Wolf Run (September) training : Week 4

Week 4, and the final week of pre-training before I get down to the real training schedule…

Monday 01 July 2013

I was planning on doing two minutes of plank but there was a wasp on the window which apparently needed to be dealt with, so my plank was cut short at one minute.  I ate some Go Ahead! apple and sultana crispy slices during the drive into work, and then followed my usual morning routine when I was in the office, which now includes eating a banana with my pot of Oats So Simple.  The sun is out today and it feels warm so I need to make sure I am properly hydrated when I get out there later on.  I have brought one of my Camelbak bottles into the office because I will use it at training tonight and can fill it from one of the water machines here, and I am using it through the day to properly measure how much I drink.  I ate an apple around 1100, had another packet of crispy slices (and I am sure Christianne will not approve of them) and had drunk about three quarters of a litre of water between getting into the office and setting off for my run.  As it turned out, the clouds had come over and it was overcast with a cold bite in the air by the time I got outside to run my three miles, which went well enough, although I did almost feel a bit dizzy at times, which reminded me of Sunday morning.  I drank another cup of milk when I got back in, ate a small box of Sun Maid raisins, and then after my shower ate a Waitrose Middle Eastern spiced wild rice salad and a white peach and raspberry live gourmet yoghurt from The Collective Dairy.  Later in the afternoon I ate a cranberry and pecan flapjack, and then a pumpkin 9bar.

I ate a banana as I drove down to Welwyn Garden City for the evening session with Regiment Fitness.  There was another good turn out and a few more new faces, before we kicked off with a new variation on the warm up, lining up in two ranks and doing various exercises as in turn we went along the back of the ranks doing another exercise such as lunges.  Then it was easy, medium and hard around a triangle circuit, and I chose to go with the hard repetitions and the medium running, doing 30 press ups at each of the three stations before running a lap around them, then 30 sit ups at each and another lap, then 20 squat jumps at each and another lap, and I finished off with 15 burpees at each before running two laps.  We then split into two groups and I went off to do the boxing, where we started with straight arm punching and running relays, so that we punched five times then ran, then four times, and so on.  We then moved on to punching from the sit up position, which included holding in the up position and doing straight punching for short sharp bursts.  Next up was a new thing, working in our pairs and punching out as we moved backwards, and then swapping to come back to the start position, and repeating four times.  We were then given the option of running over to the van or giving our partner a piggy back to get there, so I opted for the piggy back, and ended up being the one giving it and not getting it.  The groups swapped over and we had another new thing with some sprint interval training, sprinting along the track from the van to the far end, then jogging back before sprinting again, and we kept that going for about 5 minutes.  I have to say I enjoyed it a lot and really felt it coming together in my last couple of sprints.  Then there was some fun to finish off with medicine ball relays in groups of six – standing and passing the ball over our heads, sitting down and passing it side to side, then standing and alternatively passing it over our heads and between our legs, and running to the other end of the line once you had passed it each time.  The winning team gave out forfeits and we ended up with five squats and then five burpees (seriously !) for the races we did not win.  The warm down was with a buddy and was a good finish to another excellent session.

I got home and ate an Innocent thai curry vegetable pot with some king prawns and two boiled eggs, and also some multigrain thins from rude health, and I drank coconut water.  It had been a good day.

  1. Plank
  2. Run (work) – 3 miles – 29 minutes 02 seconds
  3. Training – 1 hour

Tuesday 02 July 2013

I woke up still feeling tired and things just went downhill from there.  I followed my usual morning routine with a view to going for my run at lunchtime, but my morning meeting really left me feeling no motivation to go for a run, and then I started feeling a little dizzy, my eyesight was like I had just had a bright light shone in my eyes before closing them, and I started to develop a bit of a headache.  I never get headaches.  By the time I got home I was feeling terrible, and it was fortunate I was driving Debbie to a rehearsal rather than going to training.  Looking back on things, it is clear I started going down with something on Sunday and now it had reached its peak.  Or, at least I hoped it had.

Wednesday 03 July 2013

I woke up feeling grotty but not as bad as I had done on Tuesday, and decided it would not be a good idea to go into work, so ended up working from home.  Which always seems to be more frantic than working in the office.  Of course, that meant my usual routine went out of the window, and I mostly snacked through the day as I felt progressively better.  I had some leek and potato soup for lunch and felt fine after it and the little temperature I seemed to have had overnight has gone.  I still do not quite feel 100%, though, so it is fortunate Debbie has a concert tonight and I cannot be foolishly tempted to go to training.  As it turned out, I did not get to the concert either, though, because once we had driven over there I felt awful again and we decided I should go home, which annoyed and disappointed me.  I ended up falling asleep in the car instead, so we had clearly made the correct decision.  Not good, but I did feel a lot better for it.  When we got back home I had a message from a colleague asking if I wanted to use a couple of tickets to Wimbledon the next day and as I was feeling a lot better after my sleep in the car I said yes.  That was when he told me I would need to put in a round trip of 200 miles to get them.

Thursday 04 July 2013

I woke up very early to drive to Stratford Upon Avon to collect the tickets for Wimbledon, and was fortunately feeling a lot better than I had done over the last few days.  You can read more about our day at Wimbledon here.

Friday 05 July 2013

I am trying to catch up with this blog after the event, and am struggling to remember what happened on Friday.  It was very busy at work, too busy for me to go out for my planned run, and by the time I got home I was not feeling like doing anything much.  We did go out for a walk to Fleetville, so that we could pop into the shops on the way back.  One of my more interesting days, then.

  1. Walk – 2 miles

Saturday 06 July 2013

Chrsitianne was away, so I had her husband, Robbie, training me this morning, and I knew it was going to be a beasting.  He had put together a circuit based on three lines, with four exercises in each line.  I would be doing four circuits, the exercise for each item would be different in each circuit, and I would remove one item from each line after each circuit.  I would be doing 90 seconds of each exercise.  If it sounds difficult, then you should try actually doing it.  The first line had a kettle bell, gliders (you put your feet on them, so that you can slide them on the floor while your hands are in the press up position), a medicine ball and an elasticated circular thing; the second line had some small dumbbells, a bigger medicine ball, bigger dumbbells, and a bigger kettle bell; and the third line had a 5kg weight, even bigger dumbbells, punchbags and a skipping rope.  It is interesting how many variations can be done with that equipment, how difficult moving so little can be, and how tricky skipping is.  It was a hard workout and I really enjoyed it.

In the afternoon and evening I walked to and from St Paul’s church near Fleetville, mostly while carrying a bassoon on my back, for Debbie’s concert, and also walked into town.  It’s funny how those miles can add up.

  1. Training – 1 hour
  2. Walk – 5 miles

Sunday 07 July 2013

It was very sunny so we went for a walk and you can read all about it here.

How wonderfully English

How wonderfully English

  1. Walk – 6.5 miles

Positives from this week – despite my illness I got in some good training, and I feel very ready to plunge into the real training programme next week.

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