Bad Elephant Music update number 2

Thank you for all the suggestions for a new title for this series of blogs.  You will see it has not changed.  Anyway, here is more spam essential information for you about the world of BEM.

Bad Elephant Music

I enjoyed a team-building (partial) weekend in the Brecon Beacons last weekend, which you can read about here.  No-one else from the record company was there, which made it all the better.  Mouse has received his business cards.

Job title : Mouse

Job title : Mouse

One of these days we will pay him, but not until his joy at having business cards has disappeared – that is payment enough for now.  Yes, it is a slow news week for BEM the record label, but fear not as we have much to announce about the artistes !


Simon Godfrey has still left the country.  He took some equipment with him

Magic in a box

Magic in a box

and is doing music stuff while he is away, including some mixing on the forthcoming album from The Gift (and more about them later…).  He is also posting song notes from the Shineback album on his facebook profile.  He will still be back in time for Celebr8.2, which means too few of you have pre-ordered the Shineback album to persuade us to leave him in the USA.  So you will be able to see him perform on the acoustic stage at Celebr8.2 on Sunday 12 May from 1900 until 1930.  He may also play some music.

In my next BEM update I should have some exciting news about a download single from the Shineback album.

You can pre-order the Shineback album from The Merch Desk at their website here.

The Fierce And The Dead

TFATD have been confirmed to play on the evening of Friday 22 November at Danfest in Leicester, along with Godsticks and DeeExpus.  That sounds like essential viewing to us.

As well as playing two acoustic sets at Celebr8.2 on Sunday 12 May (the first from 1330 until 1400, and the second with Andy Tillison from 1700 until 1730 (which promises to be something special)), Matt Stevens of TFATD has some support gigs lined up, and I will tell you about them next time.

The Gift

We are very pleased to announce that The Gift have been added to the bill for Danfest and will be playing on Saturday 23 November.  Comedy Of Errors and Hekz! will also be playing on that day, with two more bands yet to be announced.  So you can expect to see BEM out in force at the festival, you lucky people.

That’s all for now – see you here next week !

(need to Test For Echo)

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