Avalanche Endurance Events : Ricochet training : Week 2

Week 2 and it is time to get the fitness training going again even if I cannot run…

This week’s blog is brought to you by Genesis, because I can’t run, I can’t walk, only thing about me is the way I blog

The classic lineup

The classic lineup

Monday 04 May 2015

It was the Bank Holiday, and as that was as good a time as any to get back to basics, while Debbie went to the gym I went to the Adizone in Verulamium Park to do the Spartan Soldier Programme from The Para Fitness Guide.  I am going to do the strength parts of the programme (using the Paratrooper Programme number of repetitions) until I am able to run again and can do it all, which meant this morning I did 4 x 25 press ups, 4 x 25 dips, 4 x 25 sit ups, 4 x 25 squats, 4 x 1 minute plank, and 4 x 5 eccentric pull ups (lowering down, rather than pulling up).  I also added in 200 leg presses and some time on what turned out to be the really very difficult climbing wall.

  1. Para Fitness

Tuesday 05 May 2015

I had a long day at work and did not manage to make any time for exercise.  I did think about what I have ahead of me, though.  Provided I can get back to running any time soon, I will take on the St Albans half-marathon in June, and will be planning to put in a decent time, at last !  Then I have the Paras’ 10 at Colchester at the beginning of July, followed by back to back Fan Dances with Avalanche Endurance Events towards the middle July, and I might throw in a third one for good measure to provide some company and encouragement to John Nicholson as he takes on his 24 Hour Charity Walk.  Ricochet is the middle of August, the Paras’ 10 at Catterick is the beginning of September, the two Elan Test Marches are the middle of October and then Long Drag is at the end of October or the beginning of November.  That should keep me busy and focused, and I am sure that once I am back to running other events will come up because there are no OCRs in there yet.

Wednesday 06 May 2015

I got home from work in time to get to the Regiment Fitness session in St Albans, which was being taken by Tom.  We began with a running warm up, and my right leg felt fine, certainly better than my Garmin Fenix 2, which had decided to play up and crash every time I tried to get it to record the session.  Thankfully I appear to have been able to fix that slight bug now.  When it got to the numbers game I ended up with 5 squats and 10 squats as forfeits, although the 5 squats seemed harsh as we had the correct number in our group and then another person came and stood next to us.  I did not do the extra run at the end, and Tom assured me that the circuit did not include a lot of running.  There were 10 cones in a straight line and we would be doing an exercise at each and moving up the repetitions in 3s so that we did 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 15, 12, 9, 6, and 3, although when Tom first explained the circuit he forgot about the second set of 15 until one of the group very kindly reminded him.  We did squat jumps, press ups, leg raises, then held plank while we waited for the others to finish, then shuttle sprints (so I did squats), burpees, and shuttle sprints the other way (so I did more squats), before we held a squat at the beginning to finish.  We were running out of time, so moved straight on to the boxing, standing in one long line and going along it doing 30 straight punches with each person, before finishing off with 50 straight punches with Tom.  I was the first to go so I picked up the cones and some tyres while everyone else finished and then we did the warm down.  The rain had held off and it had been fun.

  1. Regiment Fitness – 1 hour

Thursday 07 May 2015

I had a very busy day in the office and got home too late to train.  I need to get my set of dumbbells back into action for days like this.

Friday 08 May 2015

I ended up in the office when I thought I would be elsewhere, which got in the way of my plans.

Saturday 09 May 2015

I woke up with an ache in my back, and the weather was looking menacing, but I decided to head down to the Regiment Fitness session in St Albans anyway.  It was being taken by Tom again, and we started with a running warm up which reminded me that I still cannot sprint.  I appear to have one speed, and it is not very speedy.  The circuit was stuffed full of repetitions, which suits me at the moment, so we did 10 repetitions at the start, 5 burpees in the middle, another 10 repetitions at the far end, 5 burpees on the way back, and repeated it 3 times.  We did sit ups, press ups, leg raises, lunge jumps (which I could not do, so I did squats instead) and burpees (where we did 5 repetitions for the first 4 ends, and 10 repetitions for the last two.  The group ran off for a sprint to the far side of the grass and back, so I did more squats, and that brought a brilliant session to a close once suggestions from the group had given us our warm down.  The rain had held off.  According to Tom it was “520 reps of different exercises, 220 burpees, 2 hours worth of hard work, and 1 happy instructor”.

Might as well...jump !!!

Might as well…jump !!!

  1. Regiment Fitness (St Albans) – 1 hour

Sunday 10 May 2015

My back was still aching so I just took a walk with Debbie and the children.  We may have gone to the Waffle House.  I think it still counts.  I am really hoping I can get back to running next week, if only to make these blogs readable.  I do need to sort out my eating, so I may devote some more space to that, which I am sure will please James Hendry.  This evening Debbie cooked us something delicious and wonderful – protein-packed chorizo, quinoa and almond jumble, which also included feta cheese.  So that is nine amino acids, loads of protein, magnesium, vitamin B and vitamin E.  Almost makes up for the Waffle House !

Chorizo, quinoa and almond jumble

Chorizo, quinoa and almond jumble

  1. Walk (St Albans) – 3.4 miles – 1 hour 10 minutes 45 seconds

Positives from this week – I feel ready to give running a try next week.

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