Paradise 9 plus Credo

Last Thursday I went to the Inn on the Green in Ladbroke Grove to see Credo and Paradise 9.  It was an easy venue to get to and had free car parking outside, a nice bar area with seating and a couple of table football games, and then the venue room itself – I do not know how many bands gig there, but I suspect more should take a look and consider it as a venue.  It is an intimate atmosphere, but very laid back, with chairs and sofas in the music area, and what looked like a white parachute over the top of the stage area – this was used for projections, which included the Clangers for the Credo set.  Not sure if that was their idea, or if they even realised !

I had seen Credo recently at The Peel supporting Mangrove, and thoroughly enjoyed their set.  Since then I had also enjoyed many listens to their two albums, so I was well up for this gig – just disappointed that I had missed all the rest in what had been an extensive tour before they took a break through 2009.  Great timing on my part.  They are good solid British progressive rock, and they produced an excellent set.  Starting with The Game (and no premature clapping this time around from the audience), then a medley from the first album, taking us through Power To The Nth, Phantom, Rules Of Engagement and Good Boy.  Then a new track, Round ‘n’ Round, an epic which really takes their sound forward – it’s almost like a jump from Script to Misplaced – excellent vocals, keyboard driven, flourishes of guitar, bass and drums keeping it on track as the swirling sound moves into a soaring guitar solo.  Very much looking forward to hearing that recorded.  The Letter leads us into Cradle… To The Grave, and far too soon the set is over.  And time constraints had meant they had to leave out Skintrade.  The band were so easy to chat with after the set, clearly very enthusiatic about what they do, and looking forward to the release of a DVD from a gig in Poland – a tv production quality number, by all accounts.  Tim Birrell said he was a bit rusty since The Peel, but personally I do not know how he could have sounded any better !

I had not seen Paradise 9 before, but how can you go wrong with some psychedelic space rock in Ladbroke Grove ???  I have no idea if they stuck to their set list, and am not sure if they would know either ! Certainly at one point the question was raised ‘shall we swap that for Broken Promises, because Broken Promises is easier’ – and that is just the type of set it was – frenetic fun, everyone, band and audience, enjoying what was going on as they played some new songs as well as ones from their album.  Guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion, effects, clarinet, female backing vocals – all the ingredients of some excellent eclectic psychedelic ambient punk – as one reviewer put it, Hawkwind meets Joe Strummer – professional in their musicianship, but not taking themselves too seriously.  They finished with a country folk song…State of the Nation !

Great performances from both bands and I’ll be keeping a close look out for new tour dates…

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