Winter Wolf Run training : Week 7

Week 7, and I  am hoping I can fit things in this week…

Monday 21 October 2013

I was too busy with work to do anything during the day and was just too tired to then do anything in the evening.  Thankfully I had got in two minutes of plank in the morning.

  1. Plank

Tuesday 22 October 2013

I was in the office and ate my pot of Oat So Simple (golden syrup flavour) and drank my milk and water, and made sure I continued to drink water, before I went out at lunchtime for my run.  Today I was doing an Interval Workout, which should be six sets of 800 metres at 10km pace, each followed by 400 metres at a jog.  I have no idea how far 800 metres or 400 metres are on my route, so I decided to run 3 minutes of warm up followed by six sets of 2 minutes at full pace, with a minute after each at a recovery pace.  Doing that I managed to complete one big lap and again got to the bus stop just past the cycle path logo painted on the pavement by the main road on my smaller lap.  I felt tired while running it.

I went to the late Regiment Fitness session in Welwyn at quarter past 7 in the evening. The session was being taken by Tom and Steve again, and I think they are an excellent combination.  After the very fun and active warm up, and a run over to the trees and back, we had another new circuit.  This time we were in pairs and one of us would run out to the far pole, do the exercises and then run back.  The other would run out as they were running back and it repeated like that.  It also built up, so the first exercise we would do was 10 press ups, and then the next time around we would do 10 press ups and then 10 sit ups, and then 10 press ups, 10 sit ups and 10 squats.  It built up to us doing press ups, sit ups, squats, squat jumps, leg raises, burpees and tuck jumps.  That ends up being a lot of press ups and a lot of running, and we were encouraged to sprint the runs.  We finished with a quick run over to the trees and back, then split into groups, and I ended up in the group which started in pairs with medicine ball exercises.  One of us would chest press the medicine ball while the other did press ups (because we needed to do more press ups this evening), then one squatted with the medicine ball while the other held the squat position, and finally one did Russian twists with the medicine ball while the other held the half sit up position and cycled with his legs.  We then got into groups for linked shuttle runs and I was in a group of six and the first one to set off.  That was really tough after all the sprinting earlier in the session.  We moved on to boxing and things did not get any easier as we worked in pairs from the sit up position, doing three sets of 10 seconds in the up position, before doing three sets of 20 seconds.  I could definitely feel that.  The warm down brought an end to another great session.

  1. Plank
  2. Run (work) – 6 x 800 Interval Workout
  3. Training – 1 hour

Wednesday 23 October 2013

I had a meeting in Paris which meant a very early start in the morning, and a late return home.  I did walk from Gare du Nord to Opera and back again.

  1. Walk

Thursday 24 October 2013

I was back in the office and ate my sweet cinnamon Oat So Simple with a cup of milk, to prepare myself for my lunchtime run.  I drank water through the morning and felt ready.  Today was my VO2 max training, and I covered a longer distance than my previous time on the work route, getting half way along the pavement infront of C.Butt.  I drank some more milk after that and ate a wheatberry and bean salad with an Activia breakfast post, and later a berry cheeky nakd bar and an apple.

I went to a brilliant gig in the evening, which you can read about here.  I think standing up at a gig should count as exercise.

  1. Run (work) – VO2 Max

Friday 25 October 2013

I had to drive up to Derby and back during the day, and then went into London in the evening for another brilliant gig, which you can read about here.  This did involve walking from St Pancras to Highbury & Islington.  And not only standing up this time, as I did a lot of bouncing as well.

  1. Walk

Saturday 26 October 2013

I woke up tired from the gig the night before because I got home on such a high from it that I could not sleep, but still managed to get to training with Christianne on time.  We talked about how my eating was going as we did a lot of weights work on my arms, and when we measured my body fat percentage it had dropped down to 19%, which was great news for me.

  1. Training

Sunday 27 October 2013

I just went for a walk.

  1. Walk

Positives from this week – my body fat percentage has dropped which is a sign that everything is coming together.

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