Wolf Run (September) training : Week 2

Week 2, feeling very enthusiastic about my training, and looking forward to my Micro Adventure on Friday…you can read a preview of that here.

Monday 17 June 2013

I woke up and was straight into the Drill before moving on to over a minute of plank.  I do not have a run scheduled for lunchtime but I am going to put one in anyway.  I got into the office and followed my usual routine, adding in a banana to my breakfast.  I want to see the effect on my training if I up the amount I am eating, while keeping it to healthy food, because I have now finalised my running training schedule and it will be pushing me.  Over the next 12 weeks it will involve tempo runs, interval workouts, Fartlek training and hill repeats.  It is remarkable what the mind can do to you.  I had a pretty rubbish morning in the office, did not get round to eating my extra banana or drinking sufficient water, so when I went out for my run it did not matter that the morning’s rain had been replaced by overcast and windy conditions, my mindset was still a million miles away from this morning’s enthusiasm.  So I cut my run down to one lap, and will push things this evening at my Regiment Fitness session.  I drank a cup of milk when I got back into the office, filled up my water bottles as an incentive to drink more over the afternoon, and ate a Moroccan spiced fruity couscous and an Activia breakfast post.  Later on I ate an apple while making my way through my water supplies.

The Monday evening Regiment Fitness session in Welwyn Garden City is now a fixture in my training schedule, and it always seems to attract a big group. We started with a warm up, staying in the group, jogging all the way through it, working our way through a lot of movements and going through a lot of rolling on the ground.  This evening’s circuit was based around a circle of ten poles.  We started doing ten sit ups at each pole, then running between each pole, before running an extra lap after completing all ten poles.  We held a plank position for a minute and a half before running a lap, then did the circuit with ten squats at each pole before running a lap which ended up with a sprint, and finished up lying on our backs holding a raised leg position for 30 seconds, with our heels 6 inches off the floor, and then for another 30 seconds with our legs moving up and down in a scissor movement, before running three laps.  It was another interesting circuit.  We split into two groups and I started with the boxing.  The first part of that had us developing the sit up idea by doing it uphill, which was as tough as it sounds, with singles and three sets of ten, and then we moved on to standing straight punches, standing upper cuts and standing hooks.  The groups swapped over and we split into threes with a log, holding it on our shoulders and raising it above our heads with straight arms to lower it on to the other shoulder.  We repeated this and that counted as one repetition.  We did seven of them, to the timing being dictated to us.  We then ran four laps around the circuit poles, with two of us carrying the log on each lap.  It all went a little wrong to start with as my two partners set off and I waited for them to complete the lap, before being told I was meant to be running with them.  So off I set to catch them up !  We carried the log on our shoulders for my first lap carrying, then under my left arm for my second lap, and under my right arm for the final lap, when all three of us carried it home.  We closed off that group section in a circle doing squats.  Then as an added bonus the two groups came together to see how long people could hold the plank, and I was able to hold it until we were told to get up.  I was pleased with that.  The warm down brought yet another excellent session to a close.

I got home and ate a Yorkshire provender green summer vegetable soup with rocket and fresh herbs, which turned out to be far more tasty than I thought it would be, and two boiled eggs.

  1. The Drill
  2. Plank
  3. Run (work) – 1.5 miles – 14 minutes 20 seconds
  4. Training – 1 hour

Tuesday 18 June 2013

I decided to just do plank this morning, and so did two minutes of it.  It will be two minutes from now on then.  I was in the office and following my usual morning routine, except that I had run out of pots of Oat So Simple, so I ate an Activia vanilla breakfast pot with some of the ultimate muesli from Rude Health added, drank a cup of milk and a fizzy vitamin C drink with my various supplements, and also ate a banana.  I have an interval workout scheduled for lunchtime so I had better make sure I am properly fuelled and hydrated.  I drank water during the morning and ate another banana.  The weather was sunny and close when I got outside and I started with 14 minutes warming up (which was one lap of my usual work course), then ran 1 minute intervals four times – so 1 minute faster and 1 minute jogging, repeated four times.  The 1 minute faster is supposed to be 400 metres at 5k pace, but I do not have 400 metres marked out and 1 minute is easier to measure, and I am not sure what my 5k pace would be so I went at somewhere between my normal running pace and a sprint.  At the end of the intervals I had managed to get to the cycle lane sign on the pavement at the far side of the bus shelter, so I will try to get further next time.  I got to the end of my usual course in 25 minutes and 51 seconds, and will also aim to beat that next time.  I finished my second banana when I got back inside, and ate a Marks & Spencer quinoa, superbarley and cauliflower salad together with an Activia vanilla breakfast pot.  I waited for the milk in the kitchen to be replenished, and ate an apple later in the afternoon.  I do need to drink more water through the day.  I got home in the evening and we decided to order in pizza for a treat.  I am not sure why or if we deserved a treat, but we did it anyway, and pretty much decided it had been a bad idea so that deals with that craving for a good while again.

  1. Plank
  2. Run (work) – 2.5 miles (IW) – 25 minutes 51 seconds

Wednesday 19 June 2013

I woke up feeling a bit grotty, either because of the pizza or because I may have picked up some of Debbie’s cold.  I bet she will not like me mentioning her in this blog if that is the sort of thing I am going to be saying.  I gave the Drill a miss but still got in two minutes of plank.  I will be going for a session with Regiment Fitness later in St Albans, so that should be sufficient general training for today.  My usual morning routine is wrecked.  I went into Iceland yesterday evening because that is the cheapest way to buy my Oats So Simple pots where I live, but they did not have any in stock.  So I am eating an Activia breakfast pot with added the ultimate muesli again.  And on top of that I ran out of my fizzy vitamin C tablets yesterday, and although I have more at home I forgot to bring them into the office with me, and just when I might be needing to fight off a cold.  I am sure you will agree this is an absolute disaster, and I hope I get over it before my run at lunchtime.  I ate a banana with my substitute breakfast, and made sure I kept drinking water through the morning.  It was sunny with clouds and humid with an occasional light breeze when I got outside and though I started off still feeling stiff in my hips I seemed to run that feeling off quite quickly and put in an excellent 3 miles, bringing my time down below 29 minutes for the first time, and leaving me dripping with sweat.  I am very pleased  with that and will keep building on it.  I drank a cup of milk when I got back into the office, and ate a pot of pasta, spinach and pine kernels with pesto dressing, together with another Activia breakfast pot.  I ate an apple in the afternoon and finished off my second banana.

It was my Regiment Fitness session in St Albans this evening and as I drove there from work I fully expected it to be raining once I arrived.  While the rain was still holding off it was hot and humid.  Just perfect.  There was a good crowd here this evening and quite a few new people, which seems to happen at each session, and this is clearly a growing thing.  We started off with a Steve Says warm up, and it was remarkable how many times people managed to get it wrong, which made it a very fun way to begin things.  We moved on to the circuit, working in two ranks.  The first rank ran relays to each of three cones and back again, while the second rank carried out as many repetitions of the exercises as possible in the time it took for the relays.  The exercises were squats, walking our hands to one side of a rope on the ground and back again while holding a press up position, lying on our backs and crossing our legs in a scissor action while holding them just above the ground, press ups and dirty man sit ups.  The relay runs were mixed up so that a couple of them involved running backwards.  It was a tough workout in the humid conditions.  The two ranks then split to either end of the rope and we had a tug-of-war.  The team I was on won the first pull, and then we lost the second.  We switched ends and we won the third and deciding pull.  It was more fun while exercising.  The group stayed as one and we split into pairs for the boxing, doing a variety of straight punching, upper cuts, hooks, straight punches from a sit up position and falling to the ground on to our stomachs and springing back up again.  There was still more to come and we now did straight punching, starting with ten punches and working down to one punch, with a run out to a cone and back again inbetween each set.  We then moved on to a tyre relay, in teams moving one tyre to the other side of another so they are touching, to bring them both back to where we are standing.  And once we had got past the issue of having 7 teams but only six sets of tyres it went very smoothly.  The winning team chose 10 bastard burpees as our forfeit.  The bastards.  We finished off with log raises, first 20 from one shoulder to the other and back again, then a run to the cones, and 30 from one shoulder to the other, and another run to bring the session to a close.  The warm down felt good and for the second time today I was sweating like a pig.

  1. Plank
  2. Run (work) – 3 miles –  28 minutes  37 seconds
  3. Training – 1 hour

Thursday 20 June 2013

I woke up feeling a bit grotty and tired, so I skipped the Drill and made sure I did over two minutes of plank.  I remembered to bring in my fizzy vitamin C tablets and bought a yoghurt, granola and honey pot from the canteen to have as my morning meal, with a banana.  It feels like it will be another humid lunchtime for my run, so I am making sure I drink a good quantity of water.  There was not so much sun when I got outside for my run today but it certainly felt very humid.  I would be doing 35 minutes of Fartlek running and would see how far I got.  That would be 3 minutes of warming up, and then a repetition of 1 minute fast and 3 minutes recovery, with a 3 minute warm down at the end.  It felt good to actually have more running speeds than just stop and go, so I enjoyed the run, and made it as far as the entrance to Cereform on my shorter lap at the end of the last sprint (32 minutes).  That means I had done more than 3 miles, and I will measure it by distance on a run by run basis from now on.  Of course, that does mean that as some point I am going to ‘finish’ some way away from my start point.  I got back into the office and drank a cup of milk before taking a shower.  Now I have to refuel ready for my session with Regiment Fitness this evening.  I ate a super wholefood salad with a mint vinaigrette and another yoghurt, granola and honey pot, and an apple.  I must keep drinking water through the afternoon as well.

I decided to do another session with Regiment Fitness and there was another massive group at Welwyn this evening.  Looking up at the dark clouds in the sky I wondered if the rain was going to be joining us.  I know I said both those things last week, so maybe Welwyn on a Thursday is in a timewarp.  We had a very active warm up, always at least running on the spot, and staying in one long line as we ran out to the cones and back while doing a variety of movements.  There were lots of sprints to finish it off before we moved on to another different circuit.  This one was based around five poles leading up the field to the other side.  The idea was to do 5 repetitions of each exercise at the first pole, 10 at the second, 15 at the third, 20 at the fourth, 25 at the fifth, and then run back to the beginning.  The first exercise was squats, then sit ups, then lifting each hand up in turn from the press up position, then sprints to the poles (which was straight forward and not built up in fives) with a drop down on to the stomach at each pole, and finally running out to the far pole and doing 5 burpees at each pole on the way back.  If you got back with time to spare after each exercise then you held the plank position.  It was the sort of circuit I enjoy.  I seem to be saying that a lot about these sessions.  We split into two groups and I had boxing first, starting sitting on the ground and punching upwards, then swapping around before doing another set of that one.  We did the same thing with straight punching.  It was hard and fast tonight.  We moved to the other group and in teams of three we did squats while holding a log, first 20 squats and then 35 squats, with runs inbetween, and then shoulder raises of 20 and 30, again with runs.  We finished off with 20 uphill sit ups as the boxing group came to a close.  We warmed down in pairs, which was a novel twist, and very well exercised I set off for home and snacked.  The rain had held off.  Again.  I hope it holds off tomorrow as well.

  1. Plank
  2. Run (work) – 35 minutes (Fartlek) – 3+ miles
  3. Training – 1 hour

Friday 21 June 2013

I did two minutes of plank when I got up.  Today was the day of my Micro Adventure, so I took my packed bergen into the office with me so that I was ready to set off at 5pm on the dot.  The weather looked grim as I drove in and there certainly appears to be rain ready to fall on Northampton and the surrounding area, although the weather forecast indicates it should clear by the middle of the afternoon before returning while I will be sleeping out in the early hours of tomorrow morning.  It would be good if it could break up the humidity, at least.  I managed to buy some more Oat So Simple pots last night, so I am back to my usual usual routine in the office.  I forgot to bring in my camera so had to spend my lunch (two) hour(s) going home to get it, which meant I ate my lunch later than planned, and had a quinoa and edamame soya bean salad with a soy and ginger dressing, followed by a Rumblers strawberry oat clusters and natural low fat yoghurt pot.  You can read about my Micro Adventure and how I carried a 25lb bergen through the evening and into the night here.

Ready to go...

Ready to go…

  1. Plank
  2. Walk – 18 miles

Saturday 22 June 2013

I finished off my Micro Adventure, which you can read about here, by carrying my 25lb bergen back to the car, and in the afternoon went to the Taste Of London event before going on to see Gloriana at the Royal Opera House in the evening.  My legs did not seize up.

Micro Adventure completed and enjoyed !

Micro Adventure completed and enjoyed !

  1. Walk – 9 miles

Sunday 23 June 2013

My day was spent enjoying a singing Masterclass which was far more for Debbie than it was for me.

Positives from this week – my Micro Adventure was brilliant fun, and showed me the level of fitness I had achieved, which left me feeling pleased while knowing how much further I need to take it.

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