Avalanche Endurance Events : Ricochet training : Week 3

Week 3 and I need to get more disciplined with my eating…

This week’s blog is brought to you by The Very Hungry Caterpillar, because I am focusing on food.

I'm sure the caterpillar used to just be hungry

I’m sure the caterpillar used to just be hungry

Monday 11 May 2015

I woke up with my back really aching, which is always worrying.  It seems to be all along the bottom of my back and I cannot pinpoint a specific area.  I am going to drink a lot of water today to see if that makes any difference.  My hamstrings are also aching, which is annoying and frustrating.  I just want to get back to doing some proper training !  I got into the office and began my mission to drink a few litres of water.  I have a 1 litre mineral water bottle which I will work my way through and fill up from the water cooler so I keep track of the amount I drink.  Past experience suggests I will drink a lot in the morning, less in the afternoon, and pratically nothing in the evening.  James Hendry should look away now.  With my water I will be taking 4 spirulina tablets.  According to the blurb, this nourishing ancient microalgae, cherished by the Aztecs, is bursting with easily digestible protein and vitamins.  I can support my immune system with Vitamin B12 and my cognitive function with iron.  I can maintain a healty heart, nervous system and psychological state when under pressure with thiamine (Vitamin B1).  Apparently it may also reduce my sugar cravings, although I am not convinced anything can do that.  I drank a cup of green tea, for the antioxidants, and ate some M&S fruit and fibre breakfast cereal, because it was what we had in the cupboard when I looked.  There are far better breakfast cereals out there and I will buy some.  I had drunk a litre of water (plus the cup of green tea) by midday, and I ate an apple and a banana for lunch.  This healthy living lark is easy !  Apart from the M&S cereal, obviously.  I ate a pumpkin 9bar for a snack.  It is the great tasting nutritious mixed seed energy bar.  Emphasised by having an exclamation mark after that tagline.  Actually, it is not so bad.  48% of it is mixed seeds, including hemp, 20% is pumpkin seeds, and honey comes before raw cane sugar in the list of ingredients.  Interestingly, 9bar gets its name from its star seed, hemp, which contains all 9 essential amino acids.  No empty calories here then.  I had a meeting in the afternoon, ate a handful of dates before going into it, and by the time that finished at 1645 I had drunk another litre of water.  And that is where is all goes wrong because I got home, had to do some work, which stopped me going for a walk, and before I knew it the time had come for bed and I had not eaten or drunk anything.  Not good enough.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

I have no idea what I have done to it, but my back was agony this morning.  I tried sleeping on a different surface, but that made no difference.  What is really annoying is that I am working from home in the morning because I have a meeting nearby in the afternoon, so I could have done something if I was able to move without pain.  I took my spirulina tablets with my water.  I had a day of conference calls and meetings, drinking water and cups of tea, and eating very little until I got home in the evening.  We have started using Hello Fresh, which is absolutely wonderful because they send us a box of food and Debbie cooks it for me.  To be fair, she would have to be mad to allow me to cook.  Tonight we enjoyed an absolutely delicious tagliatelle with hot smoked salmon and lemon.  And purple sprouting broccoli.  Yummy.

Definitely want that again

Definitely want that again

Wednesday 13 May 2015

My back was still aching in the morning, and as I was in London all day for business, I hoped it would feel better through the day.  I just do not have the time to go and see anyone about it at the moment.  I drank tea, water and apple juice at the meeting and the food at lunchtime was healthy enough, and certainly tasted good.  Roast Scottish salmon, new potatoes, green beans, three kinds of tomato, chickpeas, butternut squash, halloumi and wilted spinach.

Not only colourful but also very tasty

Not only colourful but also very tasty

Being down in London during the day meant having to run to the park once I got home in order to be on time for the Regiment Fitness session in St Albans.  It was only a mile, but it was also my first run in weeks, and it felt very tough.  My knee seemed to click and whirr with every step, but it did not hurt, it just felt stiff.  I managed the mile itself in not such a bad time, but that was about all I could manage.  I could tell it was going to take some time to get back to where I was before my injury, and this time I have to do it without injuring myself again.  At first I did not notice who was in the Regiment Fitness van, but then I heard a voice and realised the session was going to be being taken by…Graham.  “Seeing as how it is you,” I said, “I know this will not make any difference, but I am not really able to run,” and I exlained my situation to him.  We began with a run over to the far side of the park and back.  Then another run before arm pumps in pairs led to another run due to a perceived lack of effort.  The warm up could not have contained more running if it had tried, and that should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Graham, and it is probably why he is among my favourite instructors.  Harsh but fair, would be a good description, and he will always give you that push you need.  The circuit turned out to be precisely what I need at the moment, doing 100 squats (because I did not want to risk doing squat jumps just yet) at the start line, then using lunges to move out to the next pole, then 100 lunges (because I did not want to risk doing lunge jumps just yet), before using power jumps, and then lunges when the ower jumps got to be too much, to get to the next pole, where I did another 100 squats, before more lunges to the next pole, then another 100 lunges at that pole, before I finally did more squats as the others ran around the far pole.  We were not finished (off) yet, though, as Graham had us sit down onto our heels in a squat, which felt good enough until he made us stay in that position and waddle back to the start.  Although he did allow us one 5 second window to sprint instead of waddle…if only I had been able to run, let alone sprint.  There was still a bit more to go, though, as he had us squat for 30 second periods with our feet and knees together, then with our feet shoulder width apart, then with feet wide apart, then in a lunge, and finally in a lunge with the other foot forward.  We split into teams of three with a log, holding it over our heads while Graham took his own time to explain what we were going to do with it.  We would shoulder press it from shoulder to shoulder over our heads 10 times at the orange poles, do 10 press ups on it at the yellow poles, and run with it between the poles.  I was able to do all that but could not do the sprints which followed, so I did more squats, with the pole this time.  After a nice stretching warm down I walked home in the evening sun and was pleased that I had got in a run plus a bootcamp session.  Now to see how I recover from that…

Fun in the sun :)

Fun in the sun 🙂

I should have eaten properly when I got back from training, but instead I just ate some crackers.  Recovery food is something I really need to look into.

  1. Run (St Albans) – 1 mile – 9 minutes 30 seconds
  2. Regiment Fitness – 1 hour

Thursday 14 May 2015

I had gone to bed with my back feeling fine and woken up in agony again.  I am convinced it is something other than my actual back so need to find the time to get someone who knows what they are talking about to check me out.  Once I walk around for a while and have something to eat and drink I feel fine.  Well, my back does, anyway.  Today my legs are feeling the Regiment Fitness session from yesterday, although I have to say it is a good feeling.  The weather was dreadful today and, to be perfectly honest, right now I am fed up with my injuries and so not dedicated enough to be bothered going out running in it, so I spent the day doing as much stretching as I could instead.  I just snacked through the day, which tends to happen a lot when I am working from home.

Friday 15 May 2015

I was woken up early again with the pain in my lower back, so as I was working from home today I booked an appointment with the doctor.  He reckons it is muscular and sent me off to the local hospital for a blood test, just in case.  So all I can do is rest it and wait to see if the results of the blood test show anything different.  Walking around town took me over 4 miles.  I drank water through the day and ate cod and chips for dinner.  It is beyond frustrating that just as my hamstrings are getting sorted out, my back puts me out of action.

Saturday 16 May 2015

I woke up very early, in agony.  I walked around or sat around for about an hour, and every time I tried to lie down it was simply too painful.  I tend not to take painkillers, and this week has not been any different.  I made a mountain of pillows and tried leaning back against that, which seemed to work after a while.  I was going to try the parkrun this moment, but that is not possible now.  My back actually feels sore today.  Up to now it has ached in the morning and then there has been nothing, but today it feels sore into the afternoon.  I am hoping that is a good sign that it is sorting itself out.  Debbie was in a recording studio for part of the afternoon and I was taking on the Clem Fandango role.  We stopped off at a pub on the way home for a late lunch and I ate a homemade hamburger with lots of bacon, cheese, tomato and onions.  And chips.  I set this up as my ‘food’ week and it has all gone horribly wrong.  The food was absolutely delicious, though, and we will certainly be going back.

Sunday 17 May 2015

My back did not hurt as much this morning, so we went for a long walk around St Albans in the early sun.  It was not as warm out as it looked.  We followed that up with another walk around lunchtime, although we did not go out for lunch, deciding that the meal yesterday was sufficient eating out for this weekend.  I snacked through the day and my back ached if I lay down.  This week had not turned out the way I had thought it would, and that would leave me just having to catch up over future weeks.

  1. Walk (St Albans) – 8.2 miles – 2 hours 44 minutes 50 seconds
  2. Walk (St Albans) – 2.3 miles – 48 minutes 32 seconds

Positives from this week – my hamstrings feel better than they did.

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