nut fiorelli from Waitrose with a hard boiled egg.  I hope this cold weather goes as quickly as it appeared.

  1. Two-Minute Drill
  2. Plank
  3. Walk – 3 miles

Tuesday 12 March 2013

I was on an internal management course for two days, and again my usual morning routine went out of the window, even though the course was being held in a building next to the office and I was in the office from time to time.  I have boosted the Drill, though, so that I do 50 crunches, 25 press ups and at least 20 reps of the other six exercises.  I drank water through the day, had pasta with gorgonzola and brocolli for lunch, and then chicken in the evening after I had driven down to London to collect Debbie from her opera rehearsal.

  1. Two-Minute Drill
  2. Plank

Wednesday 13 March 2013

I ate a banana during the morning session of my course in anticipation of some Fartlek running at lunchtime.  The weather was cold, but not too cold, and I felt pretty good out there.  I think that shows because I knocked a minute and a half off my time from last week, which I am pleased with.  I will keep doing a 3 mile Fartlek each week until I get my time down to 27 minutes, and will then think about extending the distance.  I was glad I did go for a run at lunchtime because it was snowing when I got home.  Debbie had been cooking and we had a crab and spring onion tart

Debbie's delicious tart

Debbie’s delicious tart

with salad, which was delicious, and a Gu dessert, which was naughty and nice, and prompted me to do two minutes of plank.

  1. Two-Minute Drill
  2. Run (work) – 3 miles (Fartlek) – 29 minutes 04 seconds
  3. Plank

Thursday 14 March 2013

I got back to my usual morning routine in the office, despite having been stuck on the M1 for half an hour because of yet another accident.  There seems to be something most days at the moment.  I ate a banana during the morning and went for another lunchtime run, this time for 4.5 miles in the windy cold weather, although the sun was also out.  I did the first three miles at the same pace as I started the Silverstone Half-Marathon, which I was pleased with, and did not drop off that too much over the final 1.5 miles, coming in with a time which is about 10.5 minutes per mile.  I am definitely improving.  I ate my usual pots from the canteen for lunch.  When I got home I walked with Debbie to her choir practice, and then had to walk back, of course, and I ate pumpkin and pine nut fiorelli from Waitrose before driving back to pick her up.  I was still feeling hungry so we got some Chinese and I ate pork dumplings, seaweed and some egg fried rice.  I will run it off tomorrow.

  1. Two-Minute Drill
  2. Plank
  3. Run (work) – 4.5 miles – 47 minutes 34 seconds
  4. Walk

Friday 15 March 2013

I woke up and did my extended Drill and two minutes of plank.  I really need to push on with plank and start adding in repetitions because I can do the two minutes relatively easily now.  I followed my usual morning routine in the office and am looking forward to getting out for a run at lunchtime today.  I drank sufficient water and ate a banana during the morning and was really feeling ready for my run.  The weather was cold and windy, with some very strong gusts and headwinds at times, and at least it stayed dry.  I was going to be running 3 miles, which meant two laps around the estate where I work, and as I finished the first lap in under 14 and a half minutes I knew I was on for a good time if I could keep it going, so I pushed it on and really went for it at the end, bringing it in at 29 minutes and 23 seconds, just outside of my Fartlek time from earlier in the week.  Which means I will have to push the Fartlek next week.  I am pleased with this progress.  And clearly pleased enough that when I got home we had a takeaway from Pizza Hut.  Oops.

  1. Two-Minute Drill
  2. Plank
  3. Run (work) – 3 miles –  29 minutes  23 seconds

Saturday 16 March 2013

I woke up very early and then fell asleep again and was late to leave for my training session with Christianne.  It was another excellent session once I got there, with a lot of work on my shoulders.  I had planned to go for a run but it just did not fit into the timings for the rest of the day because during the day Debbie had her final rehearsal with the St Albans Bach Choir for their performance in the evening and the wet weather meant I needed to be available to drive her there.  As is too often the case with me at the weekend, my usual routine went out of the window, so I took none of my supplements, did not eat at the right times, and when I did eat it was often rubbish.  The fish and chips on the way home from meeting Debbie from her rehearsal being a case in point.  I do need to become more disciplined at the weekend.  You can see my photos from the evening performance of Mozart’s Coronation Mass and Solemn Vespers in St Albans’ Cathedral here.

  1. Training

Sunday 17 March 2013

I spent most of the day in London while Debbie had her final rehearsal with the Chelsea Opera Group for their performance of Die Feen by Wagner in the evening.  I spent the time walking around the Southbank and Whitehall, and Whitehall was especially interesting because the roads had been closed to traffic for the St Patrick’s Day parade.  You can see my photos from my walk here.  I ate a cocoa mint nakd bar and then met up with Debbie in the middle of the afternoon and we went to Brasserie Blanc for a late lunch.  I had the ham hock and pea rissotto as a starter, the sirloin of beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage and cauliflower cheese for my main, and the steamed chocolate sponge pudding for dessert, all with a glass of orange juice.  I then spent 4 hours in the Queen Elizabeth Hall enjoying the opera, and we got home just past 11, not feeling tired, and finally getting to bed past midnight.  You can see my photos from the opera here.

  1. Walk

Positives from this week – my running times are getting faster and I am putting more into the Drill.

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