Silverstone Half-Marathon 2014 training : Week 6

Week 6, and trying to push it on through this awful weather…

Monday 06 January 2014

In all honesty, I was knackered and my knees hurt, so I turned this into a rest day.

Tuesday 07 January 2014

I was working from home so decided to go to the morning session of Regiment Fitness in St Albans.  It was raining hard when I woke up, so I hoped that would pass.  It did.  And then it came back.  And then it passed again.  I drove down because the parking restrictions where I live overlap with the Regiment Fitness timings, and it was dry as I drove down.  Then it started raining as I sat in the car in the carpark.  Eventually I had to get out of the car, and the rain had gone.  Shaun was taking the session, which was going to be interesting because I had not been to a session with him for some time.  I said this about St Albans last time – the people who come along to these sessions are far too fit.  Even the new person this morning looked like they had been doing running as a serious pasttime for a number of years.  At least Shaun did not send us off on a run to the far trees to start the warm up.  No, he saved that for the end of the warm up, and it was like running through a stream.  A stream full of mud.  We went over to the far side of the field for the circuit, passing enough water that it had formed a lake on the way, and then worked at each of the poles in the line, doing 5, then 10, then 15, then 20 and finally 25 repetitions of each exercise, starting with press ups, then getting soaked through and covered in mud as we did sit ups, before 6 burpees at each pole wiped me out, and finally 8 squat jumps at each pole turned my legs to jelly.  That was an excellent, varied circuit.  We jogged back over to the van and split into threes for shoulder presses with the log, doing 40, then 50, and finally 70 repetitions, with a run to the pole inbetween each set.  The rain had stopped and the weather had decided to throw down some freezing hail instead, which stung as it hit and really did bring the temperature down.  Shaun sent us off for an extra run round the poles at the end to make sure we stayed warm as the other groups finished off.  Then we moved on to jerry can carries with two jerry cans, running out to the cones four times each, being very careful on the very muddy ground.  We finished off with some short, sharp boxing, starting with straight arm punches, then hooks, and finally punching upwards while in a squat position.  That was a splendid way to finish me off.  The warm down was very quick as the rain had returned, with Shaun reminding us that we should warm down properly when we got home.  And then, as the great session came to an end, the rain cleared and the sun came out.

Happy daze...

Happy daze…

We went to Whole Foods Market in London in the evening, and bought all sorts of wonderful things which will start to feature in my blog.  We also ate there, and I probably should have gone with what Debbie had rather than a vegetarian burger which seemed to have hardened over time and chips which came out of a standard catering pack.  Still, the shopping itself was a next step with my nutrition.

  1. Regiment Fitness – 1 hour
  2. Plank – 120 seconds
  3. Press ups – 2 x 22

Wednesday 08 January 2014

I was feeling too tired to do anything in the morning and I do need to work on my sleep.  Again.  I had an excellent lunch of vegetarian burger, sweet potato and salad with spirulina sprinkled on it.  I need to put together a proper plan of when I should be taking these supplements.

We decided to go to the Hatha Yoga class at The Yoga Hall in St Albans and before that I did my two minutes of plank and my press up challenge.  The press ups are going well, I am concentrating on form rather than speed, and I can feel them improving.  I keep saying I will go to yoga and I keep meaning to make sure that resolution continues for more than just a few sessions, so we shall see how determined I can be this time.  I do like it at The Yoga Hall, it is always very friendly and relaxed, and I was amazed that Laura remembered who I was.  The session lasted for an hour and a half, went through a number of different practices before we got to a sun salutation, and overall was a wonderful workout.  It is amazing just how not-bendy I am despite all the exercise I have been doing.  I must keep this going at least once a week.

I ate two boiled eggs when I got home.

  1. Plank – 120 seconds
  2. Press ups – 2 x 24
  3. Hatha Yoga – 90 minutes

Thursday 09 January 2014

I was working from home today so I got up and did what are now my January morning exercises – plank, press ups and squats.  Two minutes of plank, my press up challenge and 200 squats.  At lunchtime I went for a 40 minute Fartlek run, which was going very well for the first 35 minutes and then I really started feeling both knees, and especially my left knee, and also my left shoulder.  We had pumpkin gnocchetti with salad and spirulina when I got home and in the evening Debbie cooked a vegetarian pizza with a gluten-free base, which made up for work getting in the way of me going to Regiment Fitness.

  1. Plank – 120 seconds
  2. Press ups – 2 x 26
  3. Squats – 200
  4. Run (home) – Fartlek 40 minutes
  5. Thrive – Shoulders

Friday 10 January 2014

As I was doing my run yesterday I did wonder if I was fighting something off, and the way I feel this morning confirms it.  I woke up feeling grotty, with a cough and a blocked nose.  I stayed off the exercise for the day and we went to the cinema in the evening to see Amercian Hustle, which was brilliant.  The popcorn was good, too.

Saturday 11 January 2014

I still do not feel quite at 100% this morning but I still made sure to do my plank, press ups and squats.  In the afternoon I took a walk into town to buy some food towards my new nutrition plan, which is turning into something bordering on vegetarian/vegan with some specific items to provide particular nutrients.  The only difficulty is trying to find those items and after a fruitless (ha !) walk around town it looks like I will have to search online instead.  Which led me to find out that salba is the same as chia.  Dinner was tofu and broccoli stir-fried in coconut oil with spirulina spinkled on top.

  1. Plank – 120 seconds
  2. Press ups – 3 x 14
  3. Squats – 200
  4. Walk

Sunday 12 January 2014

We went for a walk around St Albans for an hour in the morning, which you can read about here.

A glorious view of the lake

A glorious view of the lake

When we got back I ate a souped-up New Covent Garden Soup Co skinny quinoa and turtle beans with chilli and lime soup for lunch, adding half a teaspoon of maca, two spoonfulls of shelled hemp, a spoonfull of milled flaxseed and two sachets chia shots, with two boiled eggs.  In the evening I ate some dates and we had wholemeal pasta with butternut squash, mushroom and rocket, and I did my plank and press ups.

  1. Walk – 11 miles – 4 hours
  2. Plank – 120 seconds
  3. Press ups – 3 x 16

Positives from this week – I have fought off the cold and there has been a good variety in my training.

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