Judgement Day (Bordon) training : Week 1

This was going to be Week 7 leading towards Dark 15, but sadly that has had to be postponed, so now it becomes Week 1 of training towards Judgement Day, a period of time which will also include Point To Point, which deserves a training schedule all of its own…and this is the situation I am facing now, that given the number of events I have planned there will be an overlap with training in many cases, which is not necessarily a problem because what is good training for one will in most instances be good training for another, though it does mean that some things like 10k races will become ‘training’ for something bigger rather than getting a training schedule dedicated to them.  The way I am actually treating things right now, everything is building towards the Winter Fan Dance with Avalanche Endurance Events, because I want to put in a much better time, and after that the focus, and a specialised training programme, will be turned to the London Marathon.

This week’s blog is brought to you by Map, because now I turn my attention to Point To Point.

Over the bridge, through the mud and cross the mountain - and that's Point To Point done :)

Over the bridge, through the mud and cross the mountain – and that’s Point To Point done 🙂

Monday 13 October 2014

I am enjoying the Para Fitness cardio sessions.  They are getting me out running for that bit longer then the previous programme I was following and are providing me with good and varied interval workouts.  The one today involved running for 20 minutes at 60% with five 2 minute intervals at 80% with a 4 minute recovery after each.  I have not got to the point where I can be so specific with my running percentages so for a run like this I will go at my usual, steady pace, and then push it during the intervals.  I broke this run down to 10 minutes at the beginning, followed by the intervals, with another 10 minutes to finish it off.  My legs were feeling a little heavy and tired after the weekend and the rain was pouring down, which made part of this route very slippery at times.  Despite that, I thought the run went well, although I was disappointed that one of the miles went up to 10 minutes per mile pace.

The run over to my session with Jon Bell was tough, with my legs now definitely feeling heavy and tired.  The rain had eased off so that was not having any effect on me.  We began the session alternating between dips and pull ups, doing 10 fast dips on the blue elastic, then 7 overhand pull ups on the green elastic, 12 pretty easy dips on the red elastic, struggling to 5 overhand pull ups, and then a brief moment of triumph as I managed 1 dip without any elastic before crumpling to the floor half way through the attempt to achieve a second unassisted dip.  I finished this part of the session with some assisted pull ups, apparently managing them without too much assistance, according to Jon.  I can certainly see the improvement in both dips and pull ups.  We moved on to the WOD which would be for time doing supine get ups with an 18kg sandbag, front squats and presses.  The front squats and presses would both be with a dumbbell in each hand.  The repetitions I would do would be 25, 21 and 21; then 25, 15 and 15; and finally 25, 9 and 9.  That was the plan.  It is amazing how quickly simply standing up with a sandbag tired me out.  I was definitely feeling it before the end of the first 25 repetitions, and that made the front squats and the presses harder than they should have been.  Jon reduced the supine get ups repetitions down to 20 for the second round and I found it much easier to push through the front squats and especially the presses after that, but I only managed another 5 supine get ups before I hit the 18 minutes cut off time.  Jon and I agreed that I would have completed the full WOD if there had not been a time cut off, and what I need to work on is my speed.  It had been a very tough session and I walked home through the heavily falling rain, my third time getting soaked that day.

  1. Para Fitness – 5.3 miles – 50 minutes
  2. Run (St Albans) – 2.2 miles – 25 minutes 25 seconds
  3. Jon Bell Fitness – 1 hour

Tuesday 14 October 2014

I was in the office with no time available, and then my evening was taken up, so nothing happened today.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

I was in the office and decided to do another Para Fitness cardio session as my lunchtime run.  It was a 25 minute run at 60% to include 8 x 200 metre intervals at 70%, with a 200 metre recovery after each, and 8 x 100 metre intervals at 70%, with a 100 metre recovery after each.  I am not running on a measured track, so I decided to do that by running 15 minutes at a steady pace, then run 8 sets of 1 minute at 5k pace, with my recovery 1 minute at 10k pace, and then 8 sets of 30 seconds at 5k pace, with my recovery 30 seconds at 10k pace, and then finish off with 10 minutes at a steady pace.  I was very pleased to cover more than 5 miles and to bring in each of them at under 9.5 minutes per mile pace.

I was in a rush to get to the gym in Stevenage for another session with Joseph Bingham, and simply did not make it in time thanks to the traffic, which was frustrating.

I also got the frustrating news that Dark 15 had been postponed due to circumstances well beyond the control of the organisers, with the now announced infrastructure works cutting across major sections of the course.  If it had not been postponed then I probably would have fallen down a ditch with my bergen on.

  1. Para Fitness – 5.5 miles – 49 minutes

Thursday 16 October 2014

I decided to run down to the Adizone in Verulamium Park to do my Para Fitness session, and was very pleased to do the first mile in 7 minutes 31 seconds, and complete 1.5 miles in 11 minutes 48 seconds.  Those two measurements are getting better.  I decided to do more than the strength session set out in the Para Fitness programme by staying with the higher repetitions from the end of last week.  So I did 3 sets of 25 press ups (2 sets of standard press ups and 1 set of military press ups), 3 sets of 25 dips (bench dips) with one traditional dip between each set, 3 sets of 25 sit ups (2 sets of full sit ups with a set of twist sit ups in between), 3 sets of 50 seconds of core work (2 planks with a set of leg raises in between), 3 sets of 25 legs (when I just pushed through 75 squats), and 3 sets of 6 pull ups (2 sets of overarm eccentric pull ups with a set of underarm eccentric pull ups in between).  It was hard but manageable, with the pull ups being the only items which defeat me because I can do bench dips even if I cannot do the full sets in traditional dips.  The run home was certainly slower than the run down after that.

  1. Para Fitness – 3.2 miles

Friday 17 October 2014

I was in a work meeting all day.

Saturday 18 October 2014

I went to parkrun with Debbie, and it was an interesting run in many respects.  When I run with Debbie we go at her pace, and she does like to start off fast.  I appreciate this is a 5k run, but I am still working in miles, and we completed the first mile in 8 minutes 36 seconds, then the second mile in 9 minutes 07 seconds, and we put in a Personal Best on the lake loop Strava segment as we went round the first time, so everything was looking good for a new parkrun pb, but then she got a pain in her stomach and the desire to continue running ebbed away.  Our third mile was not that slow considering we walked some of it, and overall we think we just need a change of scenery to get that running spark back, so we will become parkrun tourists and also look into some other races.  With Debbie having recently done the Couch to 5k and then taken it up to a 10k race, it would be a shame to let it all fall away.

  1. parkrun (St Albans) – 5k – 29 minutes 08 seconds

Sunday 19 October 2014

I drove down to the New Forest for navigation training with Ian Ford and you can read more about that excellent day here.

No-one was lost along the way...

No-one was lost along the way…

Positives from this week – I was pleased to find that I do indeed know how to use a map and compass.

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