Bad Elephant Music update number 6

Bad Elephant Music

It has been all go at BEM since Phil the Duck stole the show at Celebr8.2.

He went that way...

He went that way…

Contract negotiations are ongoing and we hope to have some very good news on that front soon.  In the meantime, one of us was corporately entertained at the Eric Clapton gig at the Royal Albert Hall, while I went to Warrington.


Simon Godfrey’s support slot to Phil the Duck appears to have gone down a storm with the Celebr8.2 acoustic stage crowd.  I was looking back through the photos I took (usual rubbish standard) and was pleased to see just how packed the place was.

Mostly definitely a crowd, not an audience...

Mostly definitely a crowd, not an audience…

And, yes, that is Alan Reed down at the front.  And Catherine in a Tinyfish tshirt that some kind soul must have brought back from RoSfest for her.  I am sure you will want to read about the Sunday at Celebr8.2 if you were not there, and you can find my review of it here.

The Simon Godfrey interview with Steve Swayne is now available for listening or downloading here.  The interview was conducted with Simon on 5 May 2013 at the Rites of Spring Festival (RoSFest) in Gettysburg, PA, USA.  This segment of Steve’s brilliant show contains the interview, as well as two songs from Shineback.

The track Passengers was released as a free download on 6 May.



You can still get it here and it will not cost you a penny. You’re still very welcome.  Please feel free to let us know what you think about it.  Or you could go and take a listen to what Ian Fairholm has to say about it in Episode 102 of his excellent Epileptic Gibbon podcast – you will find it here.

Do not forget that co-producer Tim Lawrie has put together an album teaser sampler for you on Soundcloud, which you can hear here.

You should also not forget that the I Have Good Days, I Have Bad Days download track is only available if you pre-order the Shineback album. It will not ever be available from any other legal sources once pre-orders close. You can pre-order the Shineback album from The Merch Desk at their website here.

The Fierce And The Dead

TFATD played a gig in London last night.  I was driving back from Warrington as it happened.  No, I am not disappointed in the slightest to know that I missed a gig which everyone is raving about.  Excuse me while I punch a wall.  Apparently the new tracks sounded brilliant.  All five of them !  Someone get me another wall !

As you know, Matt Stevens also managed to fit in some appearances at Celebr8.2 on the acoustic stage on the Sunday, a solo set and an absolutely brilliant duet with Mr. Andy Tillison of The Tangent, both of which I covered in my review of the Sunday here.

Andy to the rescue !

Andy to the rescue !

The Gift

There have been emails.  There will be a curry.  There will be photos.  There will be more news.  There will be a blog.  There may be an end to the intrigue.  Or there may not.

That’s all for now – see you here next week !

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