The Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 training : Week 8

Week 8 and I need to be careful with my right knee while getting the runs in…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Tony Stark, because Iron Man has been announced.

Nice tshirt as well

Nice tshirt as well

Monday 23 February 2015

So, this is a training plan and blog which takes me through to running the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2015, and as with all my training plans there are overlaps with other events, such as the Fan Dances which I ran back in January (which you can read about here).  Over the weekend I had seen that Avalanche Endurance Events were preparing to announce details for Iron Man, another of the SAS Test Marches to follow up their running of Point To Point (which you can read about here), and then this morning I received the email and my excitement levels peaked !  It means that April will be very busy but there was never any way that I was going to be missing Iron Man.

I am going to try to follow The Marathon News Advanced training plan to the letter this week again to see how I feel when I get to the long run.  It suggested this first run of the week be 40 minutes at an easy pace, and that sounded perfect to me because my right knee was still stiff.  I spent a lot of the morning stretching it out while I was working, and then a lot of the afternoon stretching it out while I was working, and then a lot of the evening stretching it out while I was working, and never managed to actually get out for the run.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

My right knee certainly felt better this morning and as I said yesterday, with the Marathon News Advanced training plan suggesting this first run of the week be 40 minutes at an easy pace, that should be just fine.  If I had found the time to get out and do it.  Work continues to be very busy and each time I was thinking about going out for the run something else would come up.  This is why it is crucial to get in that run at the beginning of the week.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

My knee still felt sore this morning, but definitely better than earlier in the week.  I knew I had a very busy morning and early afternoon but was hoping to be able to get out for a run before the evening.  As it turned out my early afternoon dragged into my late afternoon and evening and once again my attempt to get out for a run was frustrated.

Thursday 26 February 2015

There are not enough days left in the week to comply with the Marathon News Advanced training plan unless I do more than one run on one of the days.  I would start with Monday’s run, which should have been 40 minutes easy, and I went out in the wind and the rain at lunchtime at work to do it.  The aching in my right knee eased as the run continued, most probably because I was slowing down, although I did manage to keep it at faster than 10 minutes per mile pace for the whole time, so I was satisfied enough with that for now.

I had received the final details and my number for the Silverstone Half-Marathon when I got home.  In fact, I had received it twice, so I will have to check if I entered twice.  It is only a few weeks before I will run that as part of my training programme.

  1. Run (work) – 4.3 miles – 40 minutes 03 seconds

Friday 27 February 2015

This is turning into a very frustrating week.  My right knee felt better in the morning but then delays on the motorway meant my drive into work took the best part of two hours and my knee had stiffened up by the time I got to the office.  It loosened off through the day and then stiffened up again during my drive home.  I decided not to run on it in the evening.

Saturday 28 February 2015

I drove Debbie to Luton station and just that short journey made my knee hurt more than it had done when I woke up.  The back of my right thigh also felt tight now.  I decided to use the foam roller, wear a knee support, and see how it felt later on.  It did not feel better enough to be running on it.

Sunday 01 March 2015

The moment I woke up I knew I would not be going for a run today.  There is definitely something still wrong with my knee.  It aches on the inside, is stiff at times, especially after I have been driving, and feels as though it is bruised, even though there is no bruise.  I need it to clear up so that I can get back to running, but right now resting it feels like the best thing to be doing.

Positives from this week – I am not convinced there are any positives from this week.  I am half way through my training plan for the London Marathon and I marked it by not only doing very little, but specifically by not doing a long run.  The one positive is that Iron man was announced and that gives me a lot to look forward to.

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