Bad Elephant Music update number 4

Is everyone excited about Celebr8.2, or is it just me ?!

I think Robert is happy

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Robert Fripp and Mrs. Toyah Wilcox.  Oh. Dear.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Robert Fripp and Mrs. Toyah Wilcox. Oh. Dear.

Bad Elephant Music

Many of you have been asking where the name Bad Elephant Music came from, and I am happy to confirm it is not just a product of The Amazing Wilf’s sordid imagination.  It comes from an episode of the most excellent Ivor The Engine when a circus elephant was told off for being naughty, a scene which always reduced the Elliott household to tears of laughter.  So let us take you back to happy memories of your childhood, for we are the comfort food of record labels.


If you took one of the Shineback flyers I was handing out at last week’s Pendragon gig in Leamington Spa, then many thanks.

Have I mentioned that Simon was at RoSfest ?

Where's Artie Fufkin when you need him ?

Where’s Artie Fufkin when you need him ?

Simon will be at Celebr8.2, performing on the acoustic stage on Sunday 12 May from 1900 until 1930, and we should just remind you that the cd which forms part of the Celebr8.2 programme will feature an exclusive edit of the track Fears Aren’t Toys from the debut Shineback album, Rise Up Forgotten, Return Destroyed.  The track features the most excellent Dec Burke on lead guitar and this edit will not be legally available anywhere else ever, so make sure you get hold of a copy of the programme before they sell out.  You can purchase a copy from The Merch Desk now, by clicking here.

The track Passengers was released as a free download on 6 May.



You can get it here and it will not cost you a penny.  You’re very welcome.

One of our favourite podcasts celebrated its 100th pod (?) cast (?) show last weekend, and to help with those celebrations we allowed A.J. Giordano of Experiments In Mass Appeal to premiere the track Crush Culture.  You can hear the podcast here.

And if that is not enough for you, then Tim Lawrie has put together an album teaser sampler for you on Soundcloud, which you can hear here.

And if listening to the music is not sufficient to persuade you to rush out and pre-order the album, then how would you like to read the first review we have received ?  You would ?  Good, because I thought you would, and I have the link to the review right here.

You should not forget that the I Have Good Days, I Have Bad Days download track is only available if you pre-order the Shineback album. It will not ever be available from any other legal sources once pre-orders close. You can pre-order the Shineback album from The Merch Desk at their website here.

The Fierce And The Dead

TFATD are going into the studio on Friday and BEM will be there to bring you a special report.  Excited ?  You should be !  It will almost make up for David not inviting me along to the curry he shared with them on Tuesday.  I expect he will say my invite was lost in the post.

I bet they had a tandoori mixed grill

I bet they had a tandoori mixed grill

Looking more closely at that photo, either we have gone into production of Indian menus, or that is a signed contract…

And do not forget that Matt Stevens is also managing to fit some appearances at Celebr8.2 into his recording schedule.  We are not quite sure how, but he assures us the plan is sound.  He will be rocking the acoustic stage on Sunday 12 May from 1330 until 1400, and then again from 1700 until 1730 with the newest member of Frost*, Mr. Andy Tillison !

The Gift

We’re back to that Godfrey fellow again. One other thing he is doing while he is away is working on the mix for The Willows by The Gift, which will feature on their album, Land Of Shoadows.  We will let you know more about that process when he gets back to this country.

That’s all for now – see you here next week !

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4 Responses to Bad Elephant Music update number 4

  1. Mo Hammond says:

    Love it….’the comfort food of record labels’. Would that be curry by any chance? Hope that chap Simon finds some friends soon.

  2. David says:

    I didn’t send you an invite because you never come – you’re always washing your hair, or you have to look after the hamsters or some such.

  3. Actually, James, you were sent three invites, you wrote two more yourself, and then turned up at a different restaurant a week last Thursday.

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