Bad Elephant Motherland curry

To be read to the tune of Red Army Blues by The Waterboys

When I left my home and St Albans
Debbie said to me
“Jamie, it’s not how many cds you sell that counts
It’s how many hobbit botherers you set free!”

So I packed my camera
Charged my phone
Walked out into the world
Forty five years old
Never usually invited to the curries

He's behind you !

He’s behind you !

Took the train to Aldgate East
That was as far as it would go
Followed David and James down Brick Lane
Into the Brasserie with the ceiling so low
I prayed for Motherland
In the spring of ’14
And as we drove the boundaries back
I really believed
That Prog was listening to me

Where's Godfrey ?

Where’s Godfrey ?

We said hello to Robert Ramsay
As we waited for Godfrey to come
Raised the Cobra glasses high
Burnt the diet plans down
I saw my first cashew nut roll
And it looked a lot like meh
The vegetable Kashmir should have been better
Said it’d come with banana but there was not much else

Just sign the contract...

Just sign the contract…

Then the eating was over
The conversation could not be tamed
My High Spy and twenty hundred other tales
Before we had to leave for the train
Aldgate East! said the Amazing Wilf
From there your own way home
James went on the District line
I changed at Farringdon
Train went north to St Albans
I needed sleep before tomorrow’s run
Up the great Hatfield road
For miles and miles and miles and miles
The blog would have to wait for the morning
The photos would keep too
All because preparation time for the Paras’ 10
Had already become too short !

You just get yourself on Facebook, Ramsay !

You just get yourself on Facebook, Ramsay !

Used to love my Prog
Used to be so young
Used to believe that Grendel was
The best song ever sung
I would have died for my Prog
In 1983
But now only one thing remains
But now only one thing remains
But now only one thing remains
But now only one thing remains
The brute will to sell Motherland !

You can see more photographs from the evening here.

And do not forget to check the Bad Elephant Music bandcamp page for the release of Simon Godfrey’s Motherland.

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2 Responses to Bad Elephant Motherland curry

  1. roger says:

    epic prog lyric.

  2. Nurse! Mr. Allen’s not taken his medicine again!

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