The Wolf Run training : Week 2

Week 2, and it is probably too late for me to get back into it…

Monday 01 April 2013

We were back from our Easter break and I was still tired when I woke up so did not do the Drill or plank.  I have really lost my enthusiasm and need to find it before the weekend.  I can imagine how hard this Wolf Run is going to be.

Tuesday 02 April 2013

Again, I was too tired for the Drill this morning.  I was working from home and also went to Debbie’s bassoon recital at lunchtime, which you can read about in another blog, once I finish writing it.  I snacked through the day.

Wednesday 03 April 2013

Another tired start to the day and there are some work matters which are still getting to me, so I need to sort them out.  I am back in the office today and eventually got round to my usual morning routine.  I ate my usual three pots for lunchtime.  Bored with that.  I had some soup and crackers for dinner and did not feel like doing any exercise.

Thursday 04 April 2013

I woke up feeling grotty and blocked up, so I think I am fighting off a cold.  It is snowing in Northampton, and I am fed up with this cold weather.  I followed my usual morning routine in the office, had a yoghurt, granola and honey pot for lunchtime, went to the cinema in the evening and ate popcorn while watching Trance, and again had a day without exercise.

Friday 05 April 2013

I had to be in the office early this morning so left the house without doing the Drill or plank, and I will be seeing the Von Hertzen Brothers and Haken this evening, so this will be another day without exercise.  I followed my usual morning routine in the office while reading an email from the Wolf Run saying it will be cold this weekend, and maybe so cold that they will not be allowed to keep the lake swim in the course.  Anyway, it is too late to do anything more towards it, so I am being careful with my eating so that I feel good on the day and will take things from there.  I will need to kick things off again next week, and treat the Wolf Run as the impetus for that.  I had my usual pots for lunch.  Yes, in a rut.

Saturday 06 April 2013

I went to training this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks, and the session Christianne put me through really got me back into things.  Later in the morning we took a little walk around St Albans because the sun was out for possibly the first time this year, and because it was still sunny in the evening we took a walk down to the park, past the Cathedral, and you can see my photos from that here.

  1. Training
  2. Walk – 3 miles
  3. Walk – 3 miles

Sunday 07 April 2013 – Race Day !

You can read all about the race day and the race itself in my next blog.  After I got home we went out for a walk, over to Fleetville.

  1. Run (Leamington Spa) – 10km
  2. Walk – 2 miles

Positives from this week – I had a good break away from it all and I very much enjoyed getting back to doing some hiking.  My training session got my mind back into my fitness work and I will kick on next week.  For now, I had a Wolf Run to do.

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