The Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 training : Week 5

Week 5 and I need to get back into that running groove…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Pukka Pies, because they always look so tasty I was taking part in an OCR photoshoot.

The pie...focus on the pie...

The pie…focus on the pie…

Monday 02 February 2015

Not a great start to the week as work continued to dominate my waking hours.

Tuesday 03 February 2015

It is still so very cold outside, but I had some running to do.  I went for the Marathon News Advanced training plan 40 minutes easy run and it felt tough.  I am hoping that is all down to the weather, although I do also have the feeling I have been fighting off a cold.  I did somehow manage to get my 3rd fastest time on the Holywell Hill Climb segment on Strava.

  1. Run (St Albans) – 4.2 miles – 41 minutes 04 seconds

Wednesday 04 February 2015

The Marathon News Advanced training plan set out the 54 minute interval run I should be running today, being 12 minutes easy, followed by 5 sets of 4 minutes threshold and 2 minutes jogging, and finished off with another 12 minutes easy.  I found it very hard going indeed, my feet felt cold within my running shoes, and my mile times got progressively slower, getting as slow as for the fifth mile.  I am not happy with that.  Somehow I did manage to get my 2nd fastest time on the Prospect road segment on Strava.

  1. Run (St Albans) – 5.3 miles – 54 minutes 04 seconds

Thursday 05 February 2015

I had an immediate opportunity to get over yesterday’s run because the Marathon News Advanced training plan called for 60 minutes steady.  I felt much better over the first few miles, and although the middle section dipped below the pace I want it to be at, it was better.  Just to confuse matters, I did not manage to hit anything on any Strava segments.

  1. Run (St Albans) – 6.1 miles – 1 hour 00 minutes 04 seconds

Friday 06 February 2015

If I am going to fit everything in this week then I need to bring forward the run planned for Saturday to today, which means another interval run from the Marathon News Advanced training plan, doing 12 minutes easy, a 3 mile tempo run, then 12 minutes easy.  That pretty much equates to the same run I have done for the last two days, so another chance at redemption.  Except that every time I thought about going out another work item came up, and then it got dark, and then I could not be bothered going out.

Saturday 07 February 2015

There is no point me writing this blog if I cannot be true to myself.  I went for a run this morning and intended to go for 12 miles.  It was cold, but no colder than any other day this week, and I felt good over the first two miles.  I was taking it steady, deliberately so because I just wanted to get through the distance, and then as I got towards 3 miles I just gave up.  There was nothing wrong with my body, it was all in my mind, back to those days when my mind would tell me when I had run enough.  I turned around and walked home, occasionally pushing that out to try to stretch the back of my right leg which does feel very tight.  I deleted the run from my Garmin.  I probably should have kept it anyway.

I ate some cereal with milk, a banana, drank a couple of pints of water, and had a handful of Jelly Babies before setting out again.  The weather was exactly the same as earlier but my mind felt in a better place and I was determined to do it this time.  I was a lot more interested in finishing than in the times I was posting per mile, but I am definitely slower than I have been for some reason.  I definitely want to get back to being able to run sub 10 minute per mile times for at least 6 miles.  I will achieve that through my shorter interval runs, but I appreciate just how very important these long runs are as well.  My route meant I turned around just after the 4.5 mile mark, and immediately came back to the long downward slope I had just run, which meant I was going uphill this time.  I clearly slowed from 8 miles onwards, felt an ache in the outside of my right knee on 9 miles (which is an ache I have felt before, so, of course, I just run through it), and the last two miles were extremely brutal, but I got it done and I did it without taking on any fuel or fluids.  That was a deliberate decision to see how I fared, and I will not repeat it on my next long run.  I did manage to hit a few marks on Strava segments, getting my 2nd best estimated 10 mile effort, 2nd best estimated 15k effort, and 3rd fastest time on both Gorehambury Drive – first half, and 1 Mile TT.  Those really mean nothing given what they are being compared to.  I need to push on from this.

  1. Run (St Albans) – 12 miles – 2 hours 27 minutes 17 seconds

Sunday 08 February 2015

According to the Marathon News Advanced training plan I still had an interval run to do this week.  That was not going to happen.  I had a couple of other things to do today.

I began with an early morning Operation Virtual TAB with Sean, Adam and Lisa Linehan and Gerald McCarthy, which involved none of us apart from Adam and Lisa being in the same location.  The idea was that we would all set off at 0800 from our own locations, carrying 25lbs, and with no running allowed, only speed marching.  We would them keep going for 2 hours and see where it got us to.  I was not going to be able to set off at 0800 because of the other event I had in my diary today, and my bergen was still packed from the Fan Dance (which you can read about here) so I decided to leave it at 35lbs plus 2 litres of water.  And I woke up later than planned.  So I set off for a virtual tabbing session which would overlap with the others, and which now would last for about an hour and twenty minutes.  I started off with the idea of heading in the same direction as my run from the afternoon before, but very quickly changed that and followed the River Ver Trail as best I could, which meant a mixture of footpaths, tracks, fields, meadows and, just before I turned to come back, mud, which certainly slowed me down.  I was also somewhat cautious when walking through a field of cows because the way they were looking at me indicated that I was less than welcome.  It was a good route and one which I will follow further another time to see where the River Ver meets the River Colne.  Apart from that muddy mile I was pleased enough with my pace given my running from the day before.  I would have made this into its own blog but when I took out my camera to take a photograph I discovered I had not put the battery back inside after charging it.  Poor admin.

I quickly got changed and then set off for my next event of the day, a photoshoot with Pukka Races, which you can read about here.

One large leap for Jameskind

One large leap for Jameskind

  1. Virtual Tabbing (St Albans) – 4.8 miles – 1 hour 22 minutes 23 seconds
  2. Pukka Races (Dorking) – 2.1 miles – 1 hour 30 minutes

Positives from this week – I brought a tough week to a good finish with a long run and a couple of fun things

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