Shineback New Album Listening Session

As many of you will know, David Elliott has set up the Bad Elephant Music record label, and, showing his lack of commercial acumen, has asked me to join him. I jumped at the chance for fame, fortune and world domination. Now all we have to do is release an album, and that is where Simon Godfrey, of Tinyfish, and his solo project, Shineback, comes in, because that will be our first release.
Simon is the creative genius behind Shineback, with lyrics from Robert Ramsay, also of Tinyfish, and Simon performs most of the album himself while surrounding himself with a stellar supporting cast – the aforementioned Robert Ramsay, Dec Burke, Matt Stevens, Andy Ditchfield, Henry Rogers, Hywel Bennett, Paul Worwood, Tamara Tanche, and the intriguing inclusion of Danny Claire. He was spending the first part of the weekend finishing the mixing with Tim Lawrie, who also worked on the Margaret’s Children album from Manning, and we (myself, David and Robert) were joining them on Sunday morning for a final listen through.
It came as no surprise to anyone that everything was not finalised by the time we had all arrived at The Crow’s Nest on the Sunday, so we left Simon to it and took ourselves off to the Common Cafe & Grill Restaurant

An all day breakfast beckons while we wait for perfection to be achieved back at The Crow's Nest

An all day breakfast beckons while we wait for perfection to be achieved back at The Crow’s Nest

for an all day breakfast of egg, bacon, sausage and beans, but no spam, with a mug of tea and some bread, while being overlooked by a misplaced deer.

Oh. Deer.

Oh. Deer.

We then moved on to The Railway while waiting for the white smoke.

David 'The Amazing Wilf' Elliott, Robert Ramsay and Tim 'Mouse' Lawrie

David ‘The Amazing Wilf’ Elliott, Robert Ramsay and Tim ‘Mouse’ Lawrie

When that was still not forthcoming we went back anyway, and I dropped Tim over to Tooting Broadway tube station so he could get to St Pancras for his coach back to Hell. Or was it Hull ? Hell, I think. By the time I got back to The Crow’s Nest things were almost nearly ready. A few tweaks here and there and we were prepared for a listen through over tea, although just before that was a historic moment as Simon signed his contract with BEM, so that is that, we are stuck with each other now.

Just crossing the X

Just crossing the X

We all took photos of the final computer screen

That's the Shineback album !

That’s the Shineback album !

and began our listening session at just after 3, first of all with a listen to everything all at once, and then once we had tea and sultana cake and Simon’s comment “I cannot quite believe this is going to happen after two years…”, to the real thing, because we are taking this very seriously, inbetween glowing comments on Yvette’s delicious cake.

Great mug, excellent cake.

Great mug, excellent cake.

We were focused, obviously. What I can say on a first listen to the finished article is that in a very good way this is not entirely the album you are all waiting for. While it does have Simon Godfrey written all over it, it goes way beyond that in a way which will fascinate and excite you. Then the computer crashed and we had to reboot to continue, which was beyond frustrating ! One other thing I will say is that if we still lived in the music world of the single then this album would easily have four singles which could be drawn from it, which for me demonstrates the quality of the songwriting on display.  Sometime between 4 and 5 o’clock we were finished.  Simon still has a few minor tweaks to do tomorrow and then the album will be sent off to Dominique Brethes at Wolf Studios to be mastered, and we at BEM will be working with Nellie at The Merch Desk to set up the pre-order process.  More about that when it is ready.  Exciting times !

And that's a wrap !

And that’s a wrap !

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  1. roger says:

    want now.

  2. I have a Shineback-shaped slot reserved on a future edition of Progzilla! B->

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