Wolf Run (September) training : Week 10

Week 10, and I still need to get back to the running training…

Monday 12 August 2013

I was feeling tired this morning so I missed out the Drill.  That seems to be a recuring theme, so I need to be thinking about how much sleep I am getting.  I ate a Jordans frusli bar during the drive into work, and then followed my usual morning routine when I was in the office – an Oats So Simple, a cup of milk, a banana and my fizzy vitamin C drink.  I ate an apple around 1100, and had drunk over three quarters of a litre of water before lunch.  I really need to get a run in today, but my legs are just too stiff for a proper one, so I went for a jog instead, as much to stretch out as anything else.  I drank some milk and ate a Waitrose prawn and mango salad, which seemed heavy on the salad, and an Activia breakfast pot.  I continued drinking water through the afternoon and ate a pumpkin 9bar and another banana.

I ate an apple as I drove down to Welwyn Garden City for the evening session with Regiment Fitness.  There were a few less than usual because quite a few were at the Hatfield session instead, but this was still an excellent turn out, as always, and we kicked off with a warm up in two lines facing each other.  We launched straight into high knees again !  This evening’s circuit was a set of ten exercises, doing 30 repetitions of each.  We would run to the other side of the field, do the exercise,and then run back.  We did press ups, sit ups, squat jumps, burpees, leg raises, narrow arm press ups, leg pushes, bastard burpees (a mixture of a press up and a burpee), squat thrusts, and finished with 50 mountaineers.  We then split into two groups and I had boxing first, straight arm punching in the standing position for 20 punches, then 10 press ups, and repeat until told to stop.  Then punching upwards from the sitting position, which never fails to work the shoulders.  We swapped groups and did a running exercise I had done at St Albans before, where a person runs out to the pole and back and then another person joins them, and so on until the chain is complete from the team, and then a person drops off the chain each lap.  Basically, it is just a lot of running.  We followed that with relay involving 20 upward rows with a jerry can, repeated three times.  We had not quite reached the warm down, though, as we were brought together in a circle to get into the plank position, to hold it for as long as possible.  I managed to get past the two minute mark, and it was brought to an end at three minutes with a handful of people still going.  The warm down felt good, and so did my legs after all that.

I got home and snacked.  I did eat some king prawns, but did not feel like eating anything more substantial.

  1. Plank
  2. Run (work) – 1.5 miles
  3. Training – 1 hour

Tuesday 13 August 2013

I was feeling tired again so missed the Drill and also plank.  I probably should have eaten more yesterday evening.  I ate a Jordans Frusli bar during my drive into work, and they seem to be my snack bar of choice at the moment.  I got into the office and ate a pot of Oats So Simple with golden syrup, which is as yummy as it sounds, and drank my cup of milk and my cup of fizzy vitamin C.  I had best get out for a run today, even though I got bitten again last night, so my leg is probably going to fall off.  Maybe I should have gone to Hatfield !  I drank a lot of water through the morning, not least because the office feels stuffy.  I took another lunchtime jog and drank some milk when I got in, and after my shower ate a refreshing wheatberry and bean salad.  I suppose the tomato chunks make it refreshing.  I also ate an Activia breakfast pot and another Frusli bar.

We went out to eat in the evening and I enjoyed a calamari starter and a main course of .

  1. Run (work) – 1.5 miles

Wednesday 14 August 2013

I would not be going for a run at lunchtime, so after eating a Frusli bar on my way into the office I continued the theme with some ultimate meusli from rude health.  I will save my Oat So Simples for running days.  I drank a cup of milk and my fizzy vitamin C drink, because I like to drink them.  I ate another Frusli bar and some mixed nuts, then backed out of a lunchtime walk as it began to rain, and tucked into my lunch of couscous and olive salad with a spiced honesy dressing, and an Activia breakfast pot.  I ate an apple and a pumpkin 9bar through the afternoon, while drinking water.

I drove from work to the park in St Albans for my session with Regiment Fitness, and ate an apple on the way.  We warmed up on the spot, with lots of high knees and sprinting, and then moved on to the circuit, which this evening meant running from the start out to a pole, doing 30 repetitions of the exercise, running back to the beginning then out to another pole, doing another 30 repetitions, then back to the beginning and out to a final pole for the last set of 30 repetitions, before running back to the start.  The exercises were press ups, sit ups, squat jumps and explosive star jumps (which had an extra 5 repetitions because apparently it is easier).  My legs did not thank me for that circuit, and I was about to fall out with my shoulders.  We split into our two groups and I started with boxing, straight into sitting down and punching upwards, doing 15 seconds hard, at a normal pace for 5 seconds, and then another 15 seconds hard.  We then went into straight arm punching from the half sit up position in extended 10 second bursts, again with 5 second rests.  The rests never felt like they were half the length of the working periods, although as it had now started to rain that was quite refreshing as I lay back on the grass.  We swapped groups for tyre relays, this time carrying the tyre and running out and back 3 times while the rest of the team did press ups, then 2 times while the rest of the team did sit ups, and then 3 times again (because when asked if we wanted to go 1, 2 or 3 times someone shouted out 3 !) while the rest of the team did squats.  Then it was a run out to a far pole in our teams carrying the tyre between us.  Just like last week, I really felt like I had worked hard tonight by the time we got to the warm down.

I got home and ate some broccoli and stilton soup with king prawns.  Lots of king prawns.

  1. Plank
  2. Training – 1 hour

Thursday 15 August 2013

I was so stiff in my legs when I woke up, so I spent a long time stretching.  I will not be going for a run at lunchtime, but if the weather is good enough I will go for a walk.  I followed my usual morning routine, eating a sweet cinnamon Oat So Simple, which was quite nice.  I ate an apple during the morning and drank water.  It was sunny, breezy and close while I was out walking, but it felt good to be out there.  I got back in from my walk and ate a Waitrose Moroccan spiced fruity couscous with an Activia breakfast pot and in the middle of the afternoon ate a pumpkin 9bar.

I ate another apple for the day on my way down to Welwyn for my next session of the week with Regiment Fitness.  I am not sure how my legs feel about that.  Again.  I will get them looked at before the end of the month.  We warmed up in two rows with lots of high knees, and finished off with a run around the circle put out for the circuit.  Not the start my legs were hoping for.  The circuit was based on orange poles, yellow poles and white cones, with there being three of each in the circle.  We would be running anti-clockwise and were able to choose our start position, so I went with the orange pole and press ups.  I would follow that with sit ups at the yellow pole, and then burpees at the white cone.  The idea was to do 30 repetitions and then run round the outside of the poles and cones until you reached the next station.  There were nine stations in total and I got all the way round before time was called.  That was another tough workout but I am finding the repetitions easier each time, and my legs seemed all right, if very slow, with the running.  We split into the two groups and I started with the jerry can push.  Poor Robbie had me as his partner, and as we were in a two we got to go six times each.  Those in threes went four times.  I was told to just do half the distance for my fifth and sixth runs because it was very clearly killing me.  My heart was pumping hard, and I was working hard to get my breath back.  Tough stuff.  We got into plank as everyone finished, and then held it for a minute, with an extra 10 seconds added on because someone put their knees down.  It felt like ten hours.  Then, because we had obviously not had enough, we did some squat exercises in pairs, swapping between using a medicine ball, before doing the same with tricep exercises.  The last thing I needed was boxing.  We moved on to boxing.  Standing up with straight punching is something I can do now, so I was happy to begin with that as we gradually built it up and then kept it sustained at a peak for a long ten seconds.  Then we were sitting down and punching upwards, following the same process to get to a peak as my shoulders cursed me.  I thought I was finishing off with hooks, but as my partner took a rest I ended up repeating the hooks with the instructor.  The warm down did not come a moment too soon, to bring another brilliant session to a close.  I felt like I had sweated off half my body weight as I walked back to my car.

I got home and ate an Italian bean soup with some crackers and two boiled eggs.

  1. Walk – 1.5 miles
  2. Training – 1 hour

Friday 16 August 2013

I was tired when I woke up so gave the Drill a miss but still made sure to do two minutes of plank.  That is becoming a recuring theme which I must stop.  I ate a Frusli bar during my drive into work and ate an Oat So Simple honey and vanilla, while drinking a cup of milk and my fizzy vitamin C.  I will not be going for a run today, although my legs are feeling better than they have done recently, so I will try to regulate my eating.  The pain now seems to be back to being in just one place, below my calf on my left leg, although there is still tightness behind my left knee.  The weather was still nice enough by the time I got home, so we went for a walk around town in the evening.

  1. Plank

Saturday 17 August 2013

I was back seeing Christianne this morning and after a warm up on the bike and the cross-trainer, we used a number of different bits of equipment to work on my core and my shoulders.  A new one for me was standing on one of the inclined workbenches and pulling myself up the slope by bringing my arms into my chest, apparently in a wakeboarding movement.  That was a lot of fun and after my initial attempt to stand up I did not feel like I was going to fall off.  Christianne measured my body fat and it has remained at 19.8%.  I need to get working on my sit ups to reduce it down from that, but it is good not to have increased it.

I just snacked through the day.

  1. Training – 1 hour

Sunday 18 August 2013

I woke up feeling good, got some food and water into me and walked down to the big park in St Albans for another Sunday morning session with Regiment Fitness.  There was a good-sized group here this morning, and a number of new faces, which is always good to see.  The warm up was with Liam and started off at walking pace going round in a circle, which I liked, and gradually built into high knees with a partner.  Very soon we were sent running to the bench on the far side of the area to bring the warm up to a close.  I was still feeling good.  We were going to be doing a 300 circuit with Liam and Tom, which was something I had enjoyed at Welwyn previously, but before we got into that we had to do 5 burpees because people did not get to the start line in time.  Then we were running to the other end, doing 30 press ups and running back; getting 5 more press ups because we had stopped running on the spot before running to the other end, doing 30 squats and running back; holding in the squat position for ages before running to the other end, doing another 30 squats and running back; holding in the squat position again before running to the other end, doing 30 crossed-thumb press ups, immediately followed by 30 sit ups and running back; holding in the plank position before running to the other end and back six times; running to the other end, doing 30 squat thrusts and running back; running to the other end and back before running to the other end again, doing 10 bastard burpees and running back; holding in the squat position once again before finally running to the other end, doing 30 squat jumps and running back.  I like squats, they seem to suit me, so I was good with this circuit, and sprinted in to finish it off.  We then split into two groups and I started with Tom and jerry (!) can relay in teams of 3, running with the jerry can above my head 6 times.  There was some suggestion that the team I was in was cheating, but the rules had not been explicit enough on when we could start our runs.  Then we split into teams of 5 and and did the running relay where a new person joins the line each lap and then someone gets dropped off each lap once everyone has been picked up.  I was the last in the line, which meant I ran the last lap alone, and again I pushed it to sprint for home.  We swapped over to Liam for the boxing, starting in the standing position for two 20 second bursts of straight arm punching, with 10 second rests inbetween.  Somehow we managed to get a forfeit of 10 press ups while doing this.  We then moved into the sit up position to do two bursts of 30 seconds in the V position, with 10 seconds inbetween.  Somehow, again we picked up a forfeit while I was doing it which meant my final burst was of 40 seconds.  Or maybe 45 seconds.  I had really enjoyed the session and the warm down felt good.  They managed to find a Star of the Session trophy and I had heard Tom talking about this earlier, and who he would present it to this morning, so it came as a shock and a very pleasant surprise when he said my name !  I was totally chuffed to have won it and after the photo had been taken I walked home very pleased with myself.  And sweating like a pig.

I am the champion, my friends !

I am the champion, my friends !

We went for a walk in the afternoon and you can read about that here.

There were some good views on the walk

There were some good views on the walk

In the evening we ate a Marks & Spencer pizza, which was quite tasty and not stodgy at all, and I also ate some dates.  I drank a lot of water.

  1. Walk
  2. Training – 1 hour
  3. Walk – 5.5 miles

Positives from this week – the fitness sessions continue to go very well and I can feel improvement each time.

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