Paras’ 10 training : Week 10

Week 10, and I cannot let a holiday get in the way of training…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Team Lycan, because there is no I in Lycian.

It had rained.

It had rained.

Monday 05 May 2014

The weather was still not brilliant so we took a walk along the Lycian Way and up the mountain, going further than I had the day before when I was out for my run, and staying out in what turned into a rainstorm for a total of 3 hours.  When we got back we decided to go to the gym again, and I warmed up on the stepper for 4 minutes and 15 seconds before someone else walked in and went straight for the multi-weight machine, leaving me with no option but to do another tabata (the same as the one I wrote about here), followed by 50 squats with weights and my Thrive shoulder exercises.

Going for a stroll

Going for a stroll

  1. Walk – 3 hours
  2. Gym – tabata
  3. Thrive – shoulders

Tuesday 06 May 2014

Another session in the gym, although I thought we were going to be there for a longer period of time, so although I got in a 5 minute cycling warm up, I only managed to do 3 x 15 repetitions of the exercises.  I did take everything up a weight, though, so clearly I was taking it too easy last time !  We went off to the steam room again, and I finished things off with a swim for 20 minutes.

  1. Gym
  2. Steam room
  3. Swim – 20 minutes

Wednesday 07 May 2014

We spent the day on a boat trip and had three opportunities to go swimming in the sea.  I took full advantage of them all.  The first stop was in a bay with an island in the middle of it, so I swam round the boat and then round the island, although I got a bit too close to the island and hit the rocks (where was the lighthouse ?!), cutting the side of my right heel in the process.  The second swim was far less eventful, in a bigger bay which allowed me to have a good swim out to the mouth of the bay, go round a bouy, and then swim back to the boat just in time for the ice cream boat.  The final opportunity came when we put down anchor by the side of the one of the islands and I just did laps around the boat.

You can see more photographs from the boat trip here.

It was as lovely as it looks

It was as lovely as it looks

  1. Swim – 20 minutes
  2. Swim – 40 minutes
  3. Swim – 30 minutes

Thursday 08 May 2014

I did a proper walk along to the Lycian Way to Kozagaci, which was intended to be part of an assault on Mount Babadag.  You can read more about that here.

Some proper hiking

Some proper hiking

  1. Walk (Turkey) – 9+ miles – 4 hours 51 minutes

Friday 09 May 2014

We finished the holiday with a day trip which took in a visit to some mud baths and thermal springs.  All good training for the Wolf Run !  Apart from the water being heated, obviously.

Saturday 10 May 2014

We travelled back in the early hours of the morning and the most I did through the day was some gentle walking.

Sunday 11 May 2014

I had to take my car over to King’s Langley to leave it for a service on the Monday, so I decided to run home carrying my loaded bergen and wearing my Scarpa walking boots as a proper training run for the Paras’ 10.  It was tough, and all I could do when I got back to the house was sit down, but I was happy enough with my time – hopefully it puts me in a position to complete the real thing in under the 3 hours time limit.

  1. Run (King’s Landing) – 8.2 miles – 1 hour 57 minutes 57 seconds (loaded 37lbs)

Positives from this week – I came back from holiday and ran 8.2 miles in full kit carrying 37lbs.

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