Avalanche Endurance Events : Winter Fan Dance 2015 training : Week 5

Week 5 and I needed to keep things going through a mixed week.

This week’s blog is brought to you by Adam & The Ants, because I completed Marcothon.

Marcothon, Merrick, Terry Lee, Gary Tibbs and my running knees

Marcothon, Merrick, Terry Lee, Gary Tibbs and my running knees

Monday 29 December 2014

I decided to run the same route as the day before and managed PRs in the Bridge To Entrance, Elvaston Stone Path and The Stone Path Sprint ! segments on Strava.  It is nice to find some segments in the area and I will try to run them again.

  1. Run (Derby) – 3.3 miles – 30 minutes 35 seconds

Tuesday 30 December 2014

I meant to get out earlier but in the end went for my run in the dark in the evening, running the route around the local roads.  I managed to run faster than I had done the last time on this route, and I got a PR on the Elvaston Lane segment on Strava.  I do like these Strava segment PRs even though they mean very little when I have only run the route a few times

  1. Run (Derby) – 3.6 miles – 33 minutes 01 seconds

Wednesday 31 December 2014

I went for my run in the evening again, and followed the same route as the night before.  It had clearly been raining since we had been out for a walk along a local canal at lunchtime, which was good in places because it had cleared the last remnants of the recent snow, but not so good in other places because the rain had simply added another layer of ice.  I managed to beat the PR on the Elvaston Lane segment on Strava I had set the previous evening and brought in the whole run in a faster time, which was a nice way to complete Marcothon 2014.

You can read about all the runs which made up my Marcothon 2014 here.

Marcothon 2014

Marcothon 2014

  1. Run (Derby) – 3.6 miles – 32 minutes 47 seconds

Thursday 01 January 2015

I had completed Marcothon, so of course it made perfect sense to go out the following morning to run another 3 miles, but this was an extra parkrun and I need to get some in to catch up with the number Debbie has run.  We had driven down from Derby early in the morning and while sadly I did not get back in time to join Sean Linehan on a virtual tabbing session, I should have been in more than good time for parkrun, and yet I found myself having to run the mile and a bit from the house to get to the start line on time.  It was nice to find John and Denise Hill at the start line, who had already run the parkrun at Panshanger earlier in the morning.  The conditions were cold, wet and windy and I could feel the fatigue in my legs as I pushed myself around the course, but my time was acceptable.  And thankfully my time was able to be recorded because although my paper pincode had disintegrated in my pocket I was still able to read the number and have it taken manually.

Falling asleep on the parkrun

Falling asleep on the parkrun

  1. parkrun (St Albans) – 3.1 miles – 28 minutes 28 seconds

Friday 02 January 2015

It was time to get back into Regiment Fitness bootcamps, so I went to the morning session in St Albans, which I was pleased to see was being taken by Richard because I always enjoy his sessions.  There was a really big group here, and, judging by how Richard was rushing to get some more tyres and medicine balls out of the van, a larger group than he had been expecting.  We started with an active warm up which included some shuttle runs and a final run over to the sandbag and back, before taking on the 20 minute challenge.  This saw us going down from 15 repetitions to 1 doing press ups, sit ups, squats, mountaineers and burpees in a set, and then running to the poles and back between each set.  If we did not complete the full sets in the 20 minutes there would be a forfeit.  I have done this challenge before with Richard and I do enjoy the push, although the ground was so wet this morning I did wonder if my so-called running between to the poles and back would let me down.  I was wearing gloves and they were soaked through not long into the session, but I kept good form as I moved down the numbers, only being told to go lower on the press ups once I was down in the single figure repetitions, and I finished the full set before the time was up, so went back and did 12 all over again.  Only one person would admit they had not completed the challenge, and as she still had two sets to do she would have to run over to the sandbag and back twice, unless we took on her forfeit, so, of course, we all ran over to the sandbag and back.  Now we moved on to the equipment, lining up in pairs with a tyre and a medicine ball, although because of the number who had turned up for this session there were 7 of us left over, so Richard had us run over to the sandbag and back while the others were working with the equipment, and then tag someone else to run.  The work with the equipment was 20 throw downs with the tyre then run out to the poles and back with the tyre before swapping with your partner for the medicine ball.  They would have been doing the same thing with the medicine ball, and it would all be done twice.  Then it was changed to holding the plank position on the medicine ball and doing 20 squat thrusts on the tyre, again with a run out to the poles and back after each set, and this time doing it three times, although we actually kept going until the final runner came in.  We did the boxing in pairs, doing straight punches all the way through, first of all alternating to go from 50 punches down to 10, running out and back after each set before swapping, while the person not running did tuck jumps, and then spending a final Regiment Fitness length minute of alternating 10 seconds fast punching each.  We had a quick warm down before going away wet, muddy and well worked.

  1. Regiment Fitness (St Albans) – 1 hour

Saturday 03 January 2015

Debbie wanted to go for a run so we decided to take a route I had done a few times during Marcothon, going at her pace.  To be honest, I think Strava is scraping the barrel a little by recording that we were the 3rd fastest overall in 2015 on the Holywell Hill Climb segment and 7th fastest overall in 2015 on the Prospect Road segment, but I’ll take it anyway.

  1. Run (St Albans) – 3 miles – 32 minutes 04 seconds

Sunday 04 January 2015

Debbie wanted to go for another run today so we went out late afternoon and ran the same route as the day before.  We were again 3rd fastest overall in 2015 on the Holywell Hill climb segment on Strava, although the run itself was slower than the day before.  I got home and set to work putting together a 16-week training plan to take me into the London Marathon, and you will get to read more about that next week.  Which leads me into a dilemma – is next week Week 6 in this training plan towards the Fan Dance, or Week 1 in my London Marathon training plan.  You will have to check in next week to find out.

  1. Run (St Albans) 3 miles – 32 minutes 49 seconds

Positives from this week – I completed Marcothon 2014.

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  1. Sean Linehan says:

    brilliant effort James. Looking forward to hearing about the VLM training.

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