I have the children with me for a few days because it is their half-term holiday, so as the weather decided to stay fine today, I in turn decided that we would go for a walk.  I did not want to be taking them too far as my daughter would not hesitate to let me know that it was too far, so I chose a route in Great Kimble from the Crimson Short Walks guidebook which was listed as being 2 miles.  The thing is, Endomondo said it had been 3.6 miles after we had walked it.

We started at Little Kimble train station, which has free parking, but only about four spaces.  We turned right away from the station, taking an enclosed path which runs alongside the railway line, and carrying straight on through fields



until another enclosed path took us to steps which lead up to a road.  We turned right, crossing the railway bridge, then immediately turned left to go down another set of steps and walked alongside the railway line again.  We carried straight on until we reached a stile which led to a crossing over the railway line, took that and then turned right into the next field, crossed to the far corner and took a clear path towards the right-hand edge of a red-brick house.  There were signs up saying that dogs must be kept on a lead (and children kept under control) because of horses, so it was somewhat surprising to be met at the final stile by a barking dog off its lead from the house once we reached it.  The children were less than happy about this, but I could see the dog had less bite than Suarez so I led him away as they crossed the stile, and we made our way up the driveway to the A4010 main road.

Having crossed the road we took a track off to the right which led us to Cadsdean Road, where we turned left and followed the road until we found a sign for the Ridgeway to the left, and we went up the long flight of steps.  Apparently, the very long flight of steps.  We found more fields at the top, and some lovely views.

Another stunning view of the Chilterns

Another stunning view of the Chilterns

We kept straight ahead on the Ridgeway, skirting around the base of Pulpit Hill, enjoying the sight of red kites hovering above us, although hopefully not targetting us.

Red kite

Red kite

We crossed the open pasture, went down a slope and then back up again, to go through a gate and reach a sunken bridleway, which we followed to the left.  The bridleway is flanked by trees and was a very pleasant way to take us back to the A4010.

We turned right and walked past St Nicholas’ Church, from the 14th-century,

St Nicholas' Church

St Nicholas’ Church

turning left down Church Lane when we reached the Bernard Arms, which has been visited by a number of Prime Ministers, including John Major, who brought Boris Yeltsin, the Russian President, along with him.  We reached Great Kimble School and turned right on to a track which took us back into fields, and by carrying straight ahead we came back to the path which had led us away from Little Kimble station.  It had been a nice walk in the sun and more to the point the children would sleep well tonight, and hopefully not wake up so early tomorrow morning.

You can see more of my photos from the walk here.

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