Chipperfield to Amersham via Latimer

This did not quite go to plan.  I think I need to invest in some maps.  My car needed to be looked at so I decided I would walk back after dropping it off.  Before I went on holiday I had done things the other way round and walked over to collect it, and I was sure I could cut down that route.  Well, I may have done in the end, but not in the way I intended.  Still, I had my iPod Shuffle with me, so it was all good.

I left the car behind at the garage on the far side of Chipperfield at 0910, with the sun breaking through but not hot, so I put on my Fitzroy jacket.  I was just walking along the road until I came across a path which ran alongside it behind a treeline.

OSI – Terminal
Frost* – Dear Dead Days

This led on to the edge of a wooded area, which continued on to a horse track before coming out at the pavement near to the Range Rover garage in Chipperfield.

Porcupine Tree – Anesthetize (live)

At the crossroads I took Dunny Lane towards Sarratt, to try to find a quicker route to The Green Dragon at Flaunden.  It had turned into a lovely Autumnal morning, and I was enjoying walking along, eating some of my Trek peanut and oat bar.  At 0935 I saw a footpath sign for Holly Hedges Lane, and recognising that name from my previous walk I decided to take the path.  I would much rather be walking cross-country than on roads anyway.  This took me into Woodman’s Wood.

AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long
Lazuli – Les Malveillants

The trouble with not having a map is not knowing if you are taking the correct turning.  I am not even sure I went the correct way through Woodman’s Wood.  Anyway, I reached a lane and turned left.  Left definitely felt like the correct way to go.  Of course, I had no idea if I was on Holly Hedges Lane, and simply presumed that I must be.  There was tree felling going on across the lane.

UFO – Lights Out (live)
Chantel McGregor – Freefalling

I came out on Ollieberrie Lane.  Sounds a bit like Holly Hedges Lane.  And I turned left on to Flaunden Lane.  I reached a junction I recognised and I think I had taken the long cut to get there.  I turned around and walked the other way up Flaunden Lane.  It was 1000 and I was not convinced I was actually very far from my starting point.  I took a left on to a public footpath which was to the Chess Valley.  That would certainly be taking me in the right direction.  I crossed a lane and was then walking on a farm driveway, past some big ponies, pretty much through and across the rest of the farm, and then up another lane which ran alongside Bragmans Moonshine Track, a permissive track for the fast riding of horses, and absolutely not for walkers.

Pendragon – Indigo
Rush – Tom Sawyer

A turn to the right to take a public footpath to Flaunden, and then left on to a road and I was at a crossroads I recognised.

OSI – Be The Hero
Crippled Black Phoenix – Troublemaker

At 1025 I had reached The Green Dragon at Flaunden through some convoluted route, which I am sure is still not the most direct route to get there.  But at least I had got to where I wanted to be, because from here I just had to walk up the bridleway, go through Ley Hill and Chesham, and then I would be home.  Easy.

Phideaux – Formaldehyde
Matt Stevens – Big Sky
Von Hertzen Brothers – In The End
Magenta – Anger

So at 1050 I had missed the bridleway and was now in Latimer.  I carried straight on and crossed the main road to Chesham to take Stoney Lane towards Little Chalfont.

Von Hertzen Brothers – Freedom Fighter
Tinyfish – Wide Awake At Midnight

Towards the top of Stoney Lane I headed into the woods and followed the path until I reached Westwood Park.  From there it was simple to take a right on to Elizabeth Avenue.

Riverside – Hybrid Times

I reached White Lion Road at 1125 and was on the home stretch.

Rainbow – Eyes Of The World
Pink Floyd – Terminal Frost
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Phideaux – I Was Thinking
Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun

I was home at 1150.  It is around 11 miles by car, and I had got home in 2 hours and 40 minutes.  I have no idea how far I walked, but I had kept a good pace throughout and had enjoyed the walk.  Still, I cannot help thinking that if I actually consult a map I can cut down the distance, and, therefore, the time.  Which really does make it a worthwhile way of either leaving or collecting the car.

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  1. Mike Evans says:

    I find a quick look at google maps on the computer is always worthwhile before I intend walking anywhere just to get your bearings and be familiar with street names that your using even if you don’t remember it all.

    I also have google maps on my phone which comes in handy if I get lost, or as happened in Valencia I’m unsure which road to take once I get out of the train station 🙂

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