Across The Andes By Prog (Sunday 23 October)

Well, this should be a ripping yarn.  Especially as I am typing on a Peruvian keyboard in the hotel and some of the symbols either do not exist, or are on other keys and not shown on the keys themselves, or have been erased through years of use.  But here we go.

I left the house at 0450 on the morning of Sunday 23 October and arrived at Heathrow Airport at 0530.  I was leaving from Terminal 3 and that means walking through the whole of duty free before getting to the Gates.  I was heading for Gate 27 for a flight to Madrid and looking for likely suspects to be part of my merry band of travellers.  I already knew Helena from the Treksmart course, but had no idea of any others or indeed of how many others.  As they called us to board I spotted Helena, and she had met up with Sally.  We took off at 0805, and not the scheduled 0720.

I had a fun iPod Shuffle setlist for the flight

OSI – Be The Hero
Rush – La Villa Strangiato
Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun
The Fat Lady Sings – Providence
Pure Reason Revolution – The Bright Ambassadors Of Morning
Gazpacho – Desert Flight
Larry Miller – Cruel Old World
Credo – The Ghosts Of Yesterday
UFO – Lights Out (live)
Peter Gabriel – The Rhythm Of The Heat
Jump – The Sniper
Crippled Black Phoenix – Fantastic Justice
The Tangent – The World We Drive Through (live)

It was not the best landing ever, and we arrived late at 1115 (Spanish tme), so they took us by bus to our connecting gates.  We were flying from Gate R7 and met up with Russ on the way there.  We took off at 1245 and the safety film seemed to be from the 70s…which made it not much older than the plane by the looks of things.  The one brilliant part was ´plane cam´, which muct have been attached to the tail and allowed us to watch the plane taxi and then take off.  A definite good point in my book.  And so I went to my iPod Shuffle while waiting for the movies

Lazuli – Laisse Courir
Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
Lazuli – Abime
Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath (live)
Tinyfish – Bad Weather Road
Godspeed You ! Black Emperor – Providence

The food arrived – bread and butter, pasta bows in olive oil with one black olive, risotto funghi con calabacia, an extra bread roll, a coca cola, and a little sponge cake.  It was tasty enough.  More music before the movies…

Matt Stevens – Burning Bandstands
Riverside – Hyperactive
Rush – Tom Sawyer
Rush – La Villa Strangiato
Magenta – Glitterball
Matt Stevens – Big Sky
Porcupine Tree – Anesthetize (live)
Rush – Changes
The Tangent – Where Are They Now ?
Lazuli – Les Malveillants

And finally the movies.  I wish they had not bothered.  The best part of Monte Carlo was right at the end and featured Machu Pichu – and featuring Machu Pichu was the only thing which made that scene any good.  I needed another coca cola afer that – it´s a meal in a can.  I was not expecting anything much from My Girlfriend´s Boyfriend after that, and I got what I expected.  Part way through we got a sandwich – salami and queso – and I had an orange juice.  The second movie was better than the first, but still…  There was now four and a half hours to go, and it was 1805 in the UK.  I found out Peru is 6 hours behind.  Some time for some music before the final movie.

Tinyfish – Nine Months On Fire (live)
OSI – Terminal
Larry Miller – Cruel Old World

And then the remake of Arthur.  It was worse than terrible.  I had a cup of water and a packet of biscuits while watching it.  They were the best bit.  Honestly, the movie was just rubbish – and not fit to be compared to the original.  And now we are just north of Brazil.

Von Hertzen Brother – Disciple Of The Sun
Riverside – Hybrid Times
John Dexter Jones And The Steven Twins – Bethesda
Lazuli – Laisse Courir
OSI – Terminal
King Crimson – The Sheltering Sky

Another sandwich – ham and cheese – a raspberry yoghurt, a sponge cake, a Kit Kat, and an orange juice.

Rush – La Villa Strangiato
IQ – Ryker Skies
Peter Gabriel – San Jacinto
Pure Reason Revolution – The Bright Ambassadors Of Morning
Tin Spirits – …And Go

And then, with 30 minutes to go on a flight which has lasted a good few hours, they brought round the immigration forms.

Steven Wilson – Deform To Form A Star

More plane cam as we landed – I love that !  And at 2245 UK time we came to a very smooth halt.  And on the oter side of customs we met Catherine and our guide for that evening.  We headed off to the Hotel Carmel in Miraflores, and the five of us went out to find something to eat and somewhere we could buy some water.

Hotel Carmel, Miraflores

Hotel Carmel, Miraflores

I had a delicious meal (although it was not the one I ordered) of grilled chicken, avocado salad and chips.  The chips very much tasted of potato, rather than of chips.  Then back to the hotel and sleep around 2130 Peru time, as we had to be up at 0400 the next morning.

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7 Responses to Across The Andes By Prog (Sunday 23 October)

  1. roger says:

    yay!! cheese and queso!

    have fun, brother!

  2. Blimey, this TEP ‘James In Peru’ special is going to be a bit long!

  3. jamesa says:

    It´s all right – I´ll do a Top 10 or something, but we will need to include something from Mike And The Mechanics. Or Take That.

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