Mangrove plus Credo

Just got back from seeing Mangrove and Credo at The Peel, and what a distinction between two bands with essentially the same roots.

Credo deliver a masterclass in what I would call traditional British neo-progressive rock, or, if you like, Fish-era Marillion (and I DO like).  There is no messing about here, no little flourishes or adornments – make no mistake, these are accomplished musicians, but what they produce is straightforward and to the point – latent aggression in the delivery that gives it an edge.  And if you are into progressive rock from the time when Marillion, Twelfth Night, Pallas and Pendragon revived it, then you will find a lot to like in Credo.  They are next playing on 11 December, supporting Paradise 9 at the Inn on the Green in Ladbroke Grove, London – so get along.

Mangrove clearly also have their roots in Genesis, and as they say themselves on their MySpace site, there are heavy symphonic eruptions.  Again there is excellent musicianship on offer here, but many more flourishes and adornments.  Absolutely the distinction between the British and the continentals.  And it’s all good.  Lots of melody here, some soaring phrases, very keyboard based, but also with some striking guitar solos.  And I am going to see them again on Monday at the Robin in Bilston, with Quecia supporting (illness permitting).

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