Warrior Adrenaline Race (September 2014) Training Camp 1

Regiment Fitness are putting on 3 free training camps in the build up to the Warrior Adrenaline Race in September and I intend to go along to the first two of them (the third is the day before I run the Paras’ 10 at Catterick, so I think I should be tapering and not putting myself through all sorts of hell), and report back on them here.  This morning’s was at Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead, and the other training camps are being held from 1200 until 1300 in Hartham Park, Hertford on Saturday 19 July, and in Stanborough School, Welwyn Garden City on Saturday 30 August.

I had left my house on time, because I would never want to arrive late for a Regiment Fitness session, and the location turned out to be where I thought it was, so that was good.  The fact that it started pouring with rain the moment I parked up was not so good, so I waited for a few minutes in the car and it had eased off by the time I was walking over.  On my way over I came across Claire Baldwin, Nina Smith and Serena Ebbs from the St Albans Regiment Fitness sessions sheltering under a tree, and it was good to see them and have a little chat about half-marathons and Fan Dances.  We got over to the Regiment Fitness vans and I immediately saw Steven Nodwell, and then who should appear from out of one of the vans but Graham Grover – I don’t have him for training for ages, and then he comes along twice in one week !

The rain had stopped and we got going with a dynamic warm up with lots of running on the spot as we did the full range of different movements, building up to a couple of runs up the hill to a bench and back.  As it turned out, that was the start to quite a lot of running in this session.  We also did some work in pairs, getting into the press up position and trying to knock over our partner, then sitting back to back with our arms linked and trying to tip them over to one side, and finally squats together with our arms linked.

We moved on to the circuit, which was going to have us split into two groups.  One group would stay in the middle of a square of poles doing constant moving work with Graham

Does everyone know the moves for YMCA ?

Does everyone know the moves for YMCA ?

while the other group would be running out to each of four poles to do the circuit exercises.  For the first round of the circuit they would be 15 upward rows with a jerry can, 15 chest presses with a log, 15 shoulder presses with a tyre

Would have been a brilliant photo of Serena if some idiot hadn't stumbled into the background...

Would have been a brilliant photo of Serena if some idiot hadn’t stumbled into the background…

and 15 bitches at the final pole (a ‘bitch’ being a burpee with a press up added into it).  Between each exercise we would run a lap around the square.  After both groups had completed the first circuit we ran over to and around the tree and back, before moving on to the second ciruit where we did the same number of repetitions of press ups on the jerry can

Marvel at that form !

Marvel at that form !

squats with a log

Someone's forgotten to pick up the log...

Someone’s forgotten to pick up the log…

tyre slams, and lunge jumps, again with a run around the square after each set of exercises, and finally with a run over to and around the tree and back.  That was not to be the last of the running for today.

We got into three teams for a stretcher run, using the ponchos, and after the Regiment Fitness session at St Albans on Wednesday I knew how to fold it to best effect and how to position our casualties in it.  There were 8 of us in our team and we switched the casualty after each run out so that we came back with a different person being carried.  We found ourselves just behind at the beginning of the final run and while we put in huge sprint at the end we could not quite catch the other team, so we had to take on an extra run over to the tree stump carrying the lightest person.  After that one of our team was struggling a little, so we stayed by the tree stump until she was ready and helped her back.  We do not leave anyone behind at Regiment Fitness.

The poor things had to carry all my weight...

The poor things had to carry all my weight…

Next up was the boxing, but as we had odd numbers I did not have a partner, so Graham paired up with me.  Oh, good, thought I.  We began with 100 straight punches, 100 upper cuts, and 100 hooks, swapping with our partner after each set.  I stopped after my 100 straight punches and Graham asked what I was doing, so I told him I had done my 100.  He pointed out that he was one of the instructors, so as he would not be doing it, I had better do all of it twice.  So I got 200 of each.  There was no let up when we moved on to the next exercise of 10 straight punches followed by a run out to the pole and back, then 20 punches and a run, and finally 30 punches and a run, so I got to do that twice as well.  I had had more than enough of running by now.  By this time Shaun Casey had arrived to see how we were getting on.

Box and run

Box and run

Having had enough of running by this point, what joy must have come over me when told we would now be using the bergens.  At least they ‘only’ contain around 25lbs, rather than the 40lbs I appear to have got used to.  We began by walking out across the field in two ranks, before the pair at the back would sprint to the front, which took us to the other side of the field, where we turned right, heading away from the river and towards the hill.   We ran up the hill and round the tree at the top, coming down to the bottom before heading up the hill again and round another tree, coming back down to do press ups with the bergens still on.  Then we were off again, jogging in single file before running round the bin and coming to the back of the line.  I had positioned myself at the back to help a couple who were struggling a little and we all came in together.  Well, we would have done, if Graham had not sent me off to bring in a log while I was still carrying the bergen.

Happy days !!!

Happy days !!!

The warm down felt good, and Shaun may well have told us the new location for the Warrior Adrenaline Race – it sounds exciting and a real step up from Dunstable Downs !  It had been a tough hour and a bit, and because of that a very satisfying session – I had run just under 2.5 miles in the session.  There was definitely a buzz among those who were there and I fully expect to see them back at the next training camp in July.  You should come along too.

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