St Albans Half-Marathon training : Week 3

Week 3, and after a frustrating week with only one run, I still need to get a long run in…

Monday 13 May 2013

It had been a long weekend, even if I had spent most of it just standing around.  I knew it was going to be a long, hard, busy day in the office so just stuck to my normal routine in terms of eating and drinking and waited for it to be over.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

I was too tired to do anything in the morning and had another busy day ahead of me, so I got myself to the office, got my head down and followed my normal routine, before going out into the overcast day for a run at lunchtime.  The run felt really good and my time was good enough after not running very much last week.  In the evening I had another pot of the laksa soup for dinner, with a boiled egg.

  1. Run (work) – 3 miles – 29 minutes 03 seconds

Wednesday 15 May 2013

I was late getting up and had to rush off to work, so again no Drill or plank.  I had my bootcamp session with Regiment Fitness in the evening, so that would make up for being lazy in the morning.  I followed my usual routine and was feeling good about a run at lunchtime.  The weather had gone downhill, so it was cold and wet when I set off, but I had decided to do a Fartlek run today, which should keep me warm.  And it turned out to be my best run yet, which was very pleasing, and made me really think about how my fitness level has gone up recently.  I have only been to a few sessions, but I am sure Regiment Fitness has a lot to do with that, which leads me nicely into the evening’s session.

Once again we started off with a dynamic warm-up, featuring many changes of directions and movements involving all parts of the body, plus some counting, which is always an added challenge during exercise. The circuits this week involved zig-zagging from one post to the next, carrying out either 20, 15 or 10 reps of each exercise at each post (although at times that changed to 30 reps), with one type of exercise at each of the three yellow posts and a different type of exercise at each of the three orange posts, then sprint back to the start.  We began with squats then raising the knees to opposite elbows at the yellow posts, and power jumps at the orange posts; then press ups with the right hand forward at the yellow posts, and press ups with the left hand forward at the orange posts; then leg raises while lying our backs at the yellow posts, and sit ups at the orange posts (which was 30 reps); then mountaineers (which I am finding much easier these days) at the yellow posts, and high knee jumps at the orange posts, and this time on the return we finished off with frog jumps. We stayed in one group for the boxing this week, standing in two straight lines, with straight arm punching first and then upper cuts, and finishing off with punching from a sit up position.  We moved on to a tyre relay, just picking the tyre up and placing it the other side of another, which meant lots of short, sharp sprints with a lift inbetween, and the non-winning teams had to do a minute of plank as a forfeit.  Next we did a jerry can pushing relay, which was good fun for me, though I may have pushed it a bit hard because I was wasted by the end of it, and the non-winning teams got bastard burpees as a forfeit, which is not just me swearing, but is a burpee incorporating a press up.  We finished off with a run over to a bench at the side of the park before a gentle warm down. It was another excellent and fun session, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

I ate a couple of boiled eggs when I got home.

  1. Run (work) – 3 miles (Fartlek) – 28 minutes 14 seconds
  2. Training – 1 hour

Thursday 16 May 2013

I was going to a seminar at Cranfield University today so got in my Drill and over a minute of plank in the morning.  I need to make sure I keep that up.  One really good thing about this seminar was the amount of fruit they had available with the food, which makes a pleasant change from some of the things I go to.  I took a few photos while I was there, which you can see here.  I snacked on granola and muesli in the evening.

  1. Drill
  2. Plank

Friday 17 May 2013

I woke up intending to take a long run today, but work got in the way of that again.  I did make sure I did my Drill and over a minute of plank, just snacked through the day, and then in the late afternoon I had my personal training session with Christianne.  It has been some time since the last one, so while I was working out we took the opportunity to catch up and I told her about climbing Pen y Fan and running the Warrior Adrenaline Race, which was not as easy as it sound while I was swinging kettlebells and curling dumbells.  It was a good little workout.  I got home and Debbie had baked the most delicious bread, so I just had to eat some even though I should not.  I had it with some butternut squash soup and a boiled egg.  And then later on I snacked on granola and muesli, which I really need to stop doing.

  1. The Drill
  2. Plank
  3. Training – 1 hour

Saturday 18 May 2013

I woke up and ate a pot of Oats So Simple before heading out for a run.  I was disappointed with how it went because my first mile was about 9 minutes, by 2.3 miles I was at 10 minutes per mile pace, which continued through 3 miles, and then I brought in the 4.4 miles in 48 minutes and 11 seconds, which is dropping down to 11 minutes per mile pace.  I will be going for a longer run tomorrow, so will see how that goes.

  1. Run (home) – 4.4 miles – 48 minutes 11 seconds
  2. The Drill
  3. Plank

Sunday 19 May 2013

I went to the Regiment Fitness session this morning and had another really enjoyable time.  We started off warming up in a line, going through a number of dynamic movements while running towards the instructor and then backwards away from him, and a quick run over to a bench on the far side of the field to finish off.  Then we had a different circuit to Wednesday evening, running in a figure of 8 which took in 6 stations.  We began with a run around the figure of 8, then squats (10) at each of the stations, then press ups (20), then sit ups (15), and finally jump squats (5) while carrying a log with a partner, and some plank inbetween each set while we waited for everyone to finish.  I may have forgotten something in there, but I am way too tired to remember.  Then we split into two groups, and for the first session I was working in a group of three with a log, starting with timed press ups with our hands on the log, then 10 sit ups while holding the log, then leg raises while lying down holding the log, then 10 shoulder raises of the log in a kneeling position, then 10 shoulder raises of the log in a squatting position, and we finished off 10 with timed squats; the second session was boxing with a partner, straight arm punching, then sitting on the floor and punching upwards, then holding in the press up position with the gloves still on, before running over to that bench again.  We finished off with a big lap of the field, taking in 10 press ups, plank and some variations on plank, 15 burpees, and a sprint to bring it all in.  It was a different warm down, mostly from a sitting position, which was interesting.  Another excellent and full hour.

I was too tired after that training session to do a long run.  In the afternoon the weather was good so we took a walk out to Ivinghoe Beacon, which you can read about here.

The green Chilterns

The green Chilterns

  1. The Drill
  2. Plank
  3. Training – 1 hour
  4. Walk

Positives from this week – the runs I did manage to get in felt good, and I am really enjoying the bootcamp sessions.

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