Shineback – Pre-Order closes at midnight

Where's the ToiletDuck ?

Where’s the ToiletDuck ?

The Shineback album is officially released just after midnight tonight, on 1 July 2013, so please do not forget that the I Have Good Days, I Have Bad Days download track is only available if you pre-order it.  That track will never be available from any other legal sources once pre-orders close.  You can pre-order the Shineback album from The Merch Desk at their website here, and it will more than likely come through your letterbox on Tuesday, because Nellie is really that good.

So, can we do anything to persuade you to click on that link ?

Co-producer Tim Lawrie has put together an album teaser sampler for you on Soundcloud, which you can hear here.

Maybe you need words rather than music samplers, so how about you go off and read a couple of the early reviews ?

Many of you will know James Hendry and will be aware of his excellent giggingforever blog.  He wrote a very interesting and entertaining review of the album which probably comes from a different angle to any other, and I have the link to the review right here.

Another excellent review has been posted by Richard Neal in his blog here, with the plea to his musician friends, “Please stop recording such great albums!”

Is this one a review ?  It’s from Matt Stevens, who plays on some tracks on the album, and Matt always has something interesting to say, so you can read it here.

Perhaps soundbites are more your style, so here are a few that we have noticed appearing on facebook…

“Stylish”  Alison Henderson, who clearly knows a thing or two about being stylish.

“My ears have just shat themselves”, which was clarified later as, “It sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard and I love it”  Moray Macdonald, who clearly knows a thing or two about what he’s heard, being the keyboard player in Crimson Sky.

The main man, Simon Godfrey, has the absolute nerve to be different, and to me that’s what prog is about!”  Keith Turner, from Quasar, who clearly knows a thing or two about prog, giving that he’s been in the scene since at least the early 80s.

“A fabulous and innovative piece of work from one of the best songwriters around”  Geoff Banks, who clearly knows a thing of two about fabulous seeing as how he brought us Celebr8.

WOW Simon Godfrey!!! What have you done!!!!!  Seriously… I believe you won’t only cater to a wide range of audience with this album but also blow a lot of minds with eclectic tastes, like yours truly…… Top notch stuff here!” Nem Nol, who clearly knows what makes us smile here at Bad Elephant Music.

I am going to be humming Crush Culture for the rest of my life.”  John Hirst, who clearly is going to be annoying all those around him for the rest of his life.

“He’s created a truly unique and visionary album utterly unlike anything you‘ve heard before.  You completely talented bastard 🙂 ”  Bob Hodds, who clearly knows bastards.

Even the bad bits you did are good.”  Andy Langridge, who clearly uses the same dictionary as Michael Jackson.

Great new! your song is fantastic! i like ! Simon Godfrey <—- great guitarist great composer !”  Fabien Bienvenu, qui sait clairement ce qu’il aime !

So this afternoon will be interesting which apparently involves Shineback, a scream mask and a piece of Wensleydale cheese!”  David Sellers, who clearly knows his cheese.

Having now listened to Rise Up I am disappointed in the lack of ducks and spoons! Other than that go and treat yourself to a choccie finger….”  Gareth Burfoot, who clearly knows the real future of Prog.

I didn’t get the pair of used underpants I requested from your distributor.”  Richard Brindley, who clearly knows us far too well.

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  1. Ian Hall says:

    Ooh! You silver-tongued rogue. Go on then, I’ll pre-order it right away – ducks or no ducks 🙂

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