Warrior Adrenaline Race training : Week 1

Week 1, and time to build on The Wolf Run…

Monday 08 April 2013

I loved the Wolf Run yesterday and had enjoyed a long night’s sleep after it.  You can read about my day here.  I woke up and my hips were aching, but the rest of me felt fine.  That is a good result, and I know what I need to work on – my flexibility, mobility and overall fitness.  I will look into some sort of circuit training and do need to get along to yoga on a regular basis.  And I need to get focused now because on 27 April I have the Warrior Arenaline Race, a 10km obstacle course on Dunstable Downs, and I will be expecting to beat my time from the Wolf Run.  I followed my usual morning routine in the office and had brought in my own lunch today, mainly because I had bought a couple of things in Marks & Spencer on Saturday and not got round to eating them, and I very much enjoyed the quinoa and edamame soya bean salad with a soy and ginger dressing.  I also ate a yoghurt, granola and honey pot from the office canteen, and I ate a banana later in the afternoon.  I still feel tired from yesterday.  In fact, by the time I got home I was feeling grotty, although I could not put my finger on why, precisely.  It felt like I was holding off a cold.  I snacked through the evening, eating houmous and crackers, and also took a walk with Debbie to her choir rehearsal, which, as usual, meant I walked there and back and then there and back again, while she walked there and back.  I’m doing something wrong there.

  1. Walk – 1 mile

Tuesday 09 April 2013

I woke up feeling much the same as I had the previous evening, even though I had gone to bed early, so I decided to work from home rather than driving for an hour to get into the office.  I took things easy and ate the soup of the month from the New Covent Garden Soup Co for lunch – baked potato with cheese and beans, which appears to be made up of water, baked potato, haricot beans and cheddar cheese, which is good, because I do like it when the ingredients match the label.  In the evening I had a Skype call in respect of Bad Elephant Music and Shineback matters, which you can read about here, and I ended up snacking on crackers with honey.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

I woke up with my body still aching across my back and shoulders.  I really do not think this is as a result of the weekend, and does feel like the pain I have felt when I have had flu in the past.  Even so, I went into the office and followed my usual morning routine.  I felt a lot better after I had sent out a couple of crucial letters, so maybe that had been weighing on my shoulders.  I went for a walk before lunch and when I got back into the office ate another of those small pots from Marks & Spencer, the nutty grain and vegetable salad with a soy and ginger dressing, which contained quinoa, black eyed beans, carrots, cooked spelt wheat, broccoli, peas, green beans, unsalted peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, coriander, pistachio nuts and poppy seeds.  I also ate a yoghurt, granola and honey pot from the office canteen.  And on my way home my car began to splutter badly, which did not set me up well for the weekend.  I was going to have to work from home tomorrow so that I could have it looked at.

  1. Walk – 1 mile

Thursday 11 April 2013

I had to take the car to be looked at and then spent the day working at my parents’ house so that I could get a lift back to my car when it was fixed.  This has not been my best week ever.  I had no time for exercise, or more likely I was not in the mood to make time for exercise, and in the evening after I had collected the car we went to the cinema to see Oblivion.  That did nothing for my mood.

Friday 12 April 2013

I had to travel up to Birmingham for a meeting which I thought would last for a couple of hours.  To be fair, my bit was done by then but I stayed on for the rest, which kept me there all day.  I picked up the children on the way home and in the evening downloaded my photos from The Wolf Run so I could complete my blog of the day, which you can read here.

Saturday 13 April 2013

I had training with Christianne this morning,which I really needed.  We did a lot of upper body work and it felt good.  I push on from here, for real.  Once I stop feeling so tired, which does seem to be something which is having an effect on my levels of motivation.  The children wanted to go to Pizza Express for lunch, which is not so great for me, so I just snacked through the evening.

  1. Training

Sunday 14 April 2013

I took Debbie to a step class in the morning and then walked down with the children to meet her afterwards, so we got to walk down Holywell Hill in St Albans and then back up it.  The children and I then went off to the Odeon cinema at the Hatfield Galleria to see a showing of The War Of The Worlds from the O2 from December 2012, which was great fun.  I had taken my son to see it at Wembley Arena on that tour and you can see my photos from that evening here.  When I got back from dropping them home I went for a run, just doing one lap to get back into things.  There has been a real sea change in my running over the last 6 months.  I am not feeling great at the moment and can still run at around 10 minutes per mile pace, and I do not need to walk during my runs or feel like I need to stop.  This is great, and does give me a good base to work from.  I do need to work from that over the next two weeks, having said that.  In the evening I ate a king prawn red thai curry from The City Kitchen.  Next week I will be stricter with my diet and with the exercise.

  1. Run (home) – 2.3 miles – 23 minutes 20 seconds

Positives from this week – I am not sure there are any, although I brought it to an end with a determination to do better.

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