Paras’ 10 Catterick 2014 training : Week 8

Week 8, and I should be tapering…

This week’s blog is brought to you by this cute little tapir, because I have not really worked out what tapering is, or at least what works best for me.

This should get me some hits...

This should get me some hits…

Monday 25 August 2014

It was a Bank Holiday Monday and after my weekend I took the day off.  I had had a good week before that.

There I am, in the top 3 !!!

There I am, in the top 3 !!!

Tuesday 26 August 2014

I went along to the early Regiment Fitness session at Welwyn, which was being taken by Adam and James this evening.  We began with a running warm up which ended up with the letters game again, making N and then S with our bodies, and the team I was in ended up with a five burpees forfeit.  We had something new for Welwyn from Adam in the form of a tabatta circuit, although I had done something similar with him at St Albans recently.  We would be working for 20 seconds on each exercise before taking 10 seconds off, and doing that three times for each exercise.  We would then run over to the bin on the field before running back to the next exercise and repeating the process.  We would be doing mountaineers on a tyre, military presses with a medicine ball, burpees, running a course through some pole gates, tuck jumps, power hops between the cones, squat jumps, log shoulder presses, and jerry can upward rows.  We then did another set of the exercises, this time repeating them for 30 seconds.  We split into two groups and in my group we started with some resistance work, pushing forward against our partner who had their hands on our shoulders.  We did sit ups, going from positions of 1 up to 10 as directed (1 being at the top and 10 lying on the ground), and I really felt that, before moving on to the boxing, doing one minute of straight punches to warm up before moving on to hooks and pistons.  It had been a great session and we had covered just under 2 miles.

  1. Regiment Fitness – 1 hour

Wednesday 27 August 2014

I woke up and, as if from nowhere, my legs ached, just around the calfs, so I took the decision to unfortunately miss the final session of the DUO.  I went to Argos instead and bought a foam roller to see if that would do some good, because I was pretty sure this was DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), most likely brought on by the tabbing over the weekend.

My legs were feeling better by the evening and I needed to get out, so I decided to go to the evening Regiment Fitness session in St Albans, and to put in a bergen run there and back, carrying 30lbs plus 2 litres of water.  Steve was taking the session again and we began with a running warm up  piece of equipment and I chose the bergen.  I thought it would be an excellent final bit of training to carry out the circuit while keeping it on.  We were in pairs (except that I was by myself) and we would run round the outer circle of the circuit, and when we passed our partner we would stop to do 30 repetitions of each exercise before running on until we met again, doing each set for five minutes.  We did jump lunges, sit ups (but I did plank to press ups instead, which were a killer with the bergen on my back), press ups and burpees.  It started to rain a little as the circuit came to an end.  I did not have a partner for the boxing so I lined up with Steve, sitting down for some single piston punches and double piston punches, interspersed with sprints to the poles and back.  I got an extra push by joining in for some more when the pairs swapped around.  We also did some abs work, lying down in pairs and coming up into the middle as often as we could in 20 seconds, before one of the pair moved along the line, and we kept that going until our original partner came back to the beginning again.  That meant at least 10 changes of partner, and my abs really feel like they have been worked this week in Regiment Fitness sessions.  It had been an excellent session and I was glad I had carried the bergen through the circuit.  I was not so glad with the insects landing on me during the warm down and feared the worst.  I had also managed to pause my Garmin so it did not record the session, and I reckon we must have covered around 2 miles.  I picked up my bergen and ran home.

  1. Bergen Run -1.1 miles – 10 minutes 13 seconds
  2. Regiment Fitness – 1 hour
  3. Bergen Run – 1.1 miles – 13 minutes 48 seconds

Thursday 28 August 2014

My worst fears were confirmed when I woke up with insect bites all over my lower legs.  That would be even more irritating with the DOMS.  I used the roller again and it seemed to be having some effect.  At least I was into my tapering and so did not feel the need to be out exercising.

Friday 29 August 2014

I did some more work with the roller and continued my tapering.

Saturday 30 August 2014

We drove up to Derby in the morning and I took things easy through the day.

Sunday 31 August 2014 – Race Day !

I went to the Paras’ 10 at Catterick and you can read more about that here.

Whoosh !!!

Whoosh !!!

  1. Run (Paras’ 10 Catterick) – 9.6 miles (plus 0.5 miles of ascent) – 2 hours 35 minutes 30 seconds (loaded 39lbs)

Positives from this week – I ran the Paras’ 10 and I do not need anything more positive than that.

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