Wolf Run (September) training : week 9

Week 9, and I need to get back to the running training…

Monday 05 August 2013

I was feeling tired this morning so I missed out the Drill and plank.  I ate a pumpkin 9bar during the drive into work, and then followed my usual morning routine when I was in the office, except that I ate the ultimate meusli from rude health and have run out of my supplements.  So the cup of milk, the banana and my fizzy vitamin C remain from my usual morning routine.  And I did not eat the banana.  I ate the banana around 1100, and had drunk over three quarters of a litre of water between getting into the office and setting off for my run.  The weather had been miserable all morning and when I got out it was overcast but humid, with the sun trying to push through.  I ran 3 miles in my best time yet, even though I felt some stiffness below my calf on my left leg.  Clearly the fitness work with Regiment Fitness is having a good effect.  I drank another cup of milk when I got back in, and then after my shower ate a I had brought in from home.  Now I need to refuel and rehydrate for later.

I ate an apple as I drove down through the pouring rain to Welwyn Garden City for the evening session with Regiment Fitness.  There were a few less than usual because some were at the Hatfield session instead, but this was still an excellent turn out, as always, and we kicked off with a warm up in two lines facing each other.  We needed the warm up because it was still raining, and it rained almost all the way through the session.  Pretty sure we should be warming up before launching straight into high knees, though !   I’ve said that before, and I will say it for so long as we keep doing high knees, because I hate them.  There were more forfeits being handed out this evening and each rank got ten press ups for not being as loud as the other.  This evening’s circuit was done in pairs and saw us doing a lot of running again, as we ran shuttle runs out to three cones while our partner did the exercises.  Some of the runs also included going on to our stomach and getting back up again as we reached each cone.  We started the exercises with press ups, then sit ups, then leg work.  The press ups were normal ones, wide arm ones, Marine/gecko ones, and ones which went from being wide to normal to crossed thumbs.  Basically, it was big on press ups.  The sit ups were normal ones, half sit ups, sit ups with a twist, and high leg sit ups.  The leg work was squats and lunges.  We split into two groups and I had the tyre pull first, in a team of three, pulling the tyre all the way to the trees and back three times while the others did plank or bridge.  We then switched to the other group and a relay involving pusshing a jerry can along the ground, and also some upward rows with the jerry can, with medicine ball exercises at the other end, either pushing it above our heads or using it as a base for press ups.  I got back first on one of the relay runs, which won me the opportunity to do five burpees.  The sun came out in time for the warm down.  Nice.

  1. Run (work) – 3 miles – 28 minutes 15 seconds
  2. Training – 1 hour

Tuesday 06 August 2013

I was feeling tired and stiff but went for the Drill and a minute of plank anyway.  I ate a Jordans Frusli bar during my drive into work.  I say during my drive, but the bar is generally eaten before I even get out of St Albans.  I got into the office and ate a pot of Oats So imple, drank my cup of milk and my cup of fizzy vitamin C, then drank some more milk while eating my banana, and carried on drinking water.  I remembered that Mark had mentioned a Winter Wolf Run yesterday evening, so I got on to their site and signed up for Sunday 3 November.  That should allow me to put together a good training plan between the September Wolf Run and the Winter Wolf Run, and then another following on from the Winter Wolf Run to take me into the Winter Edition Fan Dance.  So that is me sorted into 2014 with this fitness lark.  I had best get out for a Fartlek run then.  Well, I would have done if time had permitted.

At least I make sure my schedule fits around my sessions with Regiment Fitness as much as possile.  Tonight is another evening in Welwyn, although very different to yesterday evening as the sun was out.  That always adds an edge.  It was a massive group this evening, so big that when we split it went to three groups.  The warm up was different with lots of running to begin with, then working with a partner, with lots of press ups and sit ups thrown in.  It was all very short and sharp and effective.  And then I was ‘encouraged’ to push it by running to the trees and back.  The circuit also involved a lot of running this evening, working in pairs, with one running to the other side of the field doing the exercise and then running back, while the other did a static exercise at the beginning.  The exercises at the far side were press ups, then sit ups and finally squat thrusts, doing 5 repetitions, then 10, then 15 and finally 20.  The exercises at the beginning were plank, then press ups and finally squats.  We split into the three groups, and I started with the tyre pull, in teams of three, pulling a tyre on an elastic cord to the other side of the field and back, while the second person in the group did plank and the third person rested.  I got an extra tyre pull at the end, which I was more than happy with because I enjoy the drill.  We moved on to boxing and in pairs did straight punches from the sit up position, in singles and then 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, before moving on to punching upwards from the sitting position, which left my shoulders feeling very well used.  The final session was with the medicine balls, in teams of threes with one of the team doing the medicine ball exercise then running out to the poles and back, while the others did a static exercise.  Never stopping.  The medicine ball exercises were pushing it out in front of the chest 15 times, lowering it to the ground and then holding it up above your head 20 times, and finally taking it down to one foot then up above the head and then down to the other foot, again 20 times.  The other exercises were press ups, sit ups and lunges.  I felt like I had really worked after all that, and the warm down just eased by.

  1. The Drill
  2. Plank
  3. Training – 1 hour

Wednesday 07 August 2013

I had a meeting in London in the morning and walked to and from City Thameslink, which was good for giving various parts of my left leg a good stretch.  I snacked through the day and made sure I drank well, because I will be training again this evening.

I walked down to the park in St Albans for my session with Regiment Fitness.  I am starting to get to know the instructors, and for their sins they are having to get to know me, my aches and pains, and my reasons for doing the training.  This evening was going to be a cardio workout, which may not be exactly what my left leg was after.  The warm ups seem to be getting more physical.  We worked in a line, running out and back, and adding in some press ups from time to time, and it did work well to get my leg going.  So much so that at the end of the warm up I decided to push it by running over to the trees and back.  I am serious about this stuff and need to step it up through August to get me through the Wolf Run and beyond, as I now have a few things planned to take me through 2014 as well as the rest of this year.  More about that before the end of this month, once I have finalised everything.  Anyway, back to this evening and the circuit.  We ran between poles, doing the exercise at each, before running back to the beginning.  We did 5, then 10, then 15, then 20, and finally 25 repetitions of each exercise, and went into plank when we got back to the beginning.  The exercises were press ups, sit ups, explosive star jumps, squat thrusts and burpees.  For the burpees we just did 5 repetitions at each pole.  That was a tough workout and not only was I gasping at the end of it, but I found the repetitions hard through most of it.  We split into our two groups and in my half we got into teams for a tyre relay, the one where the tyres are moved in a leapfrog back to the start, however it soon became clear that a couple of teams were moving the same tyres, so we all got ten press ups as a punishment.  We then got a further five press ups because we had not split ourselves into the right teams, and then we were finally ready to start again and do it properly.  Lots of short, sharp sprints.  Not sure that is what I needed after the circuit.  As we switched over I heard the instructor telling the next group that he would be pointing out which tyres were theirs.  We moved on to boxing, starting with straight punches from the sit up position and working in extended ten second bursts, and then the same in the standing position.  I really felt like I had worked hard tonight by the time we got to the warm down.

I walked home and ate some pasta and two hard boiled eggs.  And drank a lot.

  1. Walk
  2. Training – 1 hour

Thursday 08 August 2013

I was so stiff in my legs when I woke up, so I spent some time stretching and then did two minutes of plank.  I will try for a run at lunchtime, so I followed my usual morning routine, eating a banana with some ultimate muesli from rude health, and snacking on nuts while drinking lots of water.  By the time it got to lunchtime my left leg felt so stiff that I backed away from going for a run and instead took a walk around the estate, making sure that my legs were stretched.  I got back in and ate a Waitrose nutty rice salad with an Activia breakfast pot and some Go Ahead apple & sultana crispy slices.

I ate an apple on my way down to Welwyn for my fourth session of the week with Regiment Fitness.  I am not sure how my legs feel about that.  We warmed up in a line, running out to poles, although apparently the first pole is pole zero and not pole number one, before we got into pairs for arm pumps, and then it was a quick run around the far pole and back to the van to get in the starting position for the circuit.  The starting position was where we had just run from.  The circuit followed the same structure as the evening before at St Albans, so we ran between poles, doing the exercise at each, before running back to the beginning.  We did 5, then 10, then 15, then 20, and finally 25 repetitions of each exercise.  The exercises were press ups, sit ups, mountaineers and burpees. For the burpees we did 10 repetitions at each pole.  That was another tough workout but I found the repetitions easier than the evening before.  We split into the two groups and I started with boxing, more straight punching in pairs from the sit up position leading into a ten second burst, then repeated, before we did ten second bursts in the standing position.  We finished off lying across from our partner, jumping up, touching gloves, then going to ground again, and repeating as many times as we could in the extended ten seconds.  We had a tyre relay in the second group, carrying the tyre above our heads and running out to the poles and back, four times.  Then, in a circle, we did a succession of squats, going down and holding for a set period of time, then bouncing for that same period, and we worked in 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds.  That burnt by the end !  There was still more to come, with shuttle runs to finish us off.  My legs dictated that I went for the easier version.  The warm down did not come a moment too soon, to bring another brilliant session to a close.

I got home and ate an Italian bean soup with some crackers and two boiled eggs.

  1. Plank
  2. Walk – 1 mile
  3. Training – 1 hour

Friday 09 August 2013

I was tired when I woke up so gave the Drill a miss but still made sure to do two minutes of plank.  It is starting to feel like I need to extend the time on that.  I was not too tired to find a bug bite from yesterday evening on my right ankle – I never seem to avoid them.  I ate a during my drive into work and ate some muesli and mixed nuts when I got in, while drinking a cup of milk and my fizzy vitamin C.  I need to restock on my supplements, although I have not collapsed without them.  I will not be going for a run today, so I will try to regulate my eating.  I ate a Jordans Frusli bar and some mixed nuts during the morning, before having a spinach and pine kernels pasta for lunch with an Activia breakfast pot.  We went to see Alpha Papa at the cinema in the evening, so I ate popcorn.  That guy was never the drummer in Marillion, by the way.

  1. Plank

Saturday 10 August 2013

I was back seeing Christianne this morning and after a warm up on the bike and the cross-trainer, we moved onto a cardio circuit which consisted of squats stepping on to the ground off a punchbag which is lying on the floor, upward rows with a kettlebell, ice skaters along a row of cones, one arm kettlebell raises where I squat down with it and then raise it above my head, tiptoeing along a rope ladder moving both feet inside the square and then stepping out to each side, rotating the first kettlebell around my waist, hopping through a hoop by stepping in on one foot and hopping out on that same foot, and tricep dips off the punchbag.  I did the circuit twice, and we then moved back to some of the other machines before the abs work and a warm down brought another excellent session to a finish.  I am very glad to be back training with her after a recent gap while we were both not available for various reasons.  Christianne measured my body fat with her calipers and I am at 19.8%.  It is good to have it down below 20% again, and I know I will have to push to keep it reducing.

We went out for a pizza at lunchtime, before visiting my parents as my sister was over with her three boys, and in the evening I ate an aromatic keralan spiced chicken soup with coconut and spices, and two hard-boiled eggs, followed by some Saudi Arabian dates.

  1. Training – 1 hour

Sunday 11 August 2013

I woke up tired.  I did not think I had gone to bed late, so I am not sure why I would be waking up tired.  It took me a little while to get going, but eventually I got some food and water into me and walked down to the big park in St Albans for a Sunday morning session with Regiment Fitness.  I got there to find the sliding door had come off the side of their van, so they were probably not going to be in the best of moods.  The warm up was tough for me because it involved a lot of running and my left knee still needs to be looked at.  We were sent running to the bench on the far side of the area to start with, and were then running round a square of poles, doing various stretching exercises, then bending down to touch the ground, going down on to our stomach, and as people arrived late they were made to do forfeits, so I was right about the instructors not being in the best of moods.  Just in case the running was not enough, we finished off the warm up with sprints round the square, first one side with jogging round the other three, then two sides, then three sides, and finally the full square.  The circuit would use the same square of poles, doing the exercises at three of them, and then running a lap.  The exercises were 30 press ups, 30 sit ups, 20 burpees, and then a lap with lunges down one side, sumo squats down the next, then moving while holding our ankles, and finally bunny hops.  We then split into two groups and started with another series of sprints round the square, beginning with a jog around it in a line and then moving into the same series of sprints we had finished the warm up with.  This was definitely not what my left knee ordered but there was no way I was not doing it.  As I entered the final lap I appeared to be the only one still with running to do, and as I came towards the end of the second side of the square a countdown began, so I pushed on through the third side, and then kicked some more to make sure I came in on time.  It was quickly up and over to the tyre relay, bringing the tyres back to the start point by leapfrogging them, before the groups swapped and we moved on to boxing.  This was short sharp stuff as we started with straight punches while standing, then upper cuts, then hooks, then sitting down for upward punches, and finished off with repeats of ten seconds until our shoulders were ready to fall off.  They were not finished with us yet, though, as we gathered in a circle for a series of squats.  We went down into a full squat and held it for 5 seconds, then bounced for 5 seconds and came up.  We repeated that for 10 seconds.  Then we held it as we went round the group saying our names.  Thomas forgot his.  Then we held it as we went round the group twice saying our names.  The name is Thomas.  Thomas.  We stood up and shook off and went into the warm down.  And then I walked home.  The session had been tough on my knees, but I felt great.

I snacked through the day and in the evening ate a broccoli and stilton soup with some king prawns.  It had been a good week overall.

  1. Walk
  2. Training – 1 hour

Positives from this week – the one run I did manage was my fastest over that distance.  I have enjoyed five sessions with Regiment Fitness and one with Christianne and none of them have been the same.  I feel fitter and my body fat has come down.  I just need to get back to the running now.

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