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This week 0n The Seventh House radio show, Steve Swayne will air his second interview conducted at RoSfest and it features Simon Godfrey (you know, him out of Tinyfish and Shineback).  They will be discussing his first solo project, as well as how one comes up with a band name (among other things).  I am told it is a great interview, so tune in !  Steve will be airing the interview with Simon on his program on Friday 17th May, at around the one hour fifteen minute mark (about 9:15pm eastern time US).  He will be playing a couple of Shineback songs, as well as one from The Big Red Spark by Tinyfish.

You can hear it all on the Tenacity Radio Network

Steve appreciates that is real late to listen live over in England so he will very kindly be uploading the program to these two sites and  He is also going to upload just the interview portion as well, if people just want to listen to that portion (it will be bookended with the Shineback songs).

Sounds way too good to miss !  And no-one would ever want to miss Simon Godfrey, would they…

Where's Artie Fufkin when you need him ?

Where’s Artie Fufkin when you need him ?

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