Silverstone Half-Marathon 2014 training : Week 1

My running training weeks are from Monday to Sunday, and so these weekly blogs will come out on the Sunday evening at the end of each week, to finish everything off.  Most likely after I have been finished off.  I ran the Silverstone Half-Marathon in 2013 in a time of 2 hours 37 minutes and 06 seconds, and want to beat that time in 2014.  Actually, I want to smash that time and do it under 2 hours, and with the training schedule I have put together that should be possible.  As well as various running exercises, my training schedule between now and the race on 2 March 2014 will include bootcamp sessions with Regiment Fitness, weight training and other exercises from Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Fitness book, hiking, 30-day challenges, and probably a few other things I discover along the way.  I have talked about yoga throughout 2013, so maybe I will get round to it in 2014.

Sunday 01 December 2013

This week is actually a prelude to the real start, and I am only including it because it features the beginning of my plank and squat 30-day challenge, the idea being that I do those each day and gradually build them up.  I have been doing plank for some time so rather than starting at 20 seconds I am starting at 120 seconds, and I am also leaving out rest days, which should take me way beyond the 300 seconds target by the end of 31 rather than 30 days, because I am also doing it for the whole of December (which is why you are getting two Sundays in this first week).  I am also leaving out rest days for the squats, but starting at the beginning with 50.

  1. Plank – 120 seconds
  2. Squats – 50

Monday 02 December 2013

  1. Plank – 120 seconds
  2. Squats – 55

Tuesday 03 December 2013

I was at a legal insurance seminar in London with Hill Dickinson during the day and was delighted with their lunch offering, which included a vegetarian curry with rice and spinach, and various items of fruit for dessert.  That is where my diet should be going, and I will be giving more detail to my nutrition in my future training blogs.

  1. Plank – 130 seconds
  2. Squats – 60

Wednesday 04 December 2013

  1. Plank – 130 seconds
  2. Squats – 65

Thursday 05 December 2013

We walked into St Albans in the evening because the Christmas Market was open until late.  Unfortunately, the wind during the day had blown over a tree, which in turn had knocked out the electricity, and so it was closed.  At least we got a walk out of it.

  1. Plank – 140 seconds
  2. Squats – 70
  3. Walk

Friday 06 December 2013

I walked down to the leisure centre to meet with Debbie after she had been to her step class, and we walked from there up to the Christmas Market, hoping that it was open this time.  It was, but it paled in comparison to Zurich and Salzburg.  At least we got a walk out of it.

  1. Plank – 140 seconds
  2. Squats – 75
  3. Walk

Saturday 07 December 2013

I will be doing a number of exercises from Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Fitness book as part of this training schedule, so I thought I had best try them out before I have to do them for real.  He has some specific groups of exercises which deal with Shoulders, Knees and the Lower Back and I have decided to do those through December to see how they go.  I will then see about adding more to them.  I will describe the exercises which make up those groups in more detail in my further December blogs.

  1. Plank – 150 seconds
  2. Squats – 80
  3. Thrive – Shoulders
  4. Thrive – Knees
  5. Thrive – Lower Back

Sunday 08 December 2013

I did my plank and squats first thing and then we went for a short walk around one part of town.  Later in the afternoon we walked to the Cathedral and back for an organ recital of Olivier Messiaen’s La Nativite du Seigneur.

  1. Plank – 150 seconds
  2. Squats – 90
  3. Walk

Positives from this week – I have got things going again and am ready to start the actual training schedule.

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