Bad Elephant Music update number 1

I probably need to think up a better title for this (possibly weekly) series of blogs about the fabulous new record label Bad Elephant Music.  Although, clearly, there is nothing wrong in simply having them Count one after the other.  Any and all suggestions will be considered, unless they come from Catherine, because she will just be rude or horrid or more likely both, so please leave them in the Comments section on here.  Anyway, my intention with this series of blogs is to keep you up to date with all the happenings at BEM, and with all the happenings around our ever-growing roster of artistes.  You call it spam, I call it essential information.

Bad Elephant Music

We have a new website !  It looks very good, and many thanks must go to Mr. Robert Ramsay for that.  Thank you, Robert.  Go and have a look now !  You can find it here.


Simon Godfrey has left the country.  Hopefully he has taken a big pile of these with him

Shiny shinies from Shineback

Shiny shinies from Shineback

Simon is heading over to Philadelphia to meet up with Stacy, and that most glamourous Prog couple will be gracing RoSfest with their presence.  I wish I could be there with them.  Well, not with them, because I doubt I would be a welcome gooseberry, but I do wish I could be at RoSfest with some wonderful friends and yet another stunning lineup to enjoy.  The good thing, from a BEM point of view, is that Simon’s presence there should prompt a few more pre-orders of the Shineback album, because people will do anything to get him to go away and leave them alone.  He will be back in time for Celebr8.2, so if you would prefer him to not be playing his solo acoustic set, get pre-ordering now.  I do not need to wish about being at Celebr8.2 because I know for sure I will be there, enjoying their own stunning lineup, although, hopefully, avoiding any more of this

You can pre-order the Shineback album from The Merch Desk at their website here.

The Fierce And The Dead

The Fierce And The Dead (or TFATD as they are known to anyone with RSI) are heading into the studio in May, provided someone at BEM gets round to booking the studio.  No flaws in that plan at all.  They are going in over the weekend of Celebr8.2, but somehow Matt Stevens will also be performing at Celebr8.2 after he stole the show last year.  So if the album comes out with a few gaps in the sound you will know who to blame.  If we are nice to TFATD they might let us into the studio to get a glimpse at how they go about their business, and if they do then you know I will write a blog about it, you lucky people.  And just announced earlier today is their appearance at the excellent Danfest in Leicester over the Friday and Saturday, 22 and 23 of November.  That festival already has Comedy Of Errors, Hekz! and Godsticks on the bill, so Danny Mayo is putting together a spectacular and varied event – post-rock, neo-prog, classic rock and some avant garde for starters !

That’s all for now – see you here next week !

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