Bad Elephant Music update number 8

Bad Elephant Music

Blimey !  Has it really been that long since update number 7 ?  Did you miss us ?  Did I just cut and paste that intro from update number 7 ?  We have been busy with band things, as you will read about below, and I seemed to spend most of Juillet en France, which included narrating Pierre et le Loup to a very appreciative audience, so a big step up from all this bloody Prog noncesense, as Prog traitor Phil Collins would say.



We here at BEM greatly value the slave labourpeople we have working with us.  And I am not just saying that because David says I have to be nicer to the idiots I have to deal withpeople.  So I am going to feature a few of them in these updates, beginning with producer, mixer and Mouse extraordinaire, Tim Lawrie.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Tim Lawrie

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Tim Lawrie

Tim has his own blog, which is always worth reading, and as well as writing and playing his own music, he likes to put his degree in Music Production to very good use by grappling with the music of others.  He was co-producer on the last Manning album, Margaret’s Children, was also co-producer for Shineback, and is now mixing the forthcoming album, Land Of Shadows, from The Gift.  We clearly thought he did a sterling job on the Shineback album or we would not have put him forward to work with The Gift after Simon Godfrey had to step away from the role, and what surprises me is that none of those out there in the Prog recording universe have stepped forward to offer Tim a more full-time role.  I suspect he has just been our secret up to this time, although I doubt he will remain that way for very much longer, now that he is really out there.  We tip our hat to him and thank him for all his efforts.  Obviously, we don’t pay him.

Speaking of Manning, we had an excellent curry night with Guy Manning and his family recently, and you can read all about that here.

Don't all look at the camera then...

Don’t all look at the camera then…


Are you enjoying the Shineback album ?  Let us know !  We are very pleased to report that so far we have only seen positive reviews, and it does seem to have gone down very well.  Hot off the presses this morning we heard about an excellent review from Alison Henderson in Background Magazine – you can read it here.  Thank you to Alison for her very kind and insightful words.

We are finalising American distribution to allow all our friends over the water easier access to the physical copy of the album.  We will be sending one copy for each of you, and are expecting sales of around 316,000,000 overnight.  Do not let us down !

The track Passengers is still available as a free download in case you want a taster before buying the full album.



You can get it here and it will not cost you a penny.

Do not forget that co-producer Tim Lawrie (you’re thinking you’ve heard that name before somewhere…) has put together an album teaser sampler for you on Soundcloud, which you can hear here.

Simon Godfrey is doing another gig !  He will be appearing at The Peel on Saturday 24 August as part of the Cyclops Records celebration brought to you by the House Of Progression.  The lineup is excellent – with Simon being joined by Haze, Primitive Instinct, and Mr So & So, all of whom have recently brought out albums which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  We here at BEM have a lot to thank Cyclops Records for, so we will be out in force, and we are hearing a rumour that a certain Matt Stevens may be there as well.  You can buy tickets for the gig from The Merch Desk by clicking here.

Come along to the show !

Come along to the show !

The Fierce And The Dead

TFATD have had a birthdays !  It was Matt Stevens’ birthday on 2 August and then Kev Feazey’s birthday on 3 August.  Happy birthday to them both !  I must say that August is a great month for birthdays.

TFATD have been nominated in the Limelight category of the Progressive Music Awards.  Obviously, they must win this, and you should go and vote for them here.  Ignore any and all other options.

Kev and Matt went for a curry with David.  They planned it around my time in France.  Planned it so it happened while I was in France.  Anyway, away from that there should be some other news to celebrate very soon.

The Gift

There was a gig.  I was in France.  Tim Lawrie was at the gig.  Tim Lawrie is mixing the forthcoming album, Land Of Shadows, and has completed the first stage.  You had best not be asking who Tim Lawrie is.

That’s all for now – see you here next week(ish) !

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  1. Andrew Conner says:

    Tim who?

  2. Twang says:

    With reference to your Farcebook page and I quote ‘Here is another Bad Elephant Music update for you, and this one features Phil Collins and some gig’.

    Pah, Pah & double Pah!!! Fiddlesticks & washer Women!!

    The cheek of it all! 😉

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