Wolf Run (September) training : Week 1

Week 1, for I am not sure what yet…probably the Wolf Run in September, unless something else comes up before then.

I ran the St Albans Half-Marathon on Sunday 9 June, but judging by the viewing figures on here most of you seem to have missed that.  I ran 13.1 miles so that I could write a blog which features photos of me in agony, so feel free to go and read it here.

Feeling it now

Feeling it now

Monday 10 June 2013

I was working from home to allow my legs to recover from the St Albans Half-Marathon without having to go through two hours of driving, so I started off with some muesli.  I need to keep things going even though I do not now have anything coming up in the near future.  I will be away in France for The Fan Dance Summer edition, so will have to postpone that until the Winter edition, which is frustrating but unavoidable.  The next event I have coming up is The Wolf Run on Sunday 8 September, and I will put together a running training programme towards that.  It is a 10km run so I can concentrate on improving my speed over that distance, rather than putting in longer runs (which have proved impossible to factor into my recent schedule anyway), and can have a go at some hill run training.  I will also keep going with the general fitness work.  It should be an interesting summer.

We went swimming in the mid-morning for 35 minutes, which felt good on my legs.  I ate a late lunch of chicken miso with a hard-boiled egg, and a passion fruit live gourmet yoghurt.  I should look into nutrition more closely over the next couple of months.

I decided to go along to the Regiment Fitness evening session in Welwyn Garden City in the evening, and as with last week it was another big group who turned up.  We started with a warm up, staying in the group.  This evening’s circuit was initially three exercises working down from 10 repetitions to doing 1 of each, with a running square lap inbetween each set of three.  We started with press ups, sit ups, and squats.  As an added bit of fun the final side of the square run was lemur style, running on our toes with our hands also on the ground.  The second set of exercises was working down from 6 repetitions of each, and featured burpees, mountaineers, and squat jumps.  There was no lemur run this time.  We then split into two groups, and I started with the boxing, first of all in the sit up position doing singles, then a set of 20 punches, back to singles and then a set of 30, and back to singles before a set of 50.  We moved on to standing straight punches and finished with standing upper cuts.  The groups swapped over and we ran relays with four sets of 15 jerry can upward rows, and then a tyre carry for just two goes.  We closed off that group section in a circle working for two minutes doing press ups followed by burpees, starting with one of each and taking it up in singles.  I managed to get up to 6 of each.  The warm down brought another excellent session to a close and I felt stretched in all the right places after yesterday’s half-marathon.

I got home and ate a red lentil and chilli soup, with two boiled eggs, then walked to the top of town to meet up with Debbie after her rehearsal.

  1. Swim – 35 minutes
  2. Training – 1 hour
  3. Walk – 1 mile

Tuesday 11 June 2013

I was in the office again and following my usual morning routine, which is a pot of Oat So Simple, a cup of milk and a fizzy vitamin C drink with my various supplements.  The weather has taken a turn for the worse, so I shall see if it is still raining when I go out for my lunchtime run.  I drank water during the morning but forgot to eat my banana.  The weather was holding when I got outside and I pushed myself through 3 miles in 29 minutes and 42 seconds, and felt good at the end of it.  I drank a cup of milk when I got back inside, and ate a Waitrose nutty rice salad together with an Activia honey breakfast pot.  In the evening I ate a French onion soup with some king prawns and a couple of hard-boiled eggs, one chicken egg and one duck egg.

  1. Run (work) – 3 miles – 29 minutes 42 seconds

Wednesday 12 June 2013

I woke up tired and with some tender feeling still in my hips and the front of my right knee.  I decided to give the Drill a miss, but still put in over a minute of plank.  I got into the office and followed my usual morning routine, remembering to eat my banana today.  It had hailed as I drove up to work in the morning, but by the time I was setting off for my run the weather had settled and it was overcast.  My legs felt heavy and by the time I had finished my first lap, of my proposed two, my right knee was telling me to cut it short, and I followed that advice.  There will be a lot more to come over the next 13 weeks, as the training plan I am putting together shows.  I am basing it around an 8-week running schedule towards a 10k race, will extend it out by another 5 weeks (including this week), and add in at least three general training sessions each week, which will usually be my training with Christianne plus sessions with Regiment Fitness.  I will also have my walks and anything I do at home on top of that, and I still want to work some yoga into my schedule.  I got in from my demi-run and drank a cup of milk before eating a couscous and olive salad and an Activia breakfast pot after I took my shower.  We went to the cinema when I got home, so I ate popcorn, of course.

  1. Plank
  2. Run (work) – 1.5 miles – 14 minutes 20 seconds

Thursday 13 June 2013

I woke up and got back into the Drill and over a minute of plank.  These will be extra bits in my training schedule and so it is worth keeping that routine going.  As I was doing the Drill I was thinking I would like to get back to doing more sit ups each day, which is something I did when I started getting back to fitness back in 2011.  I got into the office and followed my normal morning routine, although I will not be going for a run today.  I will have training later, though.  As I did not have a run planned I ate an apple instead of a banana during the morning.  The thing is, I have no idea if that actually makes any difference.  I do need to look into the nutrition side of things.  Although probably not until after I have finished a lunchtime business meeting involving curry, where I saved the day by going with the tandoori chicken and rice, so it could have been far worse.

I decided to do another session with Regiment Fitness and there was another massive group at Welwyn this evening.  Looking up at the dark clouds in the sky I wondered if the rain was going to be joining us.  We warmed up running in a circle before moving on to another different circuit.  This one was based around a square, with the people on each side of the square doing a specific exercise for 45 seconds before moving on to the next side of the square.  The first set was diamond press ups (working the triceps), clapping press ups, downward press ups working on the shoulders (pretty much in a downward dog position), and then running over to the far side of the field and back to the square.  The second set worked on the core with half sit ups, dorsal raises, sitting up to grab the ankles, and then running over to the far side of the field and back to the square, dropping on to the stomach, then running to the other side of the square and repeating on the way back.  The third and final set was more dynamic, starting with burpees, squat star jumps, lunges, and the run had a squat jump in the middle of it.  It was the sort of circuit I enjoy.  We split into two groups and I had boxing first, which was following instructions to either punch straight, punch upper cuts, drop to the ground and stand up again, punch in sets, punch from the sit up position, before we finished with 150 straight punches from a squat position.  It was a good fun twist to the boxing session.  We moved to the other group and in teams of four ran a relay over to a pile of two tyres, moved one tyre over to a cone to the left, then moved the other tyre on top of it, before moving that tyre back to where it came from and moving the first tyre so it was on top of the other.  And we repeated that four times.  We then split into groups of five, four of us forming a circle and the one on the outside trying to tag one of the four as the circle turned to prevent that.  Our circle managed to keep from being tagged all three times we ran it.  We finished off with squats as the boxing group came to a close.  Then they decided to do the Regiment Run.  There is a track around the outside of the field and we ran it.  I have no idea how long it is, but I do know I ran it in 1 minute and 57 seconds.  I will see if I can beat that time the next time we run it.  We warmed down and I set off for home and snacked as I had eaten at lunchtime.  The rain had held off.

  1. The Drill
  2. Plank
  3. Training – 1 hour

Friday 14 June 2013

I pushed it on the 2-minute Drill this morning, so now I am up to 50 crunches, 40 cross sit ups (20 on each side), 30 press ups, high knee raising for 15 seconds, side to side hops for 15 seconds, 20 jumping jacks, 20 prisoner squats, 60 mountain climbers (30 on each leg) and 20 bodyweight thrusters.  So it is taking a little longer than 2 minutes.  If you want some more detail on each of the exercises you can find it here.  I also did over a minute of plank and should be able to take that up to a minute and half now.  I got into the office and followed my usual routine.  I am not sure how the day is going to play out, so I brought my kit in just in case I can manage a run at lunchtime.  Which is what happened, so fortunately I had eaten my banana during the morning.  It was slightly sunny and close outside, with a threat of rain, and that made it quite humid to run in.  I am viewing what I do for the next few weeks as an extra leading into the proper 8-week training schedule I will follow, so whenever I can get out is a bonus, although it would be good if my hips would finally loosen up after the half-marathon.  I ran three miles in 29 minutes and 27 seconds, which is good enough for now.  I drank a cup of milk when I got back into the office and ate a Middle Eastern spiced wild rice salad from Waitrose (and I do like their little salad pots) with an Activia breakfast pot.  I ate a couple of apples through the afternoon.

I have also started planning a Micro Adventure for next Friday and you can read more about my initial plans here.

What I will be carrying

What I will be carrying

  1. The Drill
  2. Plank
  3. Run (work) – 3 miles – 29 minutes 27 seconds

Saturday 15 June 2013

I went to training with Christianne in the morning, and we discussed what I had done recently, what other training I was doing, what I was working towards, and what would work best in my sessions with her.  We decided that working on my core would be key, and that anything involving weights would be useful because I do not specifically lift weights otherwise.  For me, though, I like to leave it up to her, to see what she comes up with, because she is always coming up with new ideas and in the time I have been training with her since May 2011 they have always been beneficial.  Today we worked the core hard in a number of different exercises and then moved on to some weight work on the arms.  It felt good.

I have the children with me this weekend so I just ended up snacking through the day, while making sure they ate properly.

  1. Training – 1 hour

Sunday 16 June 2013

The weather looked nice out in the morning, so what better way to start Father’s Day than with a Regiment Fitness session in St Albans ?  I took the children with me so they would be out in the good weather and they sat on our picnic blanket reading books when they were not off walking among the trees.  The group who were here this morning started with a jogging warm up, adding in exercises to the jog, including rolling around on the grass.  We then moved on to one of the Regiment Fitness triangle circuits, and I chose to do the medium one simply to cut down on the amount of running I would have to do because my hips still feel last Sunday’s run.  We do each exercise at each pole in the triangle, running between the poles, and then completing another running lap before moving on to the next exercise.  The distances between the poles are different for easy, medium and hard, and the number of repetitions of each exercise are also different.  I do 20 press ups, 20 sit ups and an extra lap because I finished before most of the people in the medium group, 10 burpees, and 20 mountaineers and another extra lap.  We then had a tyre relay in groups of four, running out to the tyres and moving one tyre in front of another to gradually bring them back to where we start from.  This is followed by log shoulder presses in groups of three, doing 40, 50, and 60 repetitions, with a run inbetween, though I was bumped up to 70 and 80 after my 40, and then my 80 was bumped to 100 after my 70.  And then I got an extra 50.  And you know I am actually pleased about that.  I had almost forgotten that there must still be boxing to come, and we did straight punches, hooks, and punching from a sit up position, in singles, and by times.  The warm down this morning started with us doing movements as we were walking, which was a new twist.  It had been another fun session.

Then we drove over to High Wycombe because my son was going to a bowling party, and my daughter asked to go to Pizza Express for lunch after we had done her shopping.  What a surprise that turned out to be as I enjoyed their very splendid (and healthy !) Leggera Superfood Salad, baby spinach and seasonal mixed leaves, roasted butternut squash, beetroot, light baby mozzarella, avocado, pine kernels, cucumber, lentils and fresh basil fiished with a balsamic syrup.

Leggera Superfood Salad

Leggera Superfood Salad

Delicious, good for you and under 300 calories.  I had also eaten the cucumber, tomato and red pepper from my daughter’s starter because she only wanted the dough balls and garlic butter.  We stopped off at the King George V playing fields in Amersham on the way to take them home because we still had some time to spare, and I saw the Amersham Olympic Legacy Sportzone for the first time, which includes an outdoor multi-gym.  So I got in one set of one of the two circuits they have available while the children played.

Amersham Olympic Legacy Sportzone

Amersham Olympic Legacy Sportzone

It is called Xerscape, and the circuit I did consisted of two sets of 20 repetitions on the Horseback Rider, 10 repetitions on the Pull Down Exerciser, 15 repetitions on the Leg Press, 8 minutes on the Surfer, 10 repetitions on the Chest Press, 8 minutes on the Rower, and I managed 3 repetitions on the Triple Pull Ups.  The second circuit is 8 minutes on the Four Wheel Spinner, two sets of 10 minutes on the Skier, two sets of 10 minutes on the Cycle Bike, two sets of 10 minutes on the Space Walker, 8 minutes on the Rower and 8 minutes on the Body Twister.  I just did a few bits on each of those as I did not have time for a full circuit, and then put in another three sets on the Pull Down Exerciser and the Chest Press, by which time the children had enjoyed a brilliant time and were ready to go.

In the evening I ate broccoli and Long Clawson stilton soup with an avocado and a boiled egg.  It has been a really good day.

  1. Training – 1 hour
  2. Xerscape circuit

Positives from this week – I have started a new training schedule and am enjoying it.  My body is working well following on from running the St Albans half-marathon, and feels like it can take on 4 training sessions a week as well as the running.

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    Rather disappointed there are no photos of you running lemur style. I trust you will rectify this soon?

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