Bad Elephant Music update number 3

Or…Catherine Told Me Off For The First One.

Bad Elephant Music

WAR !  What is it good for ?  Well, it was good exercise for me.

I love the smell of Dunstable Downs in the morning

I love the smell of Dunstable Downs in the morning


Simon Godfrey has still left the country.  He claims he is in the USA.  Our sources suggest he is actually getting up to his old tricks on Mars.

The chances of anyone drawing on Mars...

The chances of anyone drawing on Mars…

He is posting song notes from the Shineback album on his facebook profile if you would like to get a greater insight into where he is coming from with his writing.  Earlier today he wrote about Faultlines, which he describes as “probably the most ‘Tinyfish’ song on the record”.  He will be back in time for Celebr8.2, so you will be able to see him perform on the acoustic stage on Sunday 12 May from 1900 until 1930, and he has been rehearsing which means he may also play some music.  In fact, he played two songs at World Cafe’s open mic night in Philadelphia on Monday, so he should be finely tuned by the time he arrives at Celebr8.2.  And we can now tell you that the cd which forms part of the Celebr8.2 programme will feature an exclusive edit of the track Fears Aren’t Toys from the debut Shineback album, Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed.  The track features the most excellent Dec Burke and this edit will not be legally available anywhere else ever, so make sure you get hold of a copy of the programme before they sell out.

There will also be a download single from the Shineback album !  We will be releasing Passengers as a free download on 6 May.  Yes, I did say free.  No doubt some plonker will still put it up on a torrent site, even though we are offering it for free.  Watch the Shineback facebook page for more details of that free download.  Did I mention it is free ?  So you can tell all your friends and encourage them to listen to it.  For free.

You should not forget that the I Have Good Days, I Have Bad Days download track is only available if you pre-order the Shineback album.  It will not ever be available from any other legal sources once pre-orders close.  You can pre-order the Shineback album from The Merch Desk at their website here.

The Fierce And The Dead

Last time I said I would tell you about a support gig which Matt Stevens of TFATD has lined up, and it is rather special because he is on the bill with Tin Spirits and Sanguine Hum at The Borderline in London on 7 June.  I will see you there.

The Gift

We’re back to that Godfrey fellow again.  One other thing he is doing while he is away is working on the mix for The Willows by The Gift.  We will let you know more about that process when he gets back to this country.

Right, I am off to see Pendragon in Leamington tomorrow, so say hello if you see me – I’ll be the one in the Pendragon tshirt.  Possibly arriving by zip line

Geronimo !

Geronimo !

That’s all for now – see you here next week !

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