Paras’ 10 training : Week 3

Week 3, and I need to cope with being in Paris for a few days…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Perri Shakes Drayton, who managed to run a mile for Sport Relief.  I am sure with the correct training they will both be able to run a longer distance next time.

Sport Relief 2014

Sport Relief 2014

Have a look at my entry for Sunday to see how I got on.

Monday 17 March 2014

I woke up tired.  How many more times am I going to type that before I start going to bed at a proper time ?  I did my plank and ate an apple as I drove into work, and ate some dates while I drank a cup of water with a Redoxon vitamin C plus zinc tablet, and took a Wellman Sport tablet and a Seven Seas cod liver oil plus multivitamins tablet.  I would be going for a run at lunchtime so I ate a bowl of The Ultimate meusli from Rude Health -which is the one which includes oats, rye flakes, raisins, sultanas, barley flakes, apricots, almonds, brazil nuts, dates, golden linseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, quinoa flakes, apple, buckwheat flakes, goji berries, hazlenuts, puffed rice, blueberries, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and cinnamon, to which I added my usual hemp, flaxseed, chia and spirulina.  I am using a different type of flaxseed and this one also contains sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds, and goji berries.  Today I was doing an Interval Workout, which would be seven sets of 400 metres at 5km pace, each followed by 400 metres at 10km pace.  I ran 3 minutes of warm up followed by seven sets of 1 minute at the full pace, with a minute after each at the recovery pace.  Doing that in the sunny conditions I managed to complete one big lap and got down to the lamppost at the end of the middle road on a small lap, which is further than I have got before, and continued on to finish 2.6 miles in 21 minutes and 51 seconds, which is over 30 seconds quicker than the last time I ran this IW.  The map on my Strava reading is way out, though, so the GPS signal must have been dodgy, so it is fortunate I also record my time on my watch.  I got back into the office and ate a couple of dates and some cashew nuts, did some squats and took my shower, then I drank water through the afternoon and ate some more dates, cashew nuts, and muesli with the flaxseed, hemp and maca.

  1. Plank – 150 seconds
  2. Run (work) – 7 x 400 Interval Workout
  3. Squats – 50

Tuesday 18 March 2014

I drove to Welwyn Garden City for the early Regiment Fitness session, which this evening was being taken by mad Steve and Richard.  It is always good to see Steve and we had a chat about running and bergens.  The weather was dry but it had turned cold again, which at least kept the ground firm, and it was still light.  The starting warm up led us into sprints, lots of sprints, and even before we got to the circuit I could feel a tightness in my left thigh.  The circuit involved running out to the far pole, doing 30 repetitions of each exercise, then running back and holding either the plank or doing squats before moving on to the next exercise.  We did press ups, sit ups, squat thrusts, plank to press up, V sit ups, star jumps, lunge jumps, and some more sprints.  It was with a sense of relief from my left thigh that we moved on to the boxing, doing upward punching from the sitting position for a minute, then sit ups with straight punches before holding in the half sit up position.  We swapped groups to do some shuttles, running out with a tyre, doing seven press ups on the tyre, then running back, while our partner was doing squats or the plank to press up, and we each did this three times.  Then we had more shuttle runs from our partner while I was doing 40 log chest presses, and then 50 log chest presses while I waited for Sammy to finally get back…  The warm down included Steve telling us everything you ever wanted to know about nutrition but were too afraid to ask, the main message of which appeared to be ‘eat breakfast !!!’  It had been a great session.

  1. Regiment Fitness – 1 hour

Wednesday 19 March 2014

I was off to Paris with work and in the evening managed to get in a Fartlek run along La Seine, which was nice.  I was not in the mood to do anything else beyond that, but I did enjoy a very nice meal afterwards.

I must be in Seine

I must be in Seine

  1. Run (Paris) – Fartlek – 4.1 miles

Thursday 20 March 2014

I walked up to the conference hall, which was something of a trek from my hotel.  You can see photographs of La Defense here.

Friday 21 March 2014

I was feeling like this week had got away from me from an exercise point of view, so I decided to get in three bootcamp sessions to bring it to a close.  That meant getting along to St Albans on the Friday, where Liam was taking the session.  It was a sunny morning with a chill in the air, and I recognised the circuit after the warm up as one we had done a few Wednesday evenings ago, but this appeared to be over a longer distance.  There were five poles and we would do lunges out to the first three, running back from them, and then running out and back for the final two.  At each pole we would do 30 repetitions of the exercises, doing press ups, squats, sit ups and leg raises, and I have to say the leg raises left me feeling dizzy as I got up, but it was a feeling that went with a shake of the head.  I was feeling good.  We moved on to boxing from the sit up position, then sitting for some upward punches, before we finished a great leg session with some running with tyres.

  1. Regiment Fitness – 1 hour

Saturday 22 March 2014

I made sure to get to Dunstable early enough to do my hill climbs before taking on the Regiment Fitness bootcamp session.  I followed the same route, setting out along the top away from the Visitor Centre, and although it was sunny there was a very cold wind blowing, which even made breathing hard at times.  I carried on along the top until it dropped down into a clearing from where I followed the bottom track, seemingly always running into a headwind, until it gets to Regiment Hill, and this week I did that in 16 minutes and 58 seconds, which is my quickest time yet.  I did 4 hill climbs, running as far as I could, and generally getting further than previous weeks, before walking the rest of the way to the top, then jogging back down again because the ground is starting to firm up.  I was able to watch some gliders taking off and one of them even passed overhead during one of my climbs.  I passed Adam as he was setting things up for the Regiment Fitness session and we had a quick chat before I went to the car to get some food and liquid into me.

The bootcamp session was being taken by Adam, with two guys who were new to me, Ben and Ricky.  At least I was able to recognise Amy this time !  The cold wind was still blowing strongly so I was glad when we got going into the warm up, and thankfully a lot of the warm up was spent running before we had a final push with a run over to the wind sculpture and back.  The circuit was set up with the poles in two diamonds, and I chose to go with the big diamond.  The really big diamond.  We would be doing 10 repetitions at each pole, running a lap of the diamond, and then repeating until we were told to move on to the next exercise.  We started with shoulder tap press ups (coming up and tapping the opposite shoulder with the hand before going down again) and then did squat jumps, sit ups with our feet in a diamond shape, and finished off with 180 degree burpees (turning 180 degrees with the jump part of the burpee).  Those were tough exercises and it involved a lot of running.  Just what I need to be doing at the moment.  We split into two groups and I was in a team for tyre shuttles before we moved into fours on the logs, doing sit ups and half sit ups until we did ten repeats of going all the way down, coming up, then going half way down and coming up.  We were not quite finished with the core work yet, though, as we moved on to leg raises of all sorts.  That hurt.  We switched to the boxing with Ben, doing ten straight punches from the standing position then dropping to the ground and getting back up to repeat, alternating with our partner in sets for 1 minute, then 45 seconds, then 30 seconds, then 45 seconds, and finally another minute.  The warm down brought a brilliant session to a close and I definitely felt like I had worked hard through the morning.

  1. Run (Dunstable) – 16 minutes 58 seconds
  2. Hill climbs – 4
  3. Regiment Fitness – 1 hour

Sunday 23 March 2014

I ran down to Regiment Fitness in St Albans.  Strava reckons it was 0.1 miles.  I know it is 1 mile.  It was sunny but still with a cold edge to the air, and Shaun was taking the session with another new guy, Jay.  After the warm up we had the triangle circuit.  It was a big triangle.  In fact, Shaun appeared to have coned and poled off most of this part of the park.  We would be doing the exercises at each pole and then running a lap of the triangle, doing 30 press ups, followed by 30 sit ups, then 20 burpees, and finishing off with 30 leg raises.  A circuit like this just brings home to me how I still need to be working on my running.  We moved on to the tyre shuttle runs, working in teams of four to bring the tyres back over each other, and not only did Jay manage to spot some of my creative ways of playing this game, but he seemed to know my name already.  All hope is lost.  We continued with a daisy-chain running shuttle in teams of 5, and although this is probably my least favourite thing to do, I am getting better at it, and I managed to stay with the pace this time, even pushing it on my final leg.  We gathered up the equipment, took it across to the van, and I even picked up four tyres because I thought that was the end of the session.  How could I have forgotten about the boxing ?  I teamed up with Becks, who turned out to be a formidable motivator as we did straight punching from the standing position, some from the sit up position, and finished off with three bursts.  The warm down felt very good after such a busy session.  I walked back across the park and then ran up the hill for a final push.

In the afternoon I ran the Sport Relief Mile and you can read about that here.

I got a medal :)

I got a medal 🙂

  1. Run (home) – 1 mile – 8 minutes 44 seconds
  2. Regiment Fitness – 1 hour
  3. Walk – 1.6 miles
  4. Sport Relief – 6 miles – 51 minutes
  5. Walk – 1.6 miles

Positives from this week – in something of a strange week I got in some good bootcamp sessions and finished things off with a 6 mile run.

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