The Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 training : Week 2

Week 2 and I need to keep going after a challenging weekend…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Snickers, because I was not really following my Marathon training.

Still prefer the old name...

Still prefer the old name…

Monday 12 January 2015

The Marathon News Advanced training plan suggested this first run of the second week be 30 minutes at an easy pace, but I could barely walk after doing the Fan Dances back to back over the weekend, so I took a break today.

Tuesday 13 January 2015

The Marathon News Advanced training plan set out the 48 minute interval run I should be running today, but work was too busy for me to even try it.

Wednesday 14 January 2015

I did have mixed feelings about going along to the evening Regiment Fitness session in St Albans because I was still feeling tired from the weekend, it was cold, and the ground was bound to be wet.  But that is part of the fun of training outside, so it was never going to stop me, and I still turned up in a pair of shorts.  The session was being taken by Richard, so I knew it would be a hard one, and even through the warm up it was clear that while he may well have chosen the driest patch of ground in the park this session was still going to be like working out in a paddy field.  The warm up sprints just helped to churn up whatever solid ground there was.  We ran over to the sandbag and back, which is when I felt that my legs were still stiff, and especially my left thigh.  I just pushed through it as well as I could.  The circuit would use the 5 times table along a row of poles so that we did 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and finally 30 repetitions, running back to the start and then out again after each pole.  We did close hand press ups, squat jumps, plank to press up, and squat thrusts, which all seemed designed to kick up the surface water as much as possible.  We split into pairs with the equipment, one of us running out to the far pole with the tyre for 20 tyre slams while our partner was doing medicine ball slams, then swapping over, and we did it twice each.  We continued in our pairs for the boxing, moving to firmer ground to do a variety of straight punches, upper cuts, and hooks, before taking turns with our partner to do 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 straight punches, with first 5 press ups in between and then 5 burpees.  We finished the boxing by holding the squat position while punching hooks, then swapping with our partner, and while that was going on the spare person in the group who was not in a pair was running over to the trees and back, then tagging another person to go.  I was wishing it to be me while holding that squat, but I was never tagged.  We brought an excellent session to a close with a quick warm down.  We had only run 1.3 miles in the session, but my legs felt like they had gone much further.

  1. Regiment Fitness (St Albans) – 1.3 miles – 1 hour

Thursday 15 January 2015

I went for a run in the afternoon with Debbie, running for 45 minutes at her pace, and I felt like I had now properly rested since the weekend.  The Marathon News Advanced training plan had me down for a steady 40 minutes, so I reckon I can tick that off the list.

  1. Run (St Albans) – 4 miles – 45 minutes

Friday 16 January 2015

I would have done something if work had not got in the way.  Again.

Saturday 17 January 2015

The weather was all over the place in the morning, mixing up rain and snow, so we did not get to parkrun, and then I had the children for the rest of the day, so I did not get out for my own run.  The Marathon News Advanced training plan had me down for a 50 minute interval.

Sunday 18 January 2015

According to the Marathon News Advanced training plan I should be running for 8 miles at an easy pace today, but instead I was going training with Team Bright Hammer.  It should have been ‘as well as’ rather than ‘instead’ but I did not plan the day well enough and this week had already gone off course enough for me to not be that bothered to recover it.  I will push on with the training plan next week.  For now I was looking forward to whatever Joseph Brigham had planned for us at the Grange Rec in Letchworth.  There were six of us here for the session and we began with a warm up which pretty rapidly led into running round the outside of the field and doing 50 star jumps, 40 squats, 30 cycles (on each leg, sitting on the cold, wet ground), 20 lunges (on each leg), and 10 press ups, before setting off running along the track which led away from the rec.  We came to a halt by a tree and did star jumps until everyone was there, then three lots of bear crawls to the next tree, sprinting back each time, before continuing with the run.  We stopped again and held the plank position before running down a hill and turning right on to a track which led into woods and a dam made out of sticks which crossed a stream, until we emerged from the woods and turned right up a hill, holding the plank position and then doing star jumps until everyone was together.  The running through the woods had definitely been heavy going for me.  Then we were running along another track, doing burpees upon command, with Michael Wilkins taking the opportunity to run through one puddle and then dive into the next, until we reached the bottom of a hill, which we used twice for a hill repeat.  It was one of those slopes with a very false summit.  Now we were heading back, running up just one more hill to get us to the rec, where we did 30 burpees because someone has come up with the clever idea of finishing everything off with 30 burpees.  We jogged around the outside of the field to bring us back to the car park.  We had covered 3.6 miles, mostly along trails, and adding in the exercises at intervals had really made this perfect training for the OCRs to come.

  1. Team Bright Hammer (Letchworth) 3.6 miles – 1 hour

Positives from this week – I kept things going after a hard weekend had finished the week before.

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