St Albans to Kings Langley

Those of you who read my blogs on a regular basis will have seen here that my car broke down and needed to be repaired.  Those repairs had now been finished and I needed to collect the car from a location between Kings Langley and Chipperfield.  The only realistic way for me to get there was on foot, so I decided to run it, although this route would work just as well as a walk.  I would only say that it is not circular, so you probably need a car waiting at the other end.

I set off from home and made my way to the back of the Cathedral & Abbey Church of St Albans so that I could take the path through the grass area down into Verulamium Park, coming out at The Fighting Cocks before entering the park and following the path by the lake to take me straight across and up the other side with the Roman wall on my right.  I ran to the top of that path and came out on King Harry Lane, turned right and then turned left into Mayne Avenue.  I followed that as it forms the boundary round the residential roads inside and made my first mistake when I failed to notice the footpath across the fields opposite Samian Gate.  I kept going and turned right on to Westfields, then carried on along Midway until I came out on Watford Road and I realised my mistake.  Fortunately I had my phone with me and Google Maps took me back to where I needed to be.  I turned left on to the public footpath to cross the fields and came out on Potters Crouch Lane.  I turned left and headed slightly uphill along a route which I recognised from the St Albans Half-Marathon earlier on this year, more of which you can read about here.  I passed under the A414 and kept along past Ragged Hall Lane before I came into Bedmond Lane, at which point I went under the M1 and remembered this was leading into the big hill from the half-marathon.

I just kept going and soon reached St Alban’s Lane and then made my second mistake.  I turned left into Sergehill Lane instead of carrying straight on, but fortunately already had doubts that was the correct thing to do, and was once again saved by Google Maps.  I returned to the correct route and at the end of St Albans Lane turned left on to the High Street in Bedmond.  That took me to a roundabout and I turned right into Tom’s Lane, which went on and on before heading downhill, and I followed it all the way until it came out under a railway bridge at the bottom of Kings Langley on to Station Road.  I crossed on to the road opposite, Water Lane, and followed that as it took me over the Grand Union Canal.  I turned right into Waterside and then saw a public footpath sign for the High Street and decided to follow that.  It brought me out across from Langley Hill, which I knew would take me to my destination, so I followed that up its steep incline.  It bends right at the top and at the next junction I turned left onto Chipperfield Road.  That took me over the A41 and not too much further after that I was able to turn left at the Kings Langley Riding School and arrived at my destination.

Together with my mistakes it had been 10.25 miles.

A longer run that I thought it was going to be...

A longer run that I thought it was going to be…

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