Warrior Adrenaline Race training : week 3

Week 3, and time for a final push…

Monday 22 April 2013

I got into the office and followed my usual morning routine, and should have brought my running kit into the office with me today because I felt fine for a run.  As it was, the exercise I got was walking to and from Debbie’s choir rehearsal.

  1. Walk – 4.8 miles

Tuesday 23 April 2013

I was giving a presentation to our internal Finance Managers’ Convention which was being held at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham, so that took up the whole of my day.  You can see my photographs of some of the motorcycles here.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

I still have not got round to either the Drill or plank this week yet.  I got into the office and followed my usual morning routine, and am looking forward to a run at lunchtime.  The weather was calm, not too hot, and I was disappointed with the time I managed for 3 miles, though it says a lot about where I have managed to get to when I am disappointed with a 10 minute per mile time.  I lost a lot of time in the second half of the run.  I drank some milk when I got back into the office, and was back on the pots of tuna, cheese and yoghurt with granola and honey for lunch.  In a worrying development, the underneath of my right heel felt tender as I walked about the office in the afternoon.  I had felt a niggle as I was running, but thought I had run it off by the end of the 3 miles, so now I will have to see if it goes away.  I ate a flapjack and an apple during the afternoon.

  1. Run (work) – 3 miles –  30 minutes  45 seconds

Thursday 25 April 2013

I have an all-day management course at work today, which is the third day of four and should be interesting.  One of the instructors knows Pen y Fan, so I am hoping we will have some time to discuss my walking exploits from the weekend, and also discuss some other routes.  Except he was not one of the instructors for this particular day.  The lunch break was not long enough to allow me to go for a run, so I sat down to eat some mushroom stroganoff with rice instead.  I snacked in the evening.

Friday 26 April 2013

I got into the office and followed my usual morning routine, and then at lunchtime I ran an easy lap, just to keep myself as loose as possible heading into tomorrow.  I ate a yoghurt and granola pot for lunch.  It seemed to be lacking in honey.  We went for a walk when I got home and I ate a City Kitchen king prawn red thai curry for dinner, and then just took it easy.

  1. Run (work) – 1.5 miles – 14 minutes 29 seconds
  2. Walk – 4 miles

Saturday 27 April 2013 – Race Day !

This is it – the day of the Warrior Adrenaline Race.  10k of obstacles run over Dunstable Downs, and I set off at 10am.  You can read all about it in my race blog, so I will not spoil the surprise here.

I love the smell of Dunstable Downs in the morning

I love the smell of Dunstable Downs in the morning

  1. Run (Dunstable Downs) – 10km

Sunday 28 April 2013

I was taking it easy after the race yesterday, and Debbie had a hurt back so we decided to hold off on going for a walk.  We will get in some walking next weekend instead.  We did go shopping and bought a set of dumbbells, so I reckon I got some weight training in carrying them back to the car.  I snacked through the day and ate soup with an egg in the evening.

Positives from this week – I got some runs in and did not feel any effects from my walking over last weekend.  I enjoyed the Warrior Adrenaline Race and will be back for the next one !  Now I have to concentrate on the St Albans half-marathon in June.

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